Height unremarkable, eyes of middling-brilliance blue, nearer to the dingy hue of stagnant pond than clear sky, the one striking feature he possesses might be a nose of average length and almost-perfect proportion. It sits upon a face without softness, all angles and sleek lines, cheekbones high and brows carrying subtle arch, above cheeks without trace of childhood pudge, though at least not gaunt. A frame of toned muscle and long limbs dispels the illusion of idleness his slim face might project, skin not well-tanned but not sickly pale either, hands however lacking in the roughness his lean form might otherwise suggest. An active life led, in any case, if the strength of arms and back were to tell, shoulders still broadening into adolescence, and much filling out left to do as the awkwardness of youth yet clings to his movements. Atop it all is dark hair cut short, but obviously in some sort of style, feathering over-long at the front in reckless, haphazard manner, just brushing forehead and ears, and nape of neck, yet falling neatly away from eyes.

Clothing speaks far more of means than the rest of his appearance, finely tailored trews and tunic settled over torso and legs, not snug but clearly crafted to fit. At odds, perhaps, is their condition, shirt left lazily unlaced at the collar, pants pockets stuffed with some knick knack or other. Feet are clad in boots of good quality, but worn and scuffed, leather cracking from much use, a belt of similar design and better condition settled around the waist. All are dark, shades of brown and blue, with a touch of silver on the buckle of the belt. Around his neck is a simple silver chain, with an unadorned rectangular charm hanging from it. And upon the boy's shoulder is the knot of a Xanadu candidate.


Iessrien was born the middle son of the lord and lady of Breakwater Hold, a very minor hold not far from SouthShore Hold, whose lands lie several days via runnerback from Xanadu Weyr, though few find reason to travel there with work in fields and fishing boats to be taken care of. The third son in a family of five boys and four fosterlings, and one sister a year older than himself, Iess' life has hardly been demanding or terribly stressful. Nevertheless, as it was his father's hold, Iessrien was given certain responsibilities. Responsibilities which he has thus far, failed utterly to take up. Not lazy, per se, the boy early on met and developed a friendship with one of the sons of a neighboring minor holder, and with it trouble soon followed. Shirking both duties and lessons more often than not, to chase girls or merely fool around, he has been a constant disappointment to his parents. Failed attempts to encourage him to become involved in hold management or a craft have led to no small amount of exasperation. Finally, when that troublesome friend of his was sent away, to the closest weyr no less, a plan was hatched by Iess' father to send his son along as well, with a letter of introduction and a request to open diplomatic relations, which thus far have likely been little more than the occasional trade wagon. The shoving out of the nest, so to speak, hasn't come without its price, however, as this is Iess' last chance to prove himself; there will be no returning home for him, not anytime soon, at least.



Name Relation Location Position
P'rel Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Malphath
Qe'pol Best Friend Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Nisuanekhdjieth
Lord Kevdrien Father Breakwater Hold Lord Holder
Lady Jessa Mother Breakwater Hold Lady Holder
Kevesien Brother Breakwater Hold Hold Heir
Kivadrien Brother Breakwater Hold Blooded
Jessira Sister Breakwater Hold Blooded
Akessien Brother Breakwater Hold Blooded
Ivaesren Brother Breakwater Hold Blooded


Rum And Coke Classic Bronze Chance
From the tip of this firelizard's wedge shaped head starting at his snout in rippling iridescence is predominately a brilliant play of fulvous and burnt sienna, the colors bleeding in and out of one another flawlessly streaking across his back in a ruffled manner, before blending into tuffs of white to black upon his wingsails. Bronze and black shingle against one another at his haunches until melting to just black all the way down to the tip of his tail. Beneath this is a molted mix of gleaming tawny and gold upon his chest, that returns to fulvous beneath his belly. Stark blotches of white break against his sides in seemingly no pattern at all, but give way to true bronze after all; found upon his fore and hind limbs. Talons are back with a distinct golden sheen to them, and the tops of his paws carry a bluish tint.


Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Tscyleth
If this blue dragon had emerged the depths of a moonlit ocean, he could not be any more perfectly suited for his environment. With sinister grace, he rarely takes a misstep — neither bulky nor scrawny, his liquid-undersea form is supported by a network of powerful, sleek musculature. Most of his body is shaded in that darkling shade of deep-sea blue, concealing all that power with shadows too dark for discerning between one limb and the next if you're not looking closely. From shadowed shoulders spring long and well-formed pinions - not over-long or over-broad, they hang in the middle, their sails every bit as deep as the rest of his body until you get to the trailing edges. There, the last foot or so shades out to moonlit-blue, like the surface of a stormy sea - barely-evident against the rest of his overwhelming hide. This moonstruck shade reflects subtly down the center of his handsomely-chiseled face and to his nose, then drifts absently down his throat and belly getting darker and darker as it goes until it is no more than a strange bright shadow down a well-formed tail.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Most Embarrassing Meeting May 04, 2011 Iessrien, Karona
Shellie searches Iessrien May 09,2011 Shellie, Iessrien
A Few Days Later May 09, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
The acid-tongued healer meets (and searches) Pern's latest gift to women. May 10, 2011 Shellie, Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Pyriel
Lazy Morning May 12, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
An Unpleasant Olfactory Encounter May 13, 2011 Iessrien, Karona
Candidate Picnic May 14, 2011 Ecoatleth, Iessrien, Karona, Kiley, Pyriel, Silion
Collection of Thoughts May 15, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Mirai
Boys and Bruises May 16, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Iessrien, Kaede, Pyriel, Olarya
Too Early To Chat May 16, 2011 Iessrien, Karona
Weeding Winter May 17, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kaede, Kiley, Pyriel
Disgruntled (Egg Touching 4) May 18, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Olarya, Pyriel, Thea, Seryth, npc AWLMs
Fishriders of Pern (Event by Kiley & Pyriel) May 18, 2011 Briana, Dany, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, Landers, M'nol, Pyriel, Thea
"The Little Mucking Boy and The Secret of Rainbows" May 19, 2011 Iessrien, Kaede, Karona, Kiley, M'nol, Pyriel, Thea
Coming To Terms May 10, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Family Day at Xanadu? (CP - Pyriel) May 19, 2011 Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Jeriel(NPC), Liyen(NPC), Karona, Kiley, Naelyn(NPC) Pyriel, Rainer(NPC)
Discovered (Egg Touching 7) May 20, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Iessrien, Pyriel, Thea, Seryth
Attached May 21, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Restless May 22, 2011 Iessrien, Karona, Kiley
A Lesson in Finesse May 22, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, M'nol, Ocelara, Pyriel, R'iahn, Little Brat (npc'd by Thea)
Sleepy, In Space May 22, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Karona, Kiley
The Boy Who Sleeps May 23, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Iessrien, Pyriel
A Day in Summary May 24, 2011 Iessrien, Karona, Kiley, Pyriel
Pastries Full o' Hiccups May 27, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel, Shellie
Herding the Flock May 29, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Survival Camp - Arrival May 29, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Landers, Pyriel, V'dim, AWLMs (npcs)
Survival Camp - Fetching Water May 29, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Landers, Pyriel
Survival Camp - First Morning May 31, 2011 Iessrien, Karona
That's One Way To Crack An Egg May 31, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, M'nol, Pyriel
Taste The Rainbow June 01, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Stan and the Pan June 02, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Nets, and Stan, and Trees! Oh my! June 02, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Meltdown! June 04, 2011 Iessrien, Karona
When Midnight Comes A Rockin' June 04, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Karona, Kaede, Keziah, Kiley, Landers, M'nol, Pyriel
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