Standing at 5' 6" and being of slim athletic build, one would generally not guess right way that Garait is in the BeastCraft at Xanadu Weyr . He has straight black hair that is slightly past shoulder length that he likes to keep well groomed and pulled back into a loose ponytail. His dark brown eyes are slightly slanted, and his clean shaven features show features that are sharp with slightly full lips. Though most of his skin is soft and smooth, Garait's hands show sign of hard work and his nails are a little rugged.

Preferring somewhat neutral colors and dressing simply, Garait is currently wearing a brown tunic in good condition, lighter brown pants and scuffed boots which are getting a bit worn. Even with the simplicity of how he dresses, Garait carries himself proudly, wearing the knot of an Apprentice BeastCrafter at Xanadu Weyr.


Garait was born and raised at Xanadu Weyr, the son conceived of a liaison between a Journeyman BeastCrafter named Toncallen, and a female Greenrider named Myrna. Both of his parents were fairly busy with their respective jobs and tasks they had which made him lonely at times, but Garait did cherish the times they visited and spent time with him, encouraging him to follow his dreams. His mother, although a bit flighty at times, taught Garait how to dream and have fun, while his father taught him how to focus his energies and go for his dreams. As he got a little older, Garait spent some time with his father taking care of the herdbeasts of the Weyr.

Garait tried to learn what he could fro his father about animals but his father was promoted to Master and restationed at Fort Weyr so he started reading more and was apprenticed to the BeastCraft. Garait has been studying with the BeastCraft on what he needs to know, but focusing on maintaining herds and animals in a Weyr environment with the goal of making thee Weyrs more self-sufficient. In the first year of being an Apprentice, Garait has been somewhat lonely and not focusing on making friends because he is a little overzealous in his studied and trying to impress his father by being an overachiever, but Garait is prone to daydreaming as well and visits with his mother who is still at Xanadu Weyr doesn't help with that.


Name Relation Location Position
Toncallen Father Fort Weyr Master Beastcrafter
Myrna Mother Xanadu Greenrider

Siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins, if they exist, are unknown


Between Light and Shadow Green Forest

This firelizard is drawn in bright lines and deep shadows, nothing in between. Her hide is darkly green, the forest two shades away from midnight, and emblazoned on it are vivid streaks of that impossible green that is the first eager burst of leaves in spring.

There's a streak along the top of her muzzle that flattens out into a pair of stripes underneath her eyes, and a large splash of bright green around the top of her head. Together, they give the impression that her eyes are looking out from the inside of a skull.

Down along her back, ragged splotches follow the length of her spine, and long streaks run down along her side - three on one side, four on the other - to trace the curve of her ribcage. The blotches continue down along her tail, until at the tip, one side of her tailfork is bright while the other one is dark.

Her wings are dark, but on the underside of each sail, a fine tracework of vivid green makes a pattern of spiderwebs.



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