A pretty young woman, with a soft appearance. Her fine, long lemon-yellow hair is worn in a loose knotted ponytail. She has pale freckled skin and sky blue eyes with threads of grass green. Her arms and legs are long and thin, and her hands have long fingers. She wears a long blue dress with a yellow flower print and green leaves.

She wears a yellow floral apron when she works and she is often a little dusted with baking flour. Her socks are short and her shoes are simple blue slip-ons with a single yellow flower detail on the tops of each. She wears no jewelry, only a simple blue hair pin to keep her hair out of her eyes.


Inuelle was born in Rubicon River Hold to loving parents Manu, a Sea Crafter, and Ellera, a Baker. When she was three years old Inuelle's father drowned when his ship sank in a storm. Ever since then Inuelle's mother has been very protective of her, not letting her explore or wander, which may have contributed to Inuelle's quiet, shy personality. Inuelle has started her own apprenticeship in baking and has proven herself to be rather talented at it. As a result her mother decided she needs even more tutelage and has moved them both to Xanadu weyr where Ellera's sister lives with her own husband and two small sons. Together the two women are taking care of Inuelle's tutelage in cooking and the various culinary arts, in hope that she'll become a Journeyman soon.


Ellera FATHER: Manu (Deceased)

RELATIVES: Aunt Shirell, Uncle Brona, twin cousins Donn and Shon

Name Relation Location Position
Manu Father Deceased Seacrafter
Ellera Mother Xanadu Weyr Jm Baker
Brona Uncle Xanadu Weyr Stables
Shirell Aunt Xanadu Weyr Master Baker
Donn Cousin Xanadu Weyr
Shon Cousin Xanadu Weyr


Name Color Desc
Seaweed Brown This tiny, newborn flit is a surprisingly glossy color, even slick looking. Or maybe that's slimy: his hide is very dark, indeed, almost black, but as he begins to quickly dry, his color begins to manifest as a rich, dark brown with distinct shades of plummy near-maroon at his points. That same distinct shade speckles him along his back and over his wingsails, giving him a remarkable resemblence to a bit of brown seaweed that's decided to take on draconic shape.



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