Gorrin is a young man, possibly nearing twenty turns of age. He stands an inch or two shy of six feet, with a lean muscular build that suggests plenty of regular exercise. His dark tan complexion provides another hint to his lifestyle, a great deal of time spent outdoors. His features are equally dark, deep brown eyes set in a sharply angled face, with jet black hair kept cut very short.
Gorrin tends to favor light clothes that provide great freedom of movement, often in dark forest green or brown. A hunting knife and a few other essential wilderness survival items are usually sheathed at his belt.


Gorrin was born to live in the wilds, the son of a hunter and trapper who tended to keep to the wilderness and live off the land. From an early age, he was raised as a hunter, catching felines and other animals around the wilds surrounding Xanadu Weyr. The meat provided food and the furs could be traded with the folks of the weyr for anything else the family needed. As he grew older, his mother finally succumbed to old age, leaving him to carry on the family business himself. He has taken to travel in the meanwhile, finding passage where he can and exploring other wildernesses around Pern.


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Title OOC Date Cast
The Mighty Hunter November 13, 2012 Gorrin, Soriana
Tabletop Tableau November 14, 2012 Catallian, Gorrin, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Journeyman Smithcrafter (npc’d by Kale). Kale, Miah, Mikal, Thea
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