There's a solemn quality to this young man's face - just a hint of something elusive, that gives him an edge where otherwise there wouldn't be one. He is rather nondescript on the one hand, with a shock of short dark brown hair, eyes a few shades lighter, and a deep tan in between. On the other, his face seems pinched, with cheekbones that protrude noticeably and a feminine, cupid's bow mouth.
Old, worn-out clothes swallow his slim body, from the oversized, short-sleeved white tunic tucked into the waistband of his ragged breeches, to the hide-colored breeches themselves. No belt can be seen, though perhaps it's concealed beneath the overlapping folds of his shirt, but his scuffed up, broke down, brown boots are plainly visible.


Along the coastline of the Northern Continent, in the Tillek region, there's a minor Hold that has a reputation for merriment, cheap wine, and of course, its fishing community. This is where Geneir grew up, among the vagabonds and seacrafters. His mother mended nets by day, helped with the laundry in the Hold by night, so that she could support her brood of mischievous children. But his dad, the blackguard, was a free spirit who roamed all the nearby land, telling stories and breaking hearts. He was a Journeyman Harper with a glib tongue and an eye for young beauties. Which is how he roped in Everia, a promising Seacraft apprentice, who laid down her craft to follow around Bangol, but his will was never to be strapped down and so he left her at Black Clay Hold. Of course he visited, and nine months after every visit, there would be a new addition to the family.

Geneir was number six out of twelve, the fourth boy, and by far the most level-headed - not that that was much of a compliment. He had a happy, fun-filled childhood, and soon learned to love both his hard-working, overstressed mother and his father, who always brought tales from afar, baubles, and insightful advice. In the end, he chose to follow the profession of his mother, sticking to what he learned in the local fishing community, and joined the Seacraft. It was during his third year as an apprentice that they suggested he post, to get experience in different waters, and he took the posting at Xanadu under the resident Seacrafter.


Name Relation Location Position
Everia Mother Holder Black Clay Hold
Bangol Father Harper
Vera Sister
Vero Brother
Ria Sister
Berge Brother
Olarion Brother
Avie Sister
Lio Brother
Elva Sister
Gevran Brother
Iona Sister
Rianee Sister




Title OOC Date Cast
Wher Meets Seacrafter November 12, 2009 Geneir, Hyrlon
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