I'ven is a young man, or so one might think, based on his height, which is somewhere between 6'1 and 6'9 and he's possibly still growing. His blonde hair has been cut just past his ears, in an uneven length. It is soft looking and yet the length of it gentles the masculine line of a strong jaw and a slightly broad nose, accompanied by blue eyes. His shoulders while broad, are lanky, he is trim and lean rather than muscular and bulky. His lean frame narrows down into a neat waist and long legs that give the impresion of height and the personality gives a sense of presence that helps take the place of physical strength. Resting smugly on his shoulder, is a wingsecond's knot in Xanadu colors, a single brown chord indicating the color of his lifemate. There's a wingpatch resting proudly on his shoulder, one of the galaxy wing. If one were lucky enough, they would find that there's a simple tattoo on the man's hip, one of a Xanadu candidate's knot.

Today, he's wearing a mint-green shirt, with loose fitting pants. Both fitting nicely and making his blue eyes stand out more than usual. The combination looks fairly nice on the rider.


Ziven grew up in a cothold near Eastern Weyr with his parents Zailia, and Vale. He has a older brother and sister, being the youngest of two siblings. While his siblings went out to find lives for themselves, Ziven hung around home not exactly sure what to do with himself. His life was fairly normal for a teenager, he helped his parents with chores around the house. That was, until Ziven decided to make himself useful, and that's when he decided to find somewhere to help out.

That's when he went to stay at the Harper hall as an apprentice. After a few months of staying at the hall, he eventually was posted to Western Weyr, where he now resides.

Since moving to the weyr, he's helped deliver a baby and even helped to save someone's life. He was even asked to stand for the clutch once the eggs had been laid. The healer reluctantly said yes, and is currently a candidate, if even a reluctant one.

Then, one day, Ziven's best friend, Broom, had low blood pressure and was not well enough to stand on the sands, so he was sent to High Reaches. Ziven came along, afraid to leave his friend even though the hatching was close.

Not long after Ziven returned to the healer hall and continued his studies. And that is when the young man began to change once more. Gone was the boy who had begun to enjoy himself, Ziven was now a obsessive young man who wanted nothing but to be left to his studies. And this was how things proceeded, even after he was promoted to Senior Apprentice.

Ziven was assigned to Kristahalis under mentorship, and the two seemed to hit it off at times, but fought most other times. Chiron gave Ziven a order one day, that he was to take dance lessons and be Lisle's partner in the next gather. Ziven didn't take to it very well and thought it was all a bunch of nonsense.

His task was completed when the Lord Holder was holding his wedding, and neither Ziven or Lisle seemed to enjoy themselves much. Ziven continued on with his studies until the plauge appeared. It took the life of his sister, Lilian. Her death seemed to cause Ziven to draw even more into himself, and continuing his studies with such determination that he often caused himself to get sick from not taking care of himself. And one day, he had finally achieved his dream, he walked the tables and became a journeyman.

One day the masterhealer decided that he had enough of Ziven's obsessions and sent him to Xanandu weyr, baning the boy from practicing his craft in hopes that Ziven would start to enjoy himself again. Surely enough, little by little he started to enjoy himself.


Name Relation Location Position
Zailia Mother Monaco Bay Hold Holder
Vale Father Monaco Bay Hold Holder
Lilian Sister Deceased
Zail Brother Unknown Unknown


Bronze Amber
Honey sweetened copper pours in smooth rivers over this little firelizard's head, with just a dash of silver making a crown about the top with drizzles escaping down his neck. His long tappering neck glistens like a newly minted penny though the color turns a deeper rudier color on the length of his back. As wings are spread the color of them is truely shone, such a bright combination of copper and deeper bronze with just touches of green and gold along the spars. His tail is the one thing that really seems to fit his body, it's length just right and it's color a wonderous copper hue. Deep bronze seeps out and over his chest before moving with ripples of honey down his legs, ending in bright hued sapphire claws.


Brown Khriseth
Lean and limber, sparse in girth though hardly in length, the majority of his form is the same even honey brown, both over the long stretch of his narrow back and the smooth curve of his stomach, no distinctive change in coloration present. Muscles are present beneath his hide, though his limbs remain slender, nearly delicate, as they arch downwards to each foot, deeply colored talons set on each. Darker, richer mahogany -slight red-gleam present - colors the perfectly shaped ridges as they are set evenly along his back, neither too much nor too little space in between, gliding effortlessly over the top of his head, just between rounded head knobs, emphasizing the smooth contours of his nearly feminine frame. His face is properly proportioned, unmarred by stray speckles, sleek lines guiding upwards to his eyes, each of which sits beneath a slightly off-hued eye ridge, a stylish bit of contrast against his hide.
Around Khriseth's neck are light-blue leather riding straps. They seem rather normal in nature, being a constant color throughout, with few decorations sewed in. Small patches of suede pad out the girth protecting Khriseth's hide.


Title OOC Date Cast
Maith Flies, As Does Trouble April 13, 2006 I'ven, Marte, and Sabriel
Xanadu Hatching - November 18, 2006 November 18, 2006 Achina, Airk, Alhenaeth, Angelyka, C'ian, Dynome, I'ven, Jean, Kilaueth, Kitani, Luna, Niva, Tandelek, Vathiel
History? 2006 I'ven, Niva, and Senkyou
Chatter in the Caverns 2006 Aeris, I'ven, and Niva
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