Standing at 5'10 and with broad shoulders, even at 57 she's intimidating. Her eyes are a piercing blue and even moreso against her pale complexion. Her hair is snow white with dark charcoal streaks of rebellious strands that refuse to turn, all arranged in a chin-length bob which accentuates her angular look. Lean and still strong she carries herself with confidence, head up, back straight, femininity somewhat masked by her imposing stature.
A shirt of crisp white tucks into her navy split skirt, the hem near to the top of her black riding boots. A single silver band circles the middle finger of her left hand and match her silver hoop earrings.


Hisolda's arrival at South Bend Hold was exactly on time, something that was to become a trademark of hers in later life. Her parents were simple people, a laundress and a stable manager, content to live their lives and try to repopulate the Hold whenever anyone left.

Eventually becoming one of twelve Hisolda was sure of one thing, even from an early age; she would be headwoman. Her plan was to do it at the Hold, something that she almost achieved, but life has a way of confusing things.

When Hisolda was eight her younger sister died of firehead, leaving her parents heartbroken. Though another child, a boy, was born afterwards he was to be the last into the family, from her parents at least. Needless to say her other siblings had planned on continuing the tradition; Hisolda had other plans.

Her plans came to fruition just before her eighteenth birthday. She was accepted as assistant to the Hold's headwoman, and two days later her boyfriend proposed. Life could not have been better. Until her lover was Searched to Eastern Weyr, that is. Hisolda had taken a bad fall two days before resulting in a broken leg, and when he left she couldn't follow.

Her cousin, a rider himself, was the one that brought the news that her lover had Impressed, worse still he had fallen for a girl he met at Eastern and it was over. Hisolda threw herself into her work, learning more and more, pushing harder and harder. As the pain faded her determination grew and she eventually accepted that South Bend was not the place she would achieve her dream.

Initially she left for Rubicon, but at the age of 26 she transferred to Xanadu to take up an Assistant Headwoman post. Life there would not be easy, but for all the arguments and problems there were the fun times, the people, and the job she adored so much. Another relationship with a brownrider lasted several turns, though faded eventually due to both being more in love with their position than each other.

It took her twenty turns, and much frustration, until she finally found her way to the position she had coveted for so long - headwoman. The title and the knot were finally hers and, despite her greying hair and the tensions that occurred occasionally with the weyr staff, she was happy.

For many turns she ruled the weyr, bumping heads with Niva on occasion, until one final incidence of overwork and under appreciation had her taking an extended vacation. Now she is back, but will she be taking back her knot or finding herself another job.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Harmony in Opposites August 04, 2010 Ashkeia, Hisolda
Bonfire and Storytelling September 05, 2010 Amelia, Ashkeia, Hisolda, K'ael, Quila, Relion, Thea

*Note - this character was npc'd by a different player in 2009 and was apopted by a diferent one in 2010. Both years are included here for continuity.

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