Hard features betray an inner strength that some may find intimidating. Gray-blue eyes stare out of a pale face, with a natural intensity which rarely softens. Sharp cheekbones in a square face continue the theme of severity, as do full lips which rarely turn upwards in a smile. Platinum blonde hair rests on her head, shorn short for ease and otherwise ignored. Her body has only hints of feminine curves, and is otherwise composed mostly of muscle.
Thick black work-pants cover Fros's legs, worn slightly at the knees and the hems. They've usually got some dried mud on them, from the knees down, particularly around the hems. Black leather boots rest underneath the pants, and likewise are covered in mud. A pale-blue shirt covers her torso, but it's mostly hidden underneath a very comfortable, very worn-looking wherhide jacket of bright blue. In her left ear, she wears one golden stud-earring.Description


Born and raised in Bitra hold, Fros' childhood wasn't much to speak of. She was born to a pair of cotholders who concentrated mostly on livestock, and thus grew comfortable with animals from a young age. Her father was an avid hunter, and taught her these skills, as well as survival methods in the wild, because he thought it was important for anyone to know. At the age of 11, she went into the beastcraft, due to her success with the animals at the cothold. For the most part, she did well; she learned basic care of all animals, and concentrated considerably on canines, felines, and other animals used in the hunt. She managed to get as far as basic training of these animals, before leaving- she was quickly becoming uncomfortable with the idea of a calm crafter's life, and a few relationships she'd forged at the hall were less then savory. At the age of 17, she left the hall officially, moving to Benden Weyr to attend the hatching of that turn. She was left standing, but managed to experience the wildly different and exciting life at the weyr- much better then the craft life or the hall life. She stayed at Benden Weyr for three more turns, standing at every hatching. She never managed to come home with a dragonet, but she did enjoy weyr life. After the most recent time left standing, she decided to take a break from the weyr and look back at the crafts- the minors had caught her attention for quite some time; particularly the whers they looked after. Feeling this is her true calling, that's what she's currently pursuing.


Name Relation Location Position
Faralia Mother
Davaros Father


The Crawling Chaos Brown Sirus
Warm sienna is brushed across the face of this creature, headknobs gilt in regal hues from a forgotten culture. Gold and blue band the crown and flow down the neck to coat the ridges like a crown. Eyes are ringed with deepest browns so as to be black, trails leading from the design toward the back and down the snout. Upon the throat this same hue is rendered, forming a rather stylized beard at the right angle. Perfectly smooth hide is further banded about the upper arms and wrists in the same hues, lending an air of nobility to this strong willed creature. A blue shape like an ankh is wrought upon his left shoulder, unmirrored on his right. Long and lean, the being is well muscled without being bulky, a kilt adding the colors of red and green is lain across the strong haunches. As a final touch, the swarthy tail is bedecked with gilt ridges, the spade touched with a strange design in blue and gold.


Mischievous Green Wher Frosk
Yellow green touches the heavy hide of this green wher, the lighter hues pooling even as her hide gathers at her joints, dripping down each of her long, seemingly twisted, muscular limbs, losing ground to the dark muddy hues of her paws. The climb upwards is thwarted by the drab olive and asparagus green stripes which rule her back, some narrower, some wider, as they work their way down her short, muscular neck, over her thick shoulders and haunches, and continue to color her body all the way to the end of her short, fat tail. Stubby wings, spars of olive and sails of dark myrtle, extend over her body, casting her short headknobs and large muzzle into fern green shadows, setting off her large, faceted eyes and sharp, cream teeth.


Title OOC Date Cast
Evening Rounds January 06, 2010 Devarn, Fros, Niva
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso
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