Gender Female
Birthplace Eastern Weyr
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Craft/Rank Computercraft Journeyman
Position Nebula Rider
Dragon Brown Culmairoth


Rather on the short side, at five-foot, two-inches, and somewhat stout and muscular, this woman is at best rather unassuming. Her complexion is dusky, tanned to a deep warm brown, like unsweetened klah. Her eyes are olive-green, set on either side of a straight, flat-bridged nose. A expressive, thin-lipped mouth marks the lower half of her face, her chin pointed, and prominent. Her dark hair is cropped short, barely reaching past her ears.

Her clothes are at best described as utilitarian. A knit-woven brown cap is pulled down low over her ears, with a pair of rider's goggles perched at a rakish tilt atop her forehead. She wears a leather jacket over a simple tunic with a brown and beige print pattern, the sleeves of the jacket showing darker spots as if rank patches had once rested there. A pair of tan-colored pants complete her outfit, tucked neatly into dark leather boots; worn smooth and shiny from age. About her waist, she wears a wide rider's belt, a pair of gloves tucked haphazardly into the leather.


Iawen's story begins as all stories begin. Her father met her mother, hanky panky occured, and naturally, as such things would happen, in due time, Iawen was born. In her case however, she was the daughter of two dragonriders of Eastern Weyr — Iyana and Cr'wen — who's blues, Akisameth and Ittokuth, had both chased after the same green. Both sought, both lost, and somehow, Iyana and Cr'wen ended up in bed together, and such things occured as they naturally do. This sort of arrangement was nothing new to either Iyana or Cr'wen as they had both been riders for quite some Turns, and furthermore, both had at least several more children, so when Iyana found out she was pregnant some months later — well, the blueriding pair took it in stride.

What had begun as mutual affection once having been brought together by the circumstances of the greenflight, soon blossomed into a real love-match for the prospective parents. Cr'wen was soon seen moving into Iyana's home, a lucky stroke of happenstance when the bluerider was soon confined to bed by the Healers in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Cr'wen doted upon his new mate, and she upon him, and they settled down to a blissful life of raising their respective offspring — Iyana's daughter, Ilyna, and Cr'wen's two sons (Welliem and Cristant) from a previous relationship.

And soon, there was a new baby to shower love and joy upon, for late one evening, Iyana, went into labor, and gave birth to a healthy, hefty girl-child that the two happy parents called Iawen. Life for the girl was good, she grew to toddlerhood, loved by parents and older siblings alike, and it wasn't long before she had a younger brother, Coryan, as well.

So within this happy family commune, Iawen grew up as all children are wont to do; progressing steadily onwards from early childhood towards that stage where she'd begin her lessons with the Harper, and learning such things as necessary for adulthood once she'd reached that particular stage in her life. Now, that's not to say that the girl didn't get her chance for fun as she grew up, because there were quite a few spectacular moments of mischief from the Weyrbrat and her siblings and friends, but all things had their place of course.

Life certainly was good for Iawen. She was something of a tomboy, and really hated chores like mending and cooking; but luckily, she was inventive and creative, and could usually find a willing accompliance who'd be more than willing to swap something like mucking out the runner stalls in exchange for kitchen duty. Iawen by and large tended to "run more with the boys" rather than the girls, and when she was alone from time to time, she could be found with her nose in a book.

Learning to read had been a source of profound joy for Iawen, as soon as she was old enough to make sense of the letters, and how they made words, there was seldom a moment when she wasn't scouring through the Weyr library in search of some kind of new reading material. She had a near-insatiable thirst for knowledge, and often lost herself into dreams between the pages of the nearest book.

As many young people do as they become teenagers, Iawen often asked herself what she wanted to do in her life. Being a Weyrbrat was all dandy and good, but surely there was something out there more meaningful than just being a hanger on (albiet in some sort of support position) within the Weyr. As chance would have it, a trip to nearby Landing with her father on a delivery errand proved to be the spark that propelled Iawen from a mere Weyrbrat to someone with a "drive" and a "purpose" to life as she put it.

While Cr'wen supervised the unloading of some supplies from his blue, Ittokuth, Iawen ducked into a nearby building, and rapidly approched the state of blissful delerium at what she found inside. Computers. Shiny! Bright! And so filled with knowledge. This, this is what Iawen decided she was going to do with her life. She was going to have a computer. And learn how to use it properly. And so, at the age of thirteen Turns, Iawen declared her intentions to be an apprentice within the Computer Craft. Things couldn't have worked out better, the CraftHall was but a hop, skip and a holler from home, which meant she could visit maybe every few sevendays, or her family could come visit her, and thus, Iawen was never really homesick, even if it meant she had to share a dorm with a few girls who didn't quite see eye to eye with her. (That and the girl closest to her snored — but she was all right as long as she kept her pillow over her head.)

Life — like the spinning of a computer disk in the disk drive — proceeded upon its merry whirling way. A few Turns would pass, Iawen would grow older, mature into a young woman who wasn't particularly remarkable, but was quite a handy whiz when it came to computers. She could be found easily, should anyone care to look for her; fingers flying over the keyboard, brow furrowed, and a perpetual little squint as she peered at the computer screen.

Not long before her 18th Turnday, with Iawen eagerly looking forward to walking the tables, and earning her rank as a Journeyman, a visiting dragon and rider from High Reaches Weyr happened to stop Iawen as she was out for a walk about Landing. They posed a proposition for her; one that considerably made the young woman stop, think and really ponder before answering. After all, dragonriding was in her blood — both her parents were riders, her oldest half-brother was now W'liem, rider of brown Qanith, and everyone was saying it was only a matter of time before Cristant and Coryan both got Searched too. But the 'Reachian rider was insistant, and finally, after much thought, Iawen agreed to stand for the recent clutch upon the sands at High Reaches. After all, it was only a chance; she could easily come back to the CraftHall when it was all over, and pick her studies right back where she'd left off.

Little did she know, had Iawen given any real thought — that she, Southern born and bred, and never having been in the chilling climes of the north — to her new situation, she might well have done to refuse altogether. Faced with snow, chilling wind, and cold feet (because she "didn't have enough socks SHARDIT!") Iawen was downright miserable, especially since it was certainly cold enough to have to wear mittens, and typing on a keyboard with mitterns is such a dreadful inconvenience.

Still, in retrospect after the fact, Iawen was quite pleased to have accepted the 'Reachian rider's offer because when the eggs finally Hatched (and such bliss it was to be finally *warm* out there on the Hatching Sands) Iawen was found by a dragon. Not a green, as she had occasionally thought about (although in her heart, she knew she really got along better with males rather than females, and having a green — or even a gold — would have been rather a trifling problem. But as Iawen's luck would have it, her favorite egg, the little pale cream-colored one with the pattern that almost looked like a parade of golden runners across the shell cracked open, spilling out the occupant within who immediate set about searching for his lifemate.

It took him a few tries, a few glances, and then a muffled snort or two, and a shake of the head, but eventually, it wasn't long before he'd walked into into Iawen's feet, and blinked up at her, pronouncing his name to be Culmairoth, and thus, Iawen found herself weyrling to the Child of the Alpine Meadow Brown; thus ensuring that she was going to be stuck at High Reaches for a few more Turns. A few more Turns of cold, snow, wind and chilly feet. Damn!

Iawen's first order of business, once Culmairoth had been fed, oiled and settled down to sleep was to beg for as many socks as she could possibly horde, hoping they'd see her through until the moment she could escape as far South as she could possibly manage. Weyrlinghood was a hurried affair; lessons to be learned, a growing dragon to tend to and chores to attend to. In time, Iawen was able to ride Culmairoth, she learned to go *between* with him, and finally graduated to a weyr of her own. With each passing day, Iawen was more and more satisfied that the two of them were meant for each other; and that having Culmairoth was better (in her mind) than all the greens and the golds on the planet. *She* never had to deal with the whims of a proddy female, and Culmairoth chased when he wanted to, and slept when he didn't. Life certainly had it's perks as far as Iawen was concerned.

Despite her intentions to make a break south as soon as Culmairoth was old enough to go *between*, Iawen remained at High Reaches Weyr for quite some time (an altogether seven Turns to be exact — although a good portion of that time was spent in Weyrlinghood.) She fell in love, fell out of love, broke a few hearts, and won a few flights — as well as losing a few. It seemed that the cold had finally seeped into her, and made her a bit sluggish, so to speak, which was largely the reason for her remaining at High Reaches Weyr for so long. But eventually, her thoughts began to turn towards her Craft — left for so long upon hiatus while she went off to the Weyr and Impressed Culmairoth.

Not to mention how hard it can be to type on a keyboard while earing mittens — much less keep the cold from freezing up the hard drive.

And so, after all the proper protocols had been followed, Iawen and Culmairoth bid farewell to the snow-shrouded Weyr, and fled south; south to the warmth and the sun, and the Weyr of her birth. There at Eastern, Iawen hoped to pursue her Craft again, so conveniently located to Landing, and pick up her studies where she'd left off.

Homecoming was a reunion of sorts. Her half-sister, Ilyna, had married one of the Steward's assistants, and had a passle of children, her half-brother W'liem had a few offspring of his own, and while Cristant hadn't been Searched and Impressed, he'd done his level best to populate a goodly portion of the Weyr in his own image before he'd moved off to the Smithcraft Hall where he was now a Journeyman. And Coryan was now, C'yan, rider to green Seyellath.

And so, Iawen set to continue in her Craft, learning about the new advances in computers that had changed in her time at High Reaches Weyr, and feeling blissfully happy that she could lounge of an afternoon in a hammock, barefoot, and bare-legged — without ever feeling cold.

Culmairoth seemed to love his new home as well, and he chased a few greens with renewed vigor and amusement. A successful flight of a rider with a male green saw Iawen pregnant, and a mother for the first time at the age of 26. The brown and his rider lovingly doted upon the girl that Iawen named Tiawen.

When at last, Iawen had passed the last of her classes, and graduated, so to speak, to Journeyman status, she was feeling itchy feet, and wanted to go out and see the world. (And share the wonders of technology.) Leaving Tiawen at Eastern Weyr, in the care of her grandparents and aunt, Iawen and Culmairoth set off for a prolonged stay at Ierne WeyrHold. There, Iawen hoped to make a living, and earn enough of an income that she could quite possibly open a little computer store of her own. But that would have to wait.


Name Relation Location Position
Cr'wen Father Eastern Weyr Rider to Blue Akisameth
Iyana Mother Eastern Weyr Rider to Blue Ittokuth
Cristant Half-brother Smithcraft Hall Journeyman Smith
C'yan Brother Eastern Weyr Rider to Green Seyellath
Ilyna Half-sister Eastern Weyr Resident
W'liem Half-brother Eastern Weyr Rider to Brown Qanith
Tiawen Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Knock on Wood Brown Gigabyte
Many different slivers of wood have combined together to form this sturdy fellow. Jigsawed in many different species of tree, or so it seems, this firelizard scarcely seems alive. Here there's some reddish cedar, there is some aged oak, the tip of his tail appears to be cherrywood, and there's even a bamboo pattern on his wings. Patches of bark seemingly cling to his body, and his neck has a twisted grain pattern from a sycamore. To top it all off, the top of his head seems crowned in Fellis leaves to give him a distinct Pernese look. Overall, sixteen varieties of wood are represented on this firelizard, both Terran and Pernese.


Child of the Alpine Meadow Culmairoth
A rich patina of tawny umber; like bread toasted to a rich golden-brown, cloaks his broad stocky frame. Not particularly large — indeed, he's rather on the small side as far as browns go — what he lacks in his diminutive height, he makes up in bulk. He's strongly built, no doubt about that; beginning with a large well-shaped head upon a muscular neck that blends easily into the broad muscled expanse of his chest. A short back and wide loins, coupled with well-sprung ribs and muscled flanks slopes down to a somewhat angled croup; broad across the hips. Whilst most of his form is clothed in that russet chestnut-brown, along his underbelly, and downwards along his stocky muscled legs; a paler hue — creamy brown in tone, sweeps across the curve of his lower chest and belly, sneaking upwards along the very back of his haunches and hind legs, and shrouds the total length of all four legs. A streak of that same color wends its way down his wide-browed face, a broad blaze of color against the red-brown of his hide. And across his neckridges, a trickle of cream weaves along the very tips, not seen again until farther down the length of his tail to the very end. His wings; broad 'spars and sails, of the same chestnut-brown as the rest of him — hardly lighter in hue and tone — are meant for endurance and power, and long staying distances.


Title OOC Date Cast
Contraptions? Any of 'em... work? September 29, 2009 d'son, Iawen
Girls Only? October 09, 2009 Cenlia, Iawen, Jessamin, K'ael, Moria, Phylicia, Thea
Flaming Practice October 27, 2009 F'yr, D'son, Iawen, M'nol, Thea
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