Disarray. That is Innes' most obvious physical quality, aside from her deep red hair which always looks as though it received nothing more than a finger-combing on any given day. Her messy hair falls to just below her shoulderblades, the tips showing off the ragged cut of her careless 'do. That ginger hair frames a pale face with an almost pointed chin and a strong jawline that sometimes looks too wide for her otherwise feminine features. Her lips are unbalanced; the upper is much thinner than the lower, and both are a pale pink that never see the touch of any kind of makeup. There's a bit of a point to her nose, which seems in keeping with the angles that make up the rest of her face. Her eyes are a pale grey-green, less impressive for the fact that she never bothers with enhancing them. Although her brows are naturally thin, they're a bit unkept in keeping with her general state of disarray. She's slight in frame, with an athletic build which doesn't offer much in the way of curves. She hasn't been given overly much in the way of height, either, but she carries herself with a posture that suggests she's taller than the facts might say. Innes is a strange mixture of soft and hard, with angles where some may feel there ought to be curves, and curves where there ought to be angles. Her features are best viewed in motion, when the sharpness of her face can be smoothed by a smile.
Her clothing matches her general state, frequently bearing the dirt of a few days' worth of activity. She wears a dark blue top that is overly large for her small frame; too big to begin with, and further stretched out by favoritism. It slides off her shoulder at frequent intervals, only adding to her haphazard appearance. Her legs are clad in pants that are torn at knees, and whose bottom hems have been chopped off after the seams unraveled. The frayed bottoms of her pants are usually half-hidden by her sturdy boots, partially tucked in around her ankles but inevitably freed by too much movement. Although they're heavily scuffed, her black boots are the only items on her person which show a sign of any real care.


No one likes to be born into a legacy, and Innes was no exception. As the grandchild of one of Eastern's former Sr. Weyrwomen and the daughter of a Weaver Journeyman well on her way to becoming a Master, she discovered very early on in life that there were certain expectations in their family. Namely, she was going to be a Weaver, she was going to be the best, and if she did happen to be searched, she'd have to impress just as well as her grandmother had. As a child, she was largely raised at Eastern Weyr while her mother traveled back and forth between Eastern and the Weavercraft Hall. Innes was known for her propensity for finding trouble, be it intentional or purely by accident. She broke more bones (not all of them her own) than most with her stubborn refusal to do things in any way but her own. To call her a difficult child would be putting it kindly, and she frequently found herself cuffed on the ear for behavior that reflected badly on her diminutive grandmother. Most times, claiming family disappointment was the only way to curb her behavior.

But while bullheadedness was certainly a family trait that remained alive and well in Innes, weaving did not seem to make the generational jump. In spite of her grandmother's insistence upon teaching her all things "aesthetically pleasing," Innes simply did not have the gift for working with fabric. Her fingers were too clumsy, and she had no eye for design. In fact, she preferred her clothes worn-in and bearing the scars of her various adventures, not draped in useless gauzy layers that couldn't withstand a sharp corner. Nevertheless, both her grandmother and mother insisted that she be apprenticed to the Weavercraft at eleven turns of age in spite of her vocal (and occasionally destructive) protests.

No matter how much Innes hated the idea of being apprenticed in a craft for which she so clearly had no talent, her troubling protests all but ceased when she arrived at the Weavercraft. She still begged her mother to let her do something else whenever they crossed paths, but the deeply ingrained fear of disappointing her family kept Innes from lashing out too much at her fellow Apprentices and others at the Crafthall.

After four turns' worth of unsuccessful sewing ventures, disaster dye jobs, and a ridiculous amount of wasted thread, Innes was no closer to achieving mastery of her craft than she was to spontaneously turning into a dragon. Her style of dress made it clear that she had no eye for fashion, nor did she seem to care which fabrics went together, or how they ought to be treated. But her mother remained unrelenting, and so Innes made the only logical choice: she left.

For the past half a turn, Innes has been traveling about, working odd jobs to earn her keep and trying to figure out where she belongs. She has very carefully avoided Eastern and anyone who might report back to her family. Their disappointment is much easier to face when it's very, very far away, and remains only imagined


Name Relation Age Location Position
Rahane Mother (NPC) +22T Weaver Hall Master
Innolen Father (NPC) +25T Deceased Weyrfolk
Natane Grandmother (NPC) +49T Eastern Weyr Ret. Weyrwoman


Brown Daft
Desc to come, cough.


Right Time, Right Place, Right Gold Kairoikyriath
Golden cream, flecked with vanilla, pours over the lean, angular body of this dragon. It’s a shade that will show the evidence of every scrape and tumble she finds. Nowhere is that hide quite even in hue; instead, it’s speckled and subtly variegated. Her muzzle is slender and pointed, pale cream with drips of honey over the top that turn to a splash of caramel over her brows, lending them skeptical arches. On her sturdy chest, cayenne-red is sharp against that soft gold, a pair of half-hearted blotches that are domed at the top and come to twin points just past the curve to underside. The ridges of her neck are dusted with cinnamon, heavy on the edges with a light sprinkling between, and that patterning continues along her back, spreading between the wings and then tapering off by just above her graceful tail, leaving it simple vanilla-cream save for a wisp of brighter saffron at the fork. The wings are broad sweeps, the vanilla coming more to the fore further out along the spars, and between is a pale champagne splotched with rich peach, the red-gold patterns of ripened fruit scattered across unfurled sails.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Obstacle Games January 14, 2015 E'tan, C'rus, Kera, Reya, Kiena Innes, Mur'dah, T'revs, NPC'S: Daved by Kera, Ellie by Kiena, Ezzie by Mur'dah, Praela and Xha'il by Innes, Benraam by Reya
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutching, June 28, 2015 June 28, 2015 Azchel, Darsce, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Kiena, Ligeia
Introduction (Egg Touching) July 13, 2015 Innes, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak
Emergency Summons! July 20, 2015 Innes, Janaya, Kera, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
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