Thick black hair falls from a central part, framing her oval face in a messy array of tapered layers. Awkwardly choppped to chin-length, it has a tendency to frizz out, something Harley has attempted to counter with strategically applied hair-clips. Nose is simply sloped and ends pertly above a pair of thin pink lips. Clear, expressive eyes, strikingly green, rest beneath shapely eyebrows. She is athletically built and proportioned, and a few years of rigorous training have given her muscles definition. Her skin is quite pale, but has a healthy tint from regular time spent outside.
A bright red short-sleeved tunic covers her from shoulders to mid-thigh, form-fitting in the top and loose and flowy beneath the braided black leather belt which cinches it at her waist. Beneath it, the edges of a black tank-top peek out. A pair of tight black leggings cover her lower half, and black boots with impractically high heels adorn her feet. A simple gold disc is suspended from a black cord around her neck.
Her knot is the double-cord and single loop with long tail which marks her a Wingrider. Its colors, medium blue and orange, indicate she's from Xanadu Weyr.


Harleanne was born and raised at Xanadu Weyr, left to the nannies. Her father, S'zan, is a bluerider at High Reaches Weyr. Her mother, Analynne, is working in the caverns at High Reaches. Her older sister, Nayre, moved to Igen Weyr when she was Searched and didn't Impress; her half-brother, Kannder, is a stranger to her and lives with his father at High Reaches; and her younger brother, Julyan, lives at High Reaches with Analynne and S'zan.

Harleanne chose to assist in the gardens at Xanadu Weyr, and became really proficient at digging when it turned out the older gardeners often took care of the actual horticulture.

Because of her "talent," Angel's Anstarath Searched her for Mellonath and Quiath's clutch just before she turned 16. While a candidate, she found herself attached to her very first firelizard and had to deal with overcoming her distaste for the creatures — twice.

When the clutch hatched, Harley found herself attached to a strongly opinionated green dragon named Nemiath, and life simply hasn't been the same since. After a grueling weyrlinghood in which she nearly lost her life (to hear her tell it) to ridiculous survival training, she graduated into the "adult world" of paperwork and administration, now a wingrider in the Weyrleader's Wing.


Name Relation Location Position
Analynne Mother High Reaches Weyr Unknown
S'zan Father High Reaches Weyr Blue Wingrider
Nayre Sister (H + 3) Igen Weyr Cook
Kannder Half-brother (H + 2) High Reaches Weyr Handyman
Julyan Brother (H - 4) High Reaches Weyr Stable Hand


Goddess of Light Gold Adora
A flash, bright and brilliant blinds the gaze of many. The immense power crackles intensely illuminating the precious beauty of this grand lady. She is nearly unmarred by all and any color besides the precious yellow metal, the smooth warm golden hue flowing over the rippling musculature. The lady is powerful, sinews twine tightly together to wrap thick bundles along the long strong limbs and the very graceful form that allows for her to be a female. Her tail is as great as the rest of her, it could be a fifth arm should one be needed. Claws, color of near blinding white-gold, are connected to finely boned digits. These digits gradually melds into those sturdy arms and legs. Large wings, connected to wingbones of immense strength, sport delicate wing sails not unlike the gossamer wings of a fairy.

We Can Do It Bronze Zong
This average sized bronze looks like he might be quite a prankster. He has a circlet of pure gold around his head, as well as his ankles, like some bedecked king. His neck ridges are a glossy black, like obsideon beads pasted upon his spine. The rest of him is a cheerful autumn orange, the bronze of falling leaves. He seems lively and clever, with wide, innocent eyes and a bit of a firelizard smirk.


Defender of the Fields Green Nemiath
Drab olive and dark forest green vie for dominance over the hide of this stocky dragon, providing her with her own personal camouflage that would fit in any jungle. A hood of heather coats her headknobs, the colour seeping down her neck like a cloak before cresting sturdy wingspars and dappling their sails. Haunches are thick, no colouring able to hide the power that lies there, and her feet are tipped with steely talons almost menacing in appearance. A faint line of bright mint encircles her tail, darkening as it runs along the rapier-like length and turning the spaded tip almost black.
Nemiath has a length of 24.24 meters and a wingspan of 40.40 meters.


Title OOC Date Cast
Nemiath Rises 2008 Aoriya Harley L'ton, R'aul, R'miel, Senkyou
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