Gender Male
Craft Tech
Position Engineer
Rank Journeyman
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Casting Call Aaron Tveit


First of all, Hierax really is quite strong! Even if he doesn't quite look it. Maybe it's the carefully-coiffed, luxuriant hair; maybe it's the slender (not to say scrawny) set of his shoulders; maybe it's the fact that, at 5'10", he looks like he isn't exactly done growing, even though — at 20 and counting — it's probably safe to say he doesn't have any more growth spurts in his future. Still, though, once he's got his sleeves rolled up and he's gotten to work moving that giant piece of tech from here to there … it's obvious he's got some muscle hiding on that skinny frame somewhere.

Hierax's eyes are a pall grey-blue; his hair is the sort of colorless-red that can't decide if it's going to give up and be a brownish-blond or somehow re-saturate itself once again instead; his eyebrows don't quite disappear, but they often look more like expressive shading than an actual defined brow. A strong, aquiline nose is somewhat ruined by the softly squashy bulb thing he's got going on at its tip; there's always the possibility he's just trying to distract away from the cleft at his chin, especially as there's often some stubble softening its appearance. (His mouth has fine definition, but as it's fairly small, no matter how expressive it gets, it's overshadowed by the nose and the chin.)

He's wearing a grey shirt, which closer inspection reveals to be curiously ageless; it's impossible to tell by looking alone whether it actually started out that color, or has merely been stressed under so many circumstances that it's managed to fade in a fairly uniform fashion. It's a little bit threadbare in places, but it still holds a fine drape and keeps the weather off. The cargo pants are in somewhat better shape, likely because the pockets are the first thing to go and therefore a clear sign whenever replacement is necessary. The boots … well, it's possible he'll be wearing this exact same pair of boots when he's buried after dying of old age; it kind of looks like they already have.

Pre-PC History

Though you wouldn't know it from looking at his knot or asking after his father, Hierax is Weyrbred; he comes from Telgar, originally, son of greenrider Hladia and her non-riding weyrmate, Hevraen. (Second son, at that, and second child of four.) With both parents having H-names, all of the kids ended up with them as well, most of the other letters stemming from dragons or family members: Hariangu, Hierax, Hjalma (the only girl) and last Hostian.

Hierax's life wasn't much to write home about — nothing unpleasant happening, but nothing notable either — except that he got bullied somewhat in his Harper classes for being smarter than other kids his age. And maybe a little skinnier, too. So at 12 he was sent to Landing to apprentice to the Techcraft, where his brains would be put to use better along with his long fingers. Over the turns of his apprenticeship he even worked out and filled out a bit, though behind what he attempts to pass off as Rugged Good Looks is still a heavy layer of nerd.

Properly, Hierax is an engineer: that's what he specialized in and what he was given a journeyman's knot in at eighteen, but he spends a lot of his spare time inventing things from scratch. The other things he does in his spare time are what have gotten him in trouble — after getting his journeyman's knot he was posted to Nabol Hold, which seemed to be going well until the Lord Holder threw him out and kicked him back to Landing. Rumors say he got the Lord's daughter pregnant, though she didn't ever appear to be pregnant, and rumors also differ on whether or not they're still in touch.

After a month of lingering at the Hall and being miserable, Hierax went back to Telgar to visit his family.

After a month of that, he got orders for a new posting, one where maybe he'd either stay out of trouble or the trouble he got in would seem relatively normal: Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Hladia Mother Telgar Weyr Wingrider (Green)
Hevraen Father Telgar Weyr Woodcraft Sr. Journeyman
Hariangu Brother (+3) Harper Hall Harper Journeyman
Hjalma Sister (-2) High Reaches Weyr Asst. Headwoman Trainee
Hostian Brother (-5) Telgar Weyr Perpetual Candidate


Helpful the Feline



Tears to Drown the World Blue Semiconductor
Pale, crystalline blue swirls and streaks across the hide of this rotund firelizard, splashing across plump forelimbs, dripping down to stain tiny talons cobalt. Sapphire pales to periwinkle across his withers, dimming to near white as it slicks down his stubby tail. Despite his roly-poly appearance, this particular firelizard seems perpetually morose, lackadaisical and limp, with a pathetic creel that never quite seems to reach beyond a whimper.
Desc by Nikolan <3


Title OOC Date Cast
My What Interesting Hands You Have (Hierax is Searched) January 30, 2018 Hierax, Risali
Look At My Eggs! (Fifth Touching) January 30, 2018 Hierax, Kelani, Jaune, Zasheir, Risali
Inspections and Measures February 3, 2018 Sephany, Kera, Hierax, Kelani
Gold Leirith and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! February 24, 2018 Risali, D'lei, Kera, Nikolan, Zasheir, Valerian, Kelani, Tyssarian, Jaune, Jaelynn, Ricki, Hierax, Eirykur (NPC), Wyrichthea (NPC), Rallexyre (NPC), G'thar (NPC)
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