A short, slender fellow, around five and a half feet tall. His hair is black, and reaches to his waist when it's down, though he has a tendency to bind it to pull it back from his face. He's pale-skinned, has dark brown eyes, and thin features. There's a certain feminine characteristic to his looks, mainly because his lips are slightly better-defined than one might expect of a man his apparent age.
He wears a simple long-sleeved beige tunic that laces up the front, a pair of dark brown pants that hang low on his hips and are loose around his legs, and a pair of sturdy, knee-high boots of black leather. He always seems to be wearing a pair of black gloves made of soft but thick cloth. And a kerchief of a deep red color tied around his neck. He also seems to be wearing a candidate's knot!


There isn't much to say about Garawan. His parents met when his father's bronze Zukenth caught a green over Igen. The caught green's rider spurned him after the flight, though. G'aile, Zukenth's rider, needed to find a partner. Garawan's mother, a Trader named Lawan, was convenient and willing. So Garawan was conceived. Despite being something of an accident, Lawan raised him well. He grew up traveling with her. And learning how to conduct business. He became a shrewd businessman early on. Perhaps it wasn't an ideal life. But it was tame, he was healthy and had what he needed to survive. What else could one ask for?


Name Relation Location Position
G'aile (Garaile) Father Igen Weyr Bronzerider
Lawan Mother Trader Caravan Trader




Title OOC Date Cast
Mine? (Garawan is Searched) January 17, 2013 Garawan, If'an
Here to Clean Up January 18, 2013 Garawan, Kale, Soriana
Misguided! (Egg Touch Five) January 25, 2013 Garawan, Soriana, Zahleizjah
Round Up! January 25, 2013 Anoryn, D’ani, Datsun, Garait, Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Laera, Mikal, Muir, Soriana
An Educational Experience (Candidate Project) January 26, 2013 Soriana, D'ren (npc'd by Sori), Cody and Gerebelle (npc'd by Hotaru), Defante (npc'd by Kale), Garawan, Muir, Mikal
Three Hungry Mice (Candidate Project) January 26, 2013 Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Kale, Mikal, Muir, Soriana, Zahleizjah
"Conversations" January 27, 2013 Garawan, Kale
Straight on 'til Morning (Candidate Trip) February 01, 2013 Anoryn, Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Marel, Mikal, Muir, Soriana, V'dim, Zahleizjah
Breakfast of Champions February 01, 2013 Anoyrn, Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Mikal, Muir, Soriana, Zahleizjah
And Butts February 01, 2013 Garawan, Kale, Soriana
Pre-Hatching Scamble February 10, 2013 Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Kale, Mikal, Muir, Soriana, Zahleizjah, V'dim
Sahazyth's and Orionth's Clutch Hatches February 10, 2013 Garait, Garawan, Fi, Muir, Hotaru, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Kale, Marel, Mikal, Naris, Ontali, Ph'rys, Rou'x, S'gam, Soriana, V'dim, Yurolt, Zahleizjah
Researching Rules October 14, 2013 Garawan, Idrissa, Mur'dah, Raelii
Lick of approval ( Bowyn is Searched) October 21, 2013 Bonwyn, Garawan, M'kal, Xeosoth
Knot Another Apple! (Garawan is Searched) October 22, 2013 Garawan, So'l, Sharuth
Test and Inspection (Kera is Searched) October 22, 2013 Bowyn, Garawan, Kera, Kiena, Mur'dah, Ujinath
What's in a (Dragon's) Name? October 24, 2013 Garawan, Kera, Innes, Mur'dah, Perri, Soriana
The Legend of Las Sorianas Begins October 25, 2013 Innes, Garawan, Sorel, Kera
Candidate Cage Match: Round 1 October 26, 2013 Garawan, Kiena, Mur'dah, A'ven, Innes, Kera
Serving, Washing, and Mending October 29, 2013 Garawan, Bowyn, Zahleizjah, Kera
So Many Questions (Egg Touching) November 03, 2013 Garawan, Innes, Kera, Bowyn, V'dim, Soriana
Swamped!!! November 06, 2013 Bowyn, Gabit, Garawan, Innes, Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Lyrena (npc), Rien (npc), Tarmin
Lyrena's Lost..? November 08, 2013 Nornon, Garawan, Innes, Kera
Into the Wilds November 09, 2013 Gabit, Garawan, Innes, Kera, Tarmin
Squeaky Clean Sharuth November 14, 2013 So'l, Innes, Eltanin, Garawan, Abigail, Najara, Kera
Barracks Inspection Preempted (Before the Hatching) November 16, 2013 Bowyn, Darsce, Garawan, Innes, Kera, Sorel, V’dim
Luraoth's and Sharuth's Clutch Hatches November 16, 2013 Anoryn, Bowyn, Garawan, Innes, Kera, M’kal, Perri, So’l, Sorel, Soriana, V’dim, Zahlulia, Luraoth, Sharuth
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