Harlin is heavily built for his age, which one might guess at something around his mid teens. His height is only average to just a little under average, but the tell-tale signs of eventual physical greatness are visible in the span of shoulders and depth of chest. Thick upper arms and forearms combine with large hands to give the impression of someone who works in heavy labour for a living or to keep busy and he still has a lot of growing to do.

His face is kind, though there is no great intellect visible within his green eyes. Jaw is somewhat angled, skin roughened and just a tiny bit of what someday might be stubble around his chin. He would have dark brown, almost black hair but it has been cropped as close to the scalp as possible. In short, he doesn't look unkind or stupid, but one can already tell by the look of him that he'll probably grow up to be the 'not so bright big guy' type.

He is wearing a sleeveless shirt that exposes his arms and hands and denim pants. Heavy boots are stained with what appear to be rock powder and his pants are held up by a thick belt. The buckle bears a mining pick insignia.


Harlin does not especially have a complicated background. The product of a random flight between a pair of dragonriders, he has lived at Xanadu Weyr for most of his life — barring when he was sent off to apprentice as a miner. Fate would have it that he has returned to Xanadu.

His story is very much to be told, and though he isn't especially bright, he manages the occasional bit of insight and can certainly be called hardy if nothing else.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Xanadu Weyr Rider
Unknown Mother Xanadu Weeyr Rider

Siblings, if any, are unknown.




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