Large black eyes stare out from beneath dark eyebrows that are set against a pale face. A soft jawline and rounded cheeks make this man look younger than his turns. G’in’s lips are a light pink and tilted ever so slightly, as if formed into a permanent smirk. The man’s frame is slim but filled with a subtle strength. A long sleeved shirt rolled up to his elbows and a well fitted pair of pants hide the lean muscles of a seasoned rider. The greenrider is very rarely found in his healer’s white coat, which he’s been reprimanded for on several occasions. His journeyman’s knot also tends to hang at his hip more than at his shoulder when he remembers to put it on.


Songki was born the youngest of three children, but wasn’t spoiled for it. His mother and father were for the baker and cook craft and their eldest, his sister, followed in the parents footsteps. His elder brother, the middle child, found his calling among the sea craft. Songki’s siblings had been gone for several turns to pursue their training before he found himself taking up an apprenticeship as well. It was at the age of 12 turns that Songki entered the healercraft, and it was a surprise that he didn’t quit almost immediately.

The boy did not enjoy blood, nor did he enjoy being anywhere near the sick and the dying. There was only one incidence of fainting in his training, which is more than most can say, and he bore it quite well. One area in the craft did call to him however, and it was unsurprisingly the one that involved physical treatment the least…mindhealing. When he moved to the rank of Sr. Apprentice, he chose mindhealing as a specialty but his plans were thrown quite out of balance within a few months.

Just before his 19th turnday, Songki left Fort Weyr and Fort Hold where he was born and trained after being searched by a visiting rider from Telgar Weyr. In the end he walked off the sands not as Songki but as G’in, and with a lovely little green dragon named Irseth.

Life wasn’t easy for the new pair; Little Irseth wasn’t quite like the other dragons. Upon impression Irseth bespoke G’in’s mind with their names, but after that there was nothing. Weyrlinghood was difficult for the pair with Irseth only being able to communicate with images and emotions. Without any use of words at all from the dragonet it took longer for the two to fully cement their connection than it had others, but once they did the two made an incredible pair. In the end, all Irseth needed was time. It was just after graduation that the dragon began to “speak” to her human.

It was many turns before G’in was promoted to Sr. Journeyman. Not long after that however, he and Irseth found it was time to leave Telgar. There was a need for a mindhealer at Ierne and soon the pair was posted there. Newly arrived, the two are just beginning to learn the ropes around the area.


Name Relation Location Position
Sonya Mother Fort Weyr Master Baker
Angki Father Fort Weyr Master Cook
San Brother Ista Weyr Journeyman Seacraft
Gia Sister Fort Weyr Journeyman Baker



Daughter of the Sidhe Green Irseth

Green sea foam crashes in waves across the hide of this slender dragon, creating a pale shimmer with even the slightest movement. The color floods her back, eventually fading into a glowing honeydew that encases her tail. Tendrils of forest green wind their way up her paws, like seaweed dancing beneath the ocean. Each claw is dipped in an amalgam of colors, and like the shells that litter the beach none are quite the same. Gentle ridges fan out along some while spirals cocoon others. Shades of peach and splashes of pearly white fight with hints of red on each dainty talon to draw attention. The dragon’s jaw line is soft and the corners of her maw turn upwards, as if she were always wearing a very small but kind smile. It is her wings however, that truly draw attention. Her sails are wrapped in a gentle coat of iridescent green, lending a hint of transparency to wings that look almost too thin. They billow in the wind and glow beneath the sun like newly polished emeralds. This dragon’s figure may be delicate, but one look at her eyes can tell you that she is anything but. The black spheres dance with dots of color, displaying each twinge of emotion for the world to see.


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