Sex Female
Craft Beastcraft
Rank Journeyman
Age 29 Turns
Birthplace ColtHold Near Irene Weyr
Position Asteroid Wing Rider
OOC Casting Call Sammi Hanratty


She's not a child anymore that is for certain, the youthful girl looks more like a young woman. Height she has, now she stands about 5'6, perhaps a few more inches to grow before she's done with that, she has a slender form that while hold muscles there is nothing overly so. Instead there is a good mixture of both curves and muscle that gives her a fit good looking form.

Bright emerald green eyes have never changed in color, save for offering a bit of insight on how she may feel, there is a sense of storminess or paleness depend on the situation. Her hair is light brown with a faint hinting of blonde highlights across it, shoulder length and wavy in nature, often pulled back when she is at work. From countless hours outside there is a faint tan across her form, which she manages to still keep.

Her clothing varies with what she is doing that day, at the moment she has on a short sleeved light blue blouse, the neck line is a bit on the low cut side, and there are two small buttons at her chest. Pants are dark tan in color and have pale tan thread for the stitching, a slender wherhide belt rests around her waist and at her hip is a small dagger. Well used boots rest upon her feet and she is often found with a riders jacket colored different shades of green.

Around her neck on a bit of leather cord is a bright bluish green gem that looks to be made from sea glass, this is the only piece of jewelry that she wears, an half the time it is hidden under her shirt. Her knot is easy to spot, the blue and orange colors of Xanadu which show she is a rider for CometWing which has a few strands of green through it showing her dragons color.


Idrissa's family lived in Ierne, near the water's edge and fishing was very much a part of family life. At the tender age of five her father and his friends never returned from a fishing trip, and Idrissa's mother was forced to moved herself and the family away from the sea and inland to hopefully continue on with some sort of life.

Idrissa's uncle and aunt helped raised runnerbeasts on a cothold further inland, close to the Ierne WeyrHold. Idrissa already had a love for anything animal like, she even had a few pets at their home along the beach which her mother truly did not care for as she didn't have time or the food for extra mouths, yet Idrissa managed to keep her little friends around up until they had to leave. Now out in the country she was surrounded by many animals, runnerbeasts, cows, goats, the works and she truly felt like she found a place where she belonged.

While her mother was busy helping with the house, an attempting to get her daughter and son and education Idrissa was more interesting in helping her brother and uncle out with the animals. Two types of runnerbeasts where raised on the cothold working, and draft equines. The animals seemed naturally drawn towards Idrissa, she had a way with them that few others did on the farm. Once she was older she was able to help out more with the equines and other animals on the farm, and more than once she was called in to help an ill-tempered acting equine which would follow after her much like a trained dog after a few moments of her working with them.

Much to her mother's unhappiness Idrissa wish to be a Beastcraft apprentice, and then who knows what else could possible follow after that. During the time that she lived at the farm she did manage to strike up a friendship with a few in the area, one being Soriana and in turn Sorrin, her friend's mother. The girls were close in age along with liking a many of the same things they struck up a fast friendship. With the talk of Soriana a leaving the Irene area and going to Xanadu Weyr, along with taking a new herd of runnerbeasts along Idrissa jumped at the chance to follow along. She saw this as a possibility of her being able to follow her dream and perhaps a new life doing something she truly cared about. Her mother was against her daughter's idea from the start and stressed that if Idrissa was to leave that she would never be welcomed back home. Wishing to follow her dream, with a heavy heart Idrissa left her family to try and make it happen, fearful of the unknown something kept her going a little spark that everything would work out. Of course the trip would be a hard one, but she was determined to make it happen one way or another.


Since coming to Xanadu Weyr Idrissa has grown to some degree. She is not the shy little girl that was unsure about talking to people. While she still has her moments, and will often over think everything she says she at least will talk to people more than before. She is the friendly sort; willing to help anyone that may need it, even if it may possible lead her into trouble. The Weyr life has opened her eyes to some things, though there are still plenty of lessons left for her to learn.

ICly Events

Plenty of things happen over turns, friends come and friends go, and in the end Idrissa has lost a lot. She's kept to her job rather well, along with picking up BeastCraft lessons when able as it will always be a part of her life. There was talk of her going to the crafter wing for a bit, which is still in the thoughts as a possibility.


Name Relation Notes
KaleIcon_zpsd8c9937d.jpg Ex-Everything It has taken many turns, bt they have a relationship to some degree again. It isn't what it once was, never will be honestly but it is better then it was and thatis something at least.
Sori.jpg Friend If Idrissa had a sister it would be Soriana. She is the one person that knows her better then just about anyone out there. Like true friends/sisters these two are still apart of each other's life, seems even when rocks are tosed in the way they will make it work out.


Quick As A Cat She-Wolf Green Willow

Like the finest of thread, the smallest of needles and the greenest of greens, this little one presents like a stalking creature in the night. Where one would be smooth and rounded, she is all angles and edges, taut hide shimmering across petite frame. Wedged head swirls callow mints and emeralds, two tiny headknobs protruding delicately over opalescent eyes. As head turns towards lithe neck, vermillion shades mingle, swathes of bronze cutting through each inch like a dexterous sword-fight punctuating otherwise serene shades. Compact form maintains, leading to adroitly pointed wings with curved spars and translucent sails. Corners as haunches and joints remain acute, sharpness in her features. From wings on, she slips away in to void darkness, murky browns mottle black 'neath tints of verdant opacity. Small, yet fiery, right down to curls of jet black talons.

Take a Flying Leap Brown Brown Hidalgo

A thin blaze of white - a streak from forehead to nose - marks the delicate muzzle of this trim brown firelizard. The gleaming chestnut hide nature has seen fit to give him sweeps down his proud meck, across his flanks and body, gleaming almost redgold as his powerful muscles ripple underneath. His only other distinguishing marks are where sable shadows at fore and hindlegs fade into ebony paws as if he'd run though a field of soot.

Venomous Sweetness Bronze Bronze Aragorn

To judge from the contours of his body, this bronze would be tall if he stretched out his skin-and-bone legs, but he carries himself in a hunched, spiderlike position - the better to conceal his strength. Along his body, two broad streaks of fulvous bronze brighten his sides, and along the top of his tail is a similar stripe, further adorned with matching spots running along both sides of that sinuous appendage. His muzzle is short and unassuming, a blunt face with a slight overbite that makes the tips of his fangs visible, but his eyes, when caught from the right angle, gleam with an intelligence that should not be underestimated, no matter how sweetly he croons or how graceful his wings are when they spread. He can soar with the best of them, on umber sails spread between copper spars that match legs ending in slim and very precise talons.

No One Can Hear You Scream Blue Ripley

Dull, dark blue. The blue of insect-carapaces glistening. The blue of the depths of space, where no one can hear you scream. That's this firelizard. Sharp angles and edges, hard planes only barely smoothed by muscle. The bones of his spine are hard knots beneath his hide, protruding as though thrust there by some horrible accident; doubtless the same that gives his skull an elongated appearance, his head-knobs joined to a single brooding ridge over his swirling eyes. His wings spike up from his back, long and pointed. At rest, their tips lie across his thighs, concealing the corded muscles of his haunches from view. The legs themselves are slender. Less weight to carry, once hes leapt from ambush. His paws would look almost delicate, save for the curved sabers of his talons. His gait on the ground is awkward because of those claws, his thick knuckles adapted for rending instead of walking.

When his wings are spread, he shows a glimpse of one thing not dark and deadly; a sight to startle his prey. The sails of his wings are lighter than the rest of him, royal blue like a deep ocean; tinged with dark algae-green raggedly across the edges, and with a faint speckle of seafoam-white along their inner joints. The ocean is deadly; it only looks serene from a distance. Behind his spread wings sways a long and whiplike tail, the bones articulating against each other in rapid motion. A lithe, flexible appendage, save for the last three joints. Those are fused together, bent back toward his hunched body in a hook.



Solace Flows Through the River Green Tahryth

Sweeping the coltish form of this gangly-limbed hatchling is an exotic oasis of lush foliage, watered by the sheer turquoise of a pristine aquifer, the liquid crystalline hues rippling subtly underneath the dappled shade of emerald hide. Proportioned for aerial speed and acrobatic flight, her broad chest already shows some muscle, hinting of the athletic ability that will develop at maturity. Willow dances across a finely-boned muzzle to whisper about the broad forehead between wide-set eyes, one of which is ringed with a faint glimmer - a golden halo of sun-kissed leaves. The delicate tracery of ivy twines down the arch of neck along the crested neckridges parting at muscled shoulders to run along each of her main wingbones while the rest follows the spine down her level back continuing to curl about the length of her long, supple tail. The webbing between the wing spars are clouded with moonshadow, the pale lime freckles thereon creating an astral patterning that, when spread, flare to a nebulous glow, an auroral flush of jade paling the trailing edges of her sails. Casting a muted pattern of light and shadow, bamboo and palm fronds arch gracefully from strong shoulders all the way down her long, lean flanks. Pale buttercup washes her underbelly, blending into feathery fern on her powerful fore and hindquarters, hues that dim to moss on long limbs and talons tipped with sharp claws of agate.


  • The Script: Breakeven
  • Rob Thomas: This Is How A Heart Breaks
  • Fastball: Love Is Expensive And Free
  • Fastball: Perfect World
  • Jakob Dylan: Evil Is Alive And Well
  • Jakob Dylan: Will It Grow
  • Jakob Dylan: Down On Our Own Shields
  • The Killers: All These Things That I Have Done
  • Electric Six: Synthesizer
  • Gotye: Somebody That I Use To Know
  • Sara Bareilles: Brave
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball


Title OOC Date Cast
Don't Encourage Him April 26, 2015 Ashwin, Esiae, Idrissa, Zan'ri
Ladies' Night May 22, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Kera, C'rus, Idrissa, Darsce
Meet and Greet and Lick July 27, 2015 Is'ac and Kivshiralth, Idrissa and Tahryth, Jaya and Leikoirath
Dragon Oiling 101 July 28, 2015 Idrissa, Jaya, Kera
Bonfire Bash August 23, 2015 Esiae, Kera, Flitter Aegnor, Zan'ri, Gerazal, Solya, B'yrl, S'dny, Idrissa
You're What?!?! August 25, 2015 Idrissa, S'dny, Kera
Out, Around, Back October 13, 2015 Idrissa, Soriana


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