There is about Gabit an untamed air, in part due to the skeptical tilt to his head, but the hint of wary reserve in his dark eyes simply adds to it. His hair is badly in need of a trim, brushing his eyebrows, oft being raked back from his high cheekbones with an impatient hand. In the humid environment of a swamp he calls his home, he wears loose-fitting clothes on his lean frame that breathe, sticking to drab browns and grey-greens that allow him to fade into the underbrush. Although worn and of a rough weave, they are sewn by an expert hand. On his feet, soft hide boots are slightly moss-stained but for the most part, unmuddied.


Gabit has lived his whole life living in Mire Hold in the swamps outlying the perimeter of Xanadu Weyr. Though his clan is an exclusive one, wary of outsiders and independent to the extreme, they’ve had some sporadic harper training and know their dragonlore. Still they aren’t altogether accepting of outsiders coming in and even though seeing the occasional dragon flying overhead, their contact with dragon riders has been limited to Keziah, greenrider to Alosynth. They’ve slowly accepted her as one of them after turns of careful cultivation; she has earned their trust by rescuing their herdbeasts from the sucking swamp mud and asking nothing in return.

Gabit has learned a variety of skills handed down from his parents and grandparents, which consist of very limited harper skills ( his aptitude for writing, reading and arithmetic fall short, not because he lacks intelligence, but because he lacks the interest). He’s skilled with runners, possesses an uncanny ability to understand, communicate and draw from them the desired response. He is the clan’s hunter/intelligence-gatherer/guardian. Much of his time is spent in the swamps, tapping into the pulse-beat of the living, breathing world that he is a part of. A sensitive young man, his primary focus is to protect his family from unscrupulous outsiders, and keep his swamps from the exploitation he sees when he ventures to the outskirts of their territory.



Name Relation Location Position
Chalm Father Mire Hold
Ashki Mother Mire Hold
Pacha Grandfather Mire Hold
Talmia Grandmother Mire Hold
Tokson Uncle Mire Hold
Henyanni Aunt Mire Hold
Garwinni Cousin Mire Hold
Miah Cousin Mire Hold Record's Keeper
Tarmin Cousin Mire Hold Healer. Of sorts




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