Imallee is a tall woman, as tall even as some men, and is built like a boy with barely any curves at all. Her dark brown hair has sun bleached streaks through it and has been roughly chopped off at her shoulders, even still, her muddy brown eyes are usually partially hidden by her straggledy hair. She is deeply tanned from days at a time spent outside and as a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks.


Imallee was born at Half Moon Bay Hold. Her mother is a dolphineer and her father a journeyman Harper. She has an older brother, Jhamys age 23, and two younger sisters, Tecoah age 16 and Lynoah age 14. When she was three, Imallee got very sick and had to spend a few months in the Infirmary. No one else got sick and the Healers never did figure out exactly what was wrong with her. Her mother took her into the water to meet Lieah, her dolphin partner, when Imallee was five. She started spending every moment that she could in the water after that. When she was seven, Imallee "borrowed" a runner and was thrown, spraining her right ankle. She limped around for about a seven-day, but managed to keep her parents from finding out what she had done. As she grew, it was discovered that Imallee had a nack with runners and other beasts, so when she was 14, her parents sent her to the BeastCraft Hall and she studied hard, learning as much as she could. She really adored runners, and spent all her free time with them, helping out the more senior apprentices and journeymen caring for those residing at the Hall.
When she was 22, Imallee was unexpectedly Searched for a clutch at Telgar Weyr where she Impressed Diamond in the Rough Green Faith. Weyrling training seemed to take almost no time at all and, about six months after Faith had Hatched, the pair was transfered to Iern Weyrhold where they spent the next turn or two. When Faith was nearly eight turns old, they transfered again, this time to Xanadu Weyr, assigned to Comet Wing. It was less than two turns later that Imallee found herself pregnant following Faith's most recent Flight. In due time, Imallee gave birth to Brolen, son of B'rm, rider of bronze Treasath at Eastern Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Xanadu Weyr Dolphineer
Father Xanadu Weyr Harper
Jhamys Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Tecoah Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Lynoah Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Brolen Son XAW Child


Brown Zoh
A light brown covers this fellow like a long overcoat. His feet are covered with black boots while his chest and stomach are pale with dust. No nonsense, he constantly looks around, double-checking that everything's in order in his universe. Wings are tattered at the edges, looking as if they healed up nicely after a terrible fight but never quite lost the pale scars which cross their surface. His eyes are haunted, yet caring as they view the world from his compact head. There is no doubt that upon the ground or in the sky this one maintains control upon all that makes contact with his gently muscled frame.

Blue Rocky
Chiseled through care and time, an stone of earthen blue belonging to a storm tossed sea has taken on the form of a muscle bound firelizard of impure quality. Marine to navy blues mingle with the firm base. His humble wingsails are formed of slivers of the pale stone, no two of which are of the exact same shade, creating a mosaic which travels the range of tones between baby and sky blues. The only imperfection in this small fellow is found upon his tail the tip of which has been chipped off leaving it stunted and incomplete.


Diamond in the Rough Green Faith
Such a pale green, this one, to nearly be called a frosted mint. Her color is uneven in places, casting off shades of an arctic blue, or a turquoise-green in dull, ghostly shades. In the right light, she could almost be mistaken for a slightly lackluster blue, until that one twist of her body or turn of her head sends a sparkle of lush, leafy green to dance across the smooth hide. Large for her color, she is slightly stocky of build, but not so much as to be called out of proportion. Her face is a bit broad, her legs slightly thick, her tail a bit short, her wings a shade stumpy, even her headknobs are a bit too knobby. Its not enough to be called unpleasant, but defiantly makes her distinctive. For all her unusual qualities, though, it is in her eyes where her features really shine through. Like a perfectly cut diamond, they are full of facets, reflecting light with such brilliance it nearly masked her imperfections with their shifting spectrum of colors and hues.
About Faith's shoulders rests a simple set of straps. Dyed a pale blue-gray with silver hardware, they have ample clips, and straps for securing passengers and cargo.


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