Heeva is tall, and big boned, 16 turn old young woman, with finely trimmed musculature and is unusually strong for her age. She has short spiky blonde hair, and eyes that are grey when she’s somber and sparkling blue when she’s happy. Her face is rather more elegant than pretty and a general bearing that demands notice.
She is reserved by nature, but not aloof in a cold way, observing rather than interacting with people she doesn’t know really well.
She prefers to wear trousers and although very much a woman doesn’t lean toward feminine frippery. and is equally at home on the back of a runner beast as on foot.
One of her unusual though heretofore not really used talents is her ability to mimic any creature, whether it be avian, canine, feline or fire-lizard, and as such can call them to her with uncanny skill.


Her mother died giving birth to her younger brother Shinta, and was consequently brought up by her father, who did his best to rear her as he thought her mother would have, in truth treated her more like a son than a daughter, with the result that she is much more adept at masculine pursuits than feminine ones. As a result, although she is domesticated, having to ‘do’ for her father and brother, she’s not feminine, and prefers men’s company to simpering women, though she can identify with practical ones.


Name Relation Location Position
Shinta Brother At sea Unknown


It's Taking Over! Green Kudzu
Multiple shades of green decorate this small firelizard's hide. She has an unusual sheen to her, as if coated in clear varnish. Her hide is composed of triangular shapes, overlapping in places, lime touching hunter touching ivy. The leafy shapes curl over her thick muzzle and twist down her sinuous neck. The tendrils of green coat her wingsails and the fine bones in her chest and ribcage. The tickle her slim belly, squeaze her meaty haunches, bursting outwards like a fresh sprint of growth to become the thick twining vines of her tail.


Title OOC Date Cast
Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008 March 22, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Deianeira, Ethne, Hesketh, Heeva, J'rezi, Kilaueth, Kitty, Laureate, Lorena, Lyn, Myesha, Niva, Ryski, Senkyou, T'eo, Zevida
Xanadu Hatching, April 20, 2008 April 20, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Andis, Arkoss, Calandria, Candia, Chaitra, Delenn, Delynni, Heeva, Hesketh, Kamari, Keziah, Laera, Lorena, Makri, M'iri, Myesha, Naliah, Nalkor, Niva, Orla, Pike, Rhelia, R'in, R'miel, Ryski, Serina, Tarish, Varien, Yezan, Ysa, Zevida, Z'kiel
Heeva is Searched 2008 Heeva, K'vin, Marte, R'sul
Random Log: Survival Camp Day 3 2008 Amarante, Arkoss, Chaitra, Delenn, Heeva, Keziah, Kristhalis, Laera, L'alie, Lorena, M'iri, Myesha, Orla, Rhalin, R'in, Ryski, T'eo, Z'kiel
Random Log: Orla Teaches a Class 2008 Heeva, Kamari, L'alie, Laera, Loren, Myesha, Nalkor, Orla, Rhelia, Ryski
Gathering in the Clearing 2008 Heeva, Kamari, Lorena, M'roc, Senkyou
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