Gerazal is a young man of 25 Turns, 3 months, and 20 days and he's got a thin wiry build. He stands about 6'1" tall and although he's not athletic, he's not frail either. Gerazal has short dark brown hair that is parted on the left and combed towards the right. He has steel-blue colored eyes and a short nose that's slightly upturned. He has medium full lips and a rounded chin with a slight dimple in it. His arms are lanky as are his legs and he's got a thin waist.
He is wearing a pair of tight wherhide black pants with a black belt and belt knife. On his feet is a pair of black boots. He is wearing a light purple shirt and around his neck he has a small silver chain.


Gerazal was born to a mother who was a journeyman weaver named Yeralla and a father who was a small holder at outside of Monaco Bay Weyr named, Guzzal. He is the oldest of 5 children, he has 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. He took after his mother in the weaving even though his father wanted him to take over the hold. Gerazal loved to weave and he had a good eye for what colors went together. He was helping his mother with her weaving as soon as he was able to. His little deft fingers were very useful for helping with the threads. As he grew older his father wanted Gerazal to learn more about the hold, but Gerazal had no interest in running the hold. His mother and father got into a big fight about Gerazal's desire to be a weaver. Yeralla took Gerazal and his sister and brother at the time to Monaco Bay Hold where his grandparents lived and stayed there for a turn. His parents did finally work it out, which consisted of his father apologizing to his mother and Gerazal was allowed to work with his mother on weaving. This created a rift between Gerazal and his father. No matter how good his weaving was with his mother Gerazal always felt his father was disappointed that he didn't want to manage the hold after his father. When Gerazal was 12 his mother received a letter from the Weaver hall, the samples that she had sent from Gerazal's weaving had impressed the Weaver Hall enough to offer him an official apprenticeship. He was sad and excited at the same time. He bid his father and mother farewell, his mother was pregnant with his youngest brother at the time. A journeyman weaver, by the name of Taroul, was going to escort him to Monaco Bay Weyr with the latest shipment from the hold.
Gerazal has been at Monaco Bay Weyr for the past 7 turns and he has worked hard in the weaver craft. He is working towards being a journeyman and he hopes to soon walk the tables.


Name Relation Location Position
N'talya Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Craftrider
Nikita (NPC) Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat




Title OOC Date Cast
Pawsitively Purrsuasive June 18, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Nikita (NPC), Janaya, Ezsrisa (NPC), Eliana (NPC), Darsce, Kera, N'talya
Questionable Songbird June 26, 2015 Zalulia, Gerazal
Frigid Waters (Janaya's search) June 30, 2015 Janaya Gerazal Maorin Kera
Nicknames, Kittens and Candidates, Oh My July 4, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Quillan, Zak
All Sewn Up July 10, 2015 Gerazal, Janaya
Wing Transfer? July 27, 2015 N'talya, Gerazal, Kera
I Will Get You Back For This August 15, 2015 Gerazal, C'rus, Kera
Bonfire Bash August 23, 2015 Esiae, Kera, Flitter Aegnor, Zan'ri, Gerazal, Solya, B'yrl, S'dny, Idrissa
Blue Cascade in the Caverns September 13, 2015 Gerazal, Jaya, Tevla, S'dny, Kyzen, Rezia, Aegnor(C'rus), Polgara(Kera)
Once More (with Feelings) October 02, 2015 Gerazal, Kera, Soriana, Tealonie
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