What You Should Know: Haya's a newly arrived Journeyman Harper.



For a twig of a figure, Haya has quite a round face; short of being heart-shaped, but close, with a elegant forehead but wide childish cheeks that ruin it. Her short, round, little chin seals the deal: she's a chubby face that makes her look quite young. Slim, almond-curved black eyes with crisp, high-arched eyebrows do little to temper things. Her nose is short, with a sloped bridge and a button tip with small nostrils. All of its colored over with the dusky shade of her skin, well-suited to the very dark color of her hair, all tightly scrunched into many, disorganized ringlets. It all falls somewhere along her shoulders, when not pulled up.

Clothing speaks of relatively simple tastes: a white sleeveless tunic beneath a jacket or alone, with trim black form-fitting trousers. She offsets this with a string of beads on a necklace, one long row in an olive green with one below it in a deep ocean blue.


Growing up the only girl in a family of men after Haya's mother died in childbirth gave Haya all the experience she needed in both the rough-and-tumble and in managing people. Father Hadean went on to have a child — another boy — by another woman, giving Haya a half-brother a little before she left Tillek to apprentice at the Harper Hall in Fort. Before her, four brothers had all trained to be fishermen in Tillek's ports, while her father had some knowledge in the art of wine-making. It was something he indulged in a little too often after Haya's birth. Away from home, Haya had some learning to do in the art of hanging out with other girls, especially those her age, but after some time she proved able. Rather than with the playing of instruments and teaching of songs, she took an interest in the law and in the social growth of Pern, including the restoration of older artifacts. She felt strongly in the discovery of the past to aid the future and used technology as part of her thesis before becoming a Journeyman just short of 19. A placement at Xanadu means an opportunity to get at some of its treasures.


Name Relation Location Position
Hadean Father Tillek Hold Wine-maker
x4 Brothers Tillek Hold Fishermen
x1 Half-brother Tillek Hold None


RP Hooks

  • Harpercraft! Anyone who has training or who is need of some schooling should feel free to hit her up.
  • Ancients! Haya has a huge love affair with anything old.


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