The slightly tousled brush of sloe-black hair tickles at the nape of this teenager's neck just as the dark and straight fringe cascades over his forehead to oft overshadow his gaze. Irises of a murky mahogany are set in almond-shaped eyes and framed with lashes just as dark as his hair. Youthful features are harshly angled, the strict lines drawn with the descendant of the same native blood that grants his skin its dusky cast. With his ethnic features and despite an almost gaunt appearance, a lithe grace characterizes this youth's slightly less than average height as the low swell of toned muscles leave his wiry form svelte.


Flandynn is a boy without a course in life. His accent might be that of Keroon. His coloring could be that of Telgar. Despite his relative youth, there is a chance one might have seen him a a gather in Benden, working as a deckhand near Boll, busing tables at some dive near Xanadu, or outriding for a tithe train near to Igen. He isn't often in these places and is just as quickly gone to a new location as which and chance direct him.
If one can get him to actually volunteer something about himself, Flandynn might note that he is from an area in the shadow of Red Butte, where the grass seemed to extend like a sea and the livestock grew more hardy than fat.
Eventually, Flandynn washed up down in Southern, more than likely a crewman upon a trading ship. Seeing as this is his first time upon the southern continent, his wandering feet caused the teen to wander himself right on into the Xanadu area. Opportunity is a fickle thing, causing the boy to be picked up as a candidate. Unable to resist this unique chance, he took up the knot and has been amused by his circumstances ever since.
Flandynn rather enjoyed candidacy, paling around mostly with Lan and Briana. He explored a clock tower, dealt with a wobbly cot, saw Pern from the Yokohama, and pretty much well made quite the nuisance of himself. When all was said and done though, young Flandynn walked out onto those sands on hatching day and came away with a purple-toned blue by the name of Kagenaith.
Weyrlinghood was a time of exploration… and finding out that Fl'ynn was now partnered with a dragon that could use all the help he could get. When one has a dragon with the attention span of a gnat, the memory of a flea, and the exuberance of a puppy, one is always on their toes. Kagenaith has managed to do everything one would imagine a dragon would NOT do. But the blue has one thing going for him, Beauty! … and some great instincts. Our Kagenaith could not be more 'blonde' if he tried.
Following weyrlinghood, Fl'ynn and Kagenaith were ensconced in Comet wing, the movers and shakers of Xanadu Weyr. When you need speed, when you need to get there on 'time', Fl'ynn and Kagenaith are your go-to guys! Upon riderhood, Fl'ynn is still seen to be hanging out more and more with Briana, loud in his championing of her and affectionate.
About a turn or two into full riderhood, Fl'ynn finally returned back home to the farm near Red Butte. All of this time, the kid had avoided telling his folks where he was and the fact that he impressed a dragon down in Xanadu. There was shock, there was hollaring, there was amazement, and there was a girl who it was assumed he'd handfast still waiting for him. More shock, guilt, and confessions later, Fl'ynn returned back to Xanadu Weyr, a somewhat changed young man, conscious of his past mistakes and looking towards a future where he has learned from them.



He has no PC family to speak of, but the teen originates from a small family hold in the shadows of Red Butte, tending to livestock and enjoying the wide-open range of the area.


Title OOC Date Cast

May '11: Welcome to Xanadu
May '11: Meeting Ocelara
May '11: Searched!
May '11: First Day as a Candidate
May '11: On the Beach with Lorelai
May '11: Imaginary Swords
May '11: Meeting Landers, First Egg Touching
May '11: Family Ties
May '11: Second Touching
May '11: Clock Tower Exploration
May '11: Rail Sitting with Thea and Kiley
May '11: Yokohama Ho!
May '11: Playing Tech
May '11: Observing Candidates
May '11: Runner Fixing (Candidate CP)
May '11: Swimming with Candidates
June '11: Hatching! Flandynn impresses
June '11: Fl'ynn and Kagenaith go blind
June '11: Fl'ynn and Kagenaith take a course
June '11: Snow play
June '11: Gotta Stay Blue
June '11: How not to get your ouches kissed
June '11: Impressing Gold is a tricky thing
July '11: Oooooh, kisses
July '11: Nomming on rock, delicious
July '11: Weyrling Graduation
July '11: Nighttime confessions with Briana
July '11: Nighttime confessions with Ers'lan
July '11: Carrying off Briana
July '11: Waking Up
Aug '11: Time at the Tavern
Aug '11: Discussions with Briana and Ur'con
Oct '11: Meeting Derin
Jan '12: Fl'ynn and Derin get some food out of Keziah
Jan '12: Masquerade Ball: Woof!
Feb '12: Kickin' it with Derin at the tavern
Feb '12: Putting a light on things
Feb '12: Keziah is SO big as a Weyr
Feb '12: Reconnecting with Briana
Feb '12: Licking Metal
Mar '12: Searching Iforian
Mar '12: Searching Jeniosa
Mar '12: Dodging Babes
Mar '12: Puppies!
Mar '12: Playing with whips
Apr '12: Arrangements by flowers
Apr '12: Traveling to the Yoko again
Apr '12: Touching Buttons
Apr '12: Becoming Wingleader
Apr '12: Following the hatching

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