Iroha is growing up, and, in certain interesting locations, growing out as well. She stands now at 5'6" in height, though as yet her build still seems somehow unfinished, indicating that there's some growing still left to be done. She's been putting on some needed weight, as well, once-spindly arms and legs fleshing out nicely. There's muscle tone there as well, her active lifestyle disallowing any unhealthy plumpness. Her hands are more strong than elegant, broad across the palm with long, agile fingers, the nails on which are kept trimmed short. Two diagonal scars, about an inch apart, run parallel to each other across her right forearm, just above her wrist.

Her face is oval in shape, framed by a thick tumble of unruly chestnut curls that have been allowed to begin to grow out past her shoulders. Frontmost locks have been pulled back above her ears in simple twists, held in place behind her head with a knotted leather thong. Her dark brown eyebrows are expressive, curving gently above vaguely almond-shaped eyes, the irises of which are dark green with tiny hazel flecks, and framed by thick but short black lashes. A smattering of freckles mar her olive complexion, though with the exception of one small dot on the left side of her nose, they seem to be fading. Said nose seems a bit too long for her face, narrow and slightly pointed at the tip. Her mouth is wide, with full lips best suited to smiling.

Iroha's style of dress is casual and quite haphazard. A bright yellow camisole is worn beneath an equally bright blue, short sleeved button down shirt at least three sizes too big. The shirt is left to hang open, loose and flowing about her frame. Worn outside of her clothing, a simple pendant hangs from a sturdy chain. A wide belt laden with various sized pouches sits upon narrow hips, loops also attached that frequently hold an array of small gardening tools. Beneath are plain brown trousers, sliced off at mid-calf and clumsily, crookedly hemmed. Her feet remain bare, lightly stained from dirt and grass.

Upon her shoulder curls the simple knot of an Xanadu Weyr resident.


Iroha is the second child of four born to Yvais and Joren, menial workers at Ista Hold. Her maternal family practices an untraditional naming tradition, one that her father was happy to adopt with his own children. Only the eldest child is named after the parents. All children born after that are named after the grandparents (or other favourite relatives, blood or foster). And so her elder sister is Renai, while Iroha and her younger sister Jolene are named after their grandmothers: Irolene and Johannah. Her younger brother Dylan is named after their grandfathers: Rendyl and Andross. Her elder sister has followed in their mother's footsteps, marrying young and taking work in the Hold kitchens alongside their mother. She and her husband, Danryl, have one boy-child, Aidan.

Iroha herself was convinced from the age of 10 that all she ever wanted to do was 'play' in the gardens. Decorative, herb, vegetable; as long as she was working with plants, spending time outdoors and digging in the dirt, she was happy. This irritated her mother, who had bigger dreams for her children than just plodding along in the Hold. Yvais wanted them all to apprentice into Crafts. Joren just wanted them to be happy, but would defer to his more determined wife. She began pushing Iro towards the Healer Craft, which the stubborn youth resisted with all her might. Plants were wonderful, sick people were just gross!

Eventually, as the pressure began mounting as soon as her 14th Turnday rolled around, Iroha decided to take matters into her own hands. She loves her family, but her mother was driving her 'round the bend with the best of intentions. So the teen made her way to Ista Weyr, hoping to find work tending to the kitchen garden, or something. Close enough to still visit regularly, but hopefully far enough away to ease the growing strain on her relationship with her mother. And with her parents disapproval of Weyrlife in general, there was more than a touch of rebellion in the decision as well. Ah, the joys of puberty.

It was with gleeful surprise that Iroha, upon arriving at the Weyr and finding someone to ask directions of, also found herself witness to a young man being Searched. Shock followed upon surprise, then, when following hard on the heels of his acceptance Iroha herself was asked if she would consent to Stand for the recently laid clutch of gold Ankhepith and bronze Dhonzayth. Excited by the prospect of a new and wondrous experience, though herself skeptical about actually being suitable, she enthusiastically accepted. It assured her a place to live at the Weyr, for the next few months until the Hatching, at least, and opened up all sorts of opportunities to meet new and much more interesting people than could be found at the Hold.

Iroha settled in happily to life at the Weyr, being much more prone to adventurous and tolerant thinking than her parents. Even the tedious rounds of candidate chores were met with enthusiasm, dampened only by the miasma of worry surrounding the mysterious dragon flu. As the sevendays progressed and the flu got worse, Iroha found herself genuinely curious about dragons and what they were all about. After the relief of the hardworking Dragonhealers finding a cure, the girl began to use her free time to study any scroll or listen to any story that involved dragons — a useful distraction, as well, from the growing nervousness about the fast approaching Hatching Day itself. The sevendays were being counted down, speculations were thick, and uncertainty was in the air; could the flu have affected the clutch, safe in their eggs as they were assumed to be?

Finally the big day arrived, though it was uneventful enough to start out with. When the humming started Iroha had been in the kitchens with a group of her fellows, and after the initial surprise wore off, they'd all raced to change into their robes and head out onto Ista's black Hatching Sands. By the time all the Candidates had filed out onto the Sands, eggs were already hatching and cracking, and the group barely had time to orient themselves before the first new weyrling pair was being led off the Sands. Much was the cheer felt for each of her new friends that Impressed, and to her delight Iroha was also once more standing right next to the selfsame young man she'd been Searched with when he was singled out by and Impressed to a blue.

But Iroha was to find herself left on the Sands after the last shell had cracked, the Hatching ended as abruptly as it had begun. Suddenly her future is hers once again, the path before her feet waiting to be trodden, but looking less clear than the scant few months before when arrival at the Weyr turned her life upside down.


Name Relation Location Position
Yvais Mother Ista Hold Caverns Worker
Joren Father Ista Hold Caverns Worker
Renai Sister Ista Hold Caverns Worker
Jolene Sister Ista Hold
Dylan Brother Ista Hold
Aidan Nephew Ista Hold




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