Handsome is unlikely to be the word chosen to describe this man, though it is a safe assertion to say that the turns have treated him more kindly than they have some others. Brown hair is kept longer than most riders to be pushed behind his ears, and as of yet shows no signs of silvering, while the wrinkles that plague most as they age seem limited to the areas around dark eyes. A long nose and a seemingly perpetual frown, however, do nothing to offset full cheeks or the beginnings of a doublechin, nor does his height of 6' seem to offset the bit of extra weight he carries.

His clothing could easily be described as boring. A plain beige jacket covers a pale blue shirt, slightly too tight around his stomach. Slate blue trousers finish the outfit, the cuffs resting on the tops of a pair of cream colored loafers.


The majority of G'ene's early life is cloaked in shadow, and certainly not spoken of, as only a few sketchy details are publically known. The son of a violent alcoholic, G'ene's brother 'left' at some point during the boy's early years - permanently. However, what -is- widely known is that at 19, he was searched by Telgar Weyr and Impressed a small bronze Isterreth, who became the Jekkyl to G'ene's Hyde. Weyrlinghood was a trial, as the pair fought against each other a great deal. Isterreth was always one to listen and do things by the book, while G'ene had a rather less orthodox way of doing things; in fact he often broke the rules and did things his way, not caring how he reached the goal, as long as he did in the end.

After graduation, he found himself working under a wingleader who was corrupt, disinterested, and likely to get at least some of the wing killed by his actions. G'ene learned a lot from him, but in the end was still instrumental in removing the liability from leadership. In time, G'ene took his place and despite his own rather brutal and unorthodox leadership style he succeeded in gathering a loyal wing that actually got results. However, after an incident involving renegades resulted in the loss of one of his wingriders, G'ene found himself 'temporarily reassigned' to Ierne, and it is there that he currently resides, waiting to learn if temporarily becomes permanently.


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Right Place Wrong Time Bronze Isterreth
Boxy corners shape this rust tinged bronze, as the reddish hue is slathered on from blunt, square-shaped, chrome-dipped muzzle to the equally blunt, stunted tail tip. Burnt orange clings to his hunched back, broken only by the thin black-tinged line of ridges that run the length of his body. His wingspars darken, flat ebony sweeping upwards lacking any metallic sheen, casting bronze talons into permanent shadow and hosting leathery beige sails that seem almost out of place amongst the dark framework. Darkness sweeps across his feet, talons dipped in black but seamed with silver along the edge of the brighter rusted feet, as the scattered speckles of gray ashes pool on limbs and belly.


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