With few distinguishing features - average height, a suggestion of feminine curves - what memorable beauty there is in Farrah resides in the features of her face. As pieces, they aren't pretty: a strong, almost masculine jaw; a narrow, aquiline nose; a prominent, high forehead. Together, though, they have an appropriateness as the setting for her one striking feature: keen green eyes set among a forest of dark lashes and equally dark, strong brows. Thick, dark hair is invariably contained in a bun, but unruly locks are forever escaping. If loose, it reaches to the small of her back, where the beginning of shapely hips hint at a pear-shaped future. Still, if not blessed with chest, she has a tiny waist and the slenderness on her side. Her frame tends toward a certain economy, showing no muscles or callouses of hard work, but there is the constant tint of redwort on her hands, marking her a Healer.


She's adapted well to the flowing dress of the Southern continent, wearing a sarong-style skirt in a batik reminiscent of tropical backwaters' muddy browns and virulent greens, and a tie-halter tunic in linen's natural tan. A brilliantly-colored wrap, patterned in abstract flowers, occasionally makes its appearance over her shoulders, to fend off sunburn or chills. Her feet breathe in fisherman-style leather sandals, open to air circulation but still keeping her toes covered. Pinned to her halter on the right side of her chest is the knot of a Journeyman, residing there for lack of fabric on the shoulder.


As the daughter of two crafters at Landing - one Techcrafter, one Harper - it was almost inevitable that Farrah would grow up with a bookish curiosity. One of only two siblings (the other being a younger sister), she was raised with fairly radical egalitarian ideas, and academics was nurtured above all else. To her parents' chagrin - or relief - she chose to pursue the area of biology, rather than the technological wizardry of her father or the Harper diplomacy of her mother. Sensing they had a future Healer on their hands, they began her apprenticeship informally once she had completed elementary Harper lessons. Working as an assistant in the labs of her parents' colleagues, she was more than well prepared when she entered the craft as an official apprentice.

Like all Healers, Farrah learned the practical, clinical side of her craft: the diagnosis and treatment of various Pernese ailments. Smart as she was, she had no problem absorbing the technical aspects of practicing medicine, and she was quickly promoted to Journeyman and allowed to practice. As a practitioner, however, her bedside manner was somewhat lacking. The model of an academic, she soon became frustrated with her patients for their non-compliance and their prickly, unpredictable humanity. Having been raised by a mother who praised service to Pernkind above all else, she quickly fell into doubt and recrimination at the short temper she had for serving her patients, despite her keen interest in the course of their diseases.

Fortunately, it was the relationship with her mentor - which some would say was not exactly entirely professional - that saved her. While all journeyman needed to experience the art of practicing medicine, there were those whose studies took them further into the science of it - and, luckily for Farrah, away from people. With his support, Farrah was promoted to Senior Journeyman with a specialty in the research on infectious diseases. True to her roots, Farrah was drawn to the study of fire-head, the disease that plagued residents of the Southern continent. Perhaps she was not the best practitioner, but her research could improve thousands of lives by perhaps one day curing fire-head once and for all. With a new trajectory before her, Farrah was posted to Xanadu Weyr to try and study the causes, the process, and the cure of fire-head.


Name Relation Location Position Age
Father Landing Techcraft Master 57
Mother Landing Harper Master 43
Sister Landing Harper Apprentice 15


Title OOC Date Cast
Curiosity Killed the Cat July 27, 2009 Farrah, Niva, R'zel, Tennebrous
An Adventure in the Making July 29, 2009 Farrah, R'zel
Two Ways to Cook Brains August 1, 2009 Farrah, Fraille, M'nol, R'zel, Thea
Hatching in the Dragonhealer's Annex August 03, 2009 Cecron (npc), D'son, Farrah, K'ael, Keiryn (npc), Lisila (npc), Tebriqua (npc), Thea, Pol (npc), R'iahn, Sigam, Varaen (npc), Azaeth, Seryth
Furtive Fears August, 5, 2009 Farrah, M'nol, R'zel
A Meeting of Healers August 09, 2009 Farrah, Phylicia
Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow August 10, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Sigam, M'nol, Phylicia, Farrah, R'zel, Keziah, Jeffin
Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow August 11, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Sigam, M'nol, Phylicia, Farrah, R'zel, Keziah, Jeffin


Picture: Sharmat Gula, as photographed by Steve McCurry for National Geographic in 1984

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