Of average height and build, Fiara boasts a sort of delicate, understated attractiveness, with a pleasant oval face, lightly squared jaw, full mouth, wide-spaced light eyes and an even nose. Her hair tends towards a mop style, uncertainly caught between waving and curling, darkbrown trading off with russet highlights. She favors simple garments, practical in nature but bright of color, with her Harper Journeyman's knot usually prominent on her shoulder. Given her rank and general appearance her age could safely be placed around mid-twenties.


Born and raised at Paradise River Hold, Fiara's family is made up largely of fisher-folk, though her father is actually a shipwright who works on making small fishing vessels and keeping existing ones in good repair. The middle child of eight, with three older brothers, one older sister, two younger sisters and one younger brother, Fiara was only expected do what's typical of holder girls, namely learn just enough of a local trade to be useful and hone her domestic skills in preparation for marriage and childbearing. Instead, Fia caught the attention of the hold harper early on for the trueness of her voice and her ability to pick up her harper lessons quickly and accurately.

While she was far from a prodigy, she steadily progressed at her lessons to the point that when she was twelve, the harper asked her parents if they'd be willing to consider allowing her to apprentice to the craft. Surprised, but willing, Fiara was granted permission, packed up and sent off to the Hall in the north. Though excited at the prospect of furthering her studies beyond what she'd learned at Paradise River, the experience of traveling so far from the life she'd known was jarring for Fiara. She struggled in her first turn as an apprentice, barely making passing marks and she nearly gave up and went home. However, she had a patient and understanding mentor in the form of one of the older Journeymen who helped bolster her spirits and Fia perservered. Eight turns of apprenticeship went by seemingly in the blink of an eye, with Fiara slowly making a place for herself with her peers at the Hall and occasionally impressing the masters, especially with her abilities as a performer. She struggled with archiving and composition, but eventually worked on those areas enough that she was able to walk the tables in her ninth turn as an apprentice.

Her first posting was to a small hold in the Tillek region, where the weather was harsh by Fiara's standards. She stuck it out for two turns, then requested a new posting somewhere with a milder climate. Within a month or two of her request, Fiara was re-assigned to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
R'sul Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Wingrider to bronze Hesketh


Decadent Delight Gold Verity
Warm honeyed tones drizzle over the hide of this curvaceous firelizard, dripping from tiny delicate headknobs and splashing down an over long neck. Her belly shades towards caramel, swirls of molten butter lightening an otherwise dark underside and trickling down her legs to pool against chocolate talons. Champagne teases along her lengthy tail, bubbling across her shoulders and up her wingspars to be captured by the pale lemon of her wingsails.


Title OOC Date Cast
Gone Fishing January 02, 2009 A'dar, Delynni, Fiara, and Thea
Giving the Weyrleaders the News January 22, 2009 Fiara, Lorena, Niva, and R'sul
Interrogating N'tor January 22, 2009 Fiara, N'tor, and R'sul
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