Thick sooty lashes fringe wide, gentle eyes changeable as any opal, their dark depths sprinkled with flecks of sea blue, green and gold, shining with a child-like glimmer of delight. Lips, a pale rosebud pink, curl into a sweet and pleasant smile that sits beneath a nose perfectly suited to her face. Mahogany locks curl softly to the middle of her back, almost reaching her bottom. Her shoulders are broad, yet arms and body slender, toned by youth, her willowy frame of five two just beginning to sprout the accents of womanly character.

She is wearing a long dress, green in color. The neckline dips not quite far enough for to be unladylike but just far enough to be fashionable. The sleeves are tied with golden strings that crisscross around her arm from her wrist half-way up her forearm. The bodice too is tied with the same colored gold strings. A wide, black ribbon encircles the bottom of the skirt, another around the waist. Her feet are adorned by a pair of black shoes, perfect for dancing but not much else. Her hair is curled, part of it being pulled back and tied to stay there with a ribbon matching that on the dress.


Hannista Hold, located in the eastern region of Xanadu's patrol area, borders the Southern Barrier range. Pleasant rolling hillsides of green pastures, rocky mountainsides with their punch of springtime color, and most of all skybroom forests - these are the things which make up the Hannista holdings. Lands which have been passed from father to son for a number of generations had finally come to rest in the hands of Eyvindr.

When the lands passed Izellah was nothing more than a twinkle in her father's eye but within a turn the girl joined two elder brothers. Her brothers are held up to a high standard, they after all were in line to be the heir. The girls on the other hand, for Izellah while the oldest is not the only daughter, are pampered and spoiled by their father. He parades them around like prized runners, making sure they are garbed in elaborate style that to both awe and impress. And thus, Izellah has been spoiled with everything a girl could wish for.

And so now, as her father stretches his reach into the holderless lands of Rubicon River Izellah remains as pampered as ever. The young woman learning the ways of the hold so that one day she may take a husband and extend her family's reach ever further.


Name Relation Location Position
Eyvindr Father Hannista Hold Lord Holder


Title OOC Date Cast
Attack on Hannista March 27, 2009 Aeryn, A'di, Izellah, M'iri, Niva, Shellie, X'hil
Badgering a Bronzerider March 30, 2009 Aeryn, Candia, Izellah, Rogawani, T'maz, X'hil
Bathtime Gone Awry March 31, 2009 Aeryn, Enkavir, Izellah, Kire, X'hil
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