F'yr (Stefyr)
Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Farm, Xanadu Region
Occupation Wing Assistant, Quasar
Dragon bronze Glorioth
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Age 30ish
PB Chris Hemsworth


Broad shoulders that taper to a slightly narrower waist and 6'3" height give this man an almost hulking appearance. For all that his tanned body is corded with enough muscle that he might be considered intimidating, his face has a friendly look to it. His rounded jaw is often sporting a slight blond shadow that frames his lips, jaw and frequent smile. His nose is slightly large for his face, though straight enough to seem that it's never seen a break. Arched brows accent summer sky blue eyes and his head is topped with a short shock of dark blond hair.

F'yr's wardrobe (when it lacks all the blood and dirt that marks him as a weyrling more surely than his nearly omnipresent shoulder knot) is a combination of functional and under-stated but fashionable. His pants or shorts tend toward earth tones with a variety of pockets, hooks and other "stow-it-here" friendly features. The belt that holds them up is sturdy enough to take the weight of whatever is latched, strung or hooked onto it. His shirts match the weather in length and heaviness of fabric and are often in greys, blues, or the occasional brown or dark green; the style invariably is simple and frequently includes handy features like buttons on the outer sleeve in case he needs to roll his sleeves and hook them to keep them in place. His boots could tell every story of where they've been if only they could talk, but by looks alone are an indication of what an active person the man who wears them is.


In a word, Stefyr's childhood was loud. Being the youngest of twelve children and living on a large farm operated chiefly by his parents alongside extended family that included one grandmother, several aunts, uncles, and a passel of cousins, there was never a shortage of human noise. The noise and nagging aside, it was a good life, one filled with the honest work of his hands with more than enough work to keep even the most energetic of boys busy from dawn 'til dusk.

It might have continued to be a good life, with only the usual joys and tragedies of a life fully lived, for many a turn more, or even forever, were it not for a girl. Now a girl may seem a silly reason to change one's whole life, but when that girl was from the neighboring farm and when that girl marries your brother, a life lived under the same roof begins to chafe. It's funny how a few feelings can make the world look like a different place.

Stefyr stuck it out as long as he could stand (a few months, truly) but rather than let the love for his brother turn sour in the face of personal disappointment, he made plans for a change of life. Despite his mother's tearful objections, his aunts' grumbles and fuss, the 19 turn old headed to Xanadu Weyr to request a position. Becoming a gardener seemed the most prudent for his existing skill set, so he set to with all the discipline of a born and bred farmboy.

The stint as a gardener didn't last long, although it was exciting while it lasted, as Stefyr arrived at the Weyr just in time to help with the final stages of setting up the Weyr's new greenhouse. Not long after he arrived, he got a job offer from Weyrwoman Risali to work in the Weyrleaders' office as an assistant. Seeing as how Stefyr wasn't quite up to par with his reading and writing and other basic education requirements, he arranged to split his time between assisting the Weyr's harpers and learning to be an assistant, with the bulk of his time and focus going into learning and practicing those necessary basics that would allow him a fair shot at doing the job credibly. He was trained primarily by Risali and Rhodelia but eventually passed his basic exams and become a quasi-full-time assistant.

Before that came to pass, however, Risali handed him yet one more knot: candidate. This afforded him a new aim: to learn as much about dragonriding as possible before the eggs hardened and hatched. This new knowledge and the implications of accepting his knot led to struggles of identity, of rush to know things that can only come in time. He started gaining a new set of skills, including self-defense, and refining others that he had from his time on the farm. When hatching day came, Stefyr thought there was nowhere he'd rather be even if he could list a wide variety of farm activities he could have been doing instead of standing on those hot sands enduring that insanity. Bronze Glorioth nearly slayed him with the radiance of his valor, but managed only to crack a rib or three in the healthy dose of encouragement he delivered when impression was made. Stefyr would forever be Glorioth's F'yrless Leader. (Even if leader implies he would ever listen, « AHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHA HAHAHAHA. »)

The story continues…

RP Hooks

Look, I have an extreme love of stories. So, if you're interested in a scene or in hooking together our characters in their backgrounds, please feel free to page or @mail if you can't catch me! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Easy Scene Hooks

  • F'yr is Glorioth's rider. HIS LEGENDARY LEGEND MIGHT PRECEDE HIM! COME GOGGLE THE GLORIOUSLY GLORIOUS GLORIOTH. No, for realz. Stare, awe, terror, it's all good. He takes any and all reactions with his HEARTFELT THANKS.
  • F'yr is a bookworm; does he have that one book from the library or archives that you just have to have?
  • Did something you own look (unfortunately) EVIL? Glorioth may have destroyed that. Or partially. Or just relocated it during one of his quests.
  • F'yr works in the administrative offices; is there a piece of important paperwork that has gone MYSTERIOUSLY MISSING and just maybe he was the last to handle it?
  • F'yr, prior to impression, was learning a variety of new skills (reading and writing, Pernese sign language, to play the piano, and really a general willingness to learn to do any new task), did you need to talk to him about something?
  • F'yr is big, brawny, and that should be good for something, and not just to Glorioth. Do you need something heavy lifted or relocated?
  • Totally open to whatever else comes up! Just a few ideas to toss out there.

Back-Story Hook-In Possibilities

  • F'yr was Stefyr on a large family farm in the Xanadu Region, a long, long, long walk from the Weyr. It's not very connected except to neighboring farms. The family does host the occasional trader family or traveling Crafter. Did you visit? Are you a neighbor? Were you visiting a neighbor during a neighborhood get-together and happened to cross paths with young Stefyr? He was there from turns 2703-2722 (approximately)
  • Do you know one of Stefyr's extensive but not terribly far-flung family? There are lots of people into lots of things, though largely local to Xanadu. Do you know one of them? Does one of his brother's owe you a debt? Did a sister briefly steal your heart? Did you learn about shoeing a runner from one of his uncles? Did your aunt do quilting with one of his aunts?
  • While Stefyr was an assistant in Risali and R'hyn's office, he met a lot of new people. Did you cross paths with him in an official capacity?
  • Stefyr assisted the Weyr harpers for about 3 months in the teaching classroom at Xanadu Weyr, did you have a kid (your own, your niece, your cousin) who learned with him in the classroom? He's good with kids and very willing to play, maybe your relation came home with stories about that enormous man who doesn't read good?
  • Stefyr, during candidacy, approached many dragonriders about the duties of dragonriders and the shape of their lives. Did he ask you some questions?
  • Totally open to other possibilities! Just a few ideas to toss out there.


Name Relation Location Position
Mum (Yet to be named) Mother Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer
Da (Yet to be named) Father Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer
Brothers #1-4 Brothers Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmers
Arofys Oldest Brother (+16T) Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer (Farm Heir)
Teyran Second Oldest Brother (+14T) Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer (Also gambler)
Daro Favorite Brother (+3T) (Deceased, T. 2724) Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer (Married to Stefyr's First Crush, Gaelis)
Sisters #1-3 Sisters Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmers
Seyfae Sister (+?T) Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer
Gaelis Sister-in-Law (+0T) Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer, Stefyr's first crush, widow to Daro
Aunts #1-3 Aunts Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmers
Tildy Aunt Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer
Uncles #1-5 Uncles Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmers
Cousins #1-14 Cousins Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmers
Meghee Cousin Family Farm - Xanadu Region Farmer (Bad cook)


Songs for Stefyr:

Red Is The Rose
Rescue Me
I'm Born to Run
The Fear
Come With Me Now



More Than Just A Fable Bronze Glorioth
Behold, for the time of heroes is nigh! Here is one such champion now, a creature composed of valorous posture and teeming energy, for whom the word 'no' has little meaning, and 'stop,' even less. Unbridled valiance vibrates through corded musculature, lengthens his stride to something both gallant and bold, lofts his wings high and proud against his back, and still that infinite, untamed potential crackles at his every edge. Coloration does not so much temper as it does embolden him, brassy hide buffed to brilliance, his inner flame, his burning righteousness shining through cracks in his armature in scalding arcs. White-hot candescence beams from behind breastplate and greaves in sunny rays, shimmers along the glorified lines of pauldrons, sizzles the very skin beneath the helmeted arc of heavy headknobs before cascading back to turn wingtops into dazzling, dashing capery. Deep bronze surges up all four paws, twisting to form elegant chainmail braids beneath his wings before clanging down the length of his spine in one long, bladed point, as though a mighty sword were borne upon his back.


Deceit and Derision Brown Roderick
Hide that has every appearance of rough-hewn stone shaped with dull tools stretches across this blocky brown firelizard, a beast kissed by shadow. Crags of highlights and hollows of lowlights etch the semblance of a larger than life grotesque, exaggerating small headknobs and sculpted, sharp-wedged head. Though his coloring is primarily a brown so deep as to be nearly charcoal-tinged, the lighter patches of tan around his proportion-poor, large eyes, sunken nevertheless under heavy eyeridges present an even stranger impression for the observer to take in. Though the lines and angles of his frame spell "ghastly" without any stretch to those with imagination to see it, the cracked patterns of mottled tan, ochre and umber that stretch across that deeper base make him seem all the more fantastic.

The Firebird Gold Triumph
Furious life, electric energy squeezed into one of the tiniest gold firelizards you will see, this one seems larger than life, almost. Seems to carry her tiny little body with the Knowing of one who's much bigger, much grander than a teeny little speck of fire and sass. Ash and coal mar delicate toes on all four feet, billows up slender limbs and swirls up and up that whiplike tail that seems to make up the better part of her full length. It goes so far as to dance in the embers of a sharp-keeled chest and belly, smudge here and there up the sweeping underside of her long, falconine wings. Near carnine, the embers of the fire that comprises this little gold burns down that strong chest and at the base of her nicely proportioned neck, start to glow in the sooty mess marring half of that long tail of hers. The embers vie for space with a brilliant aureate, spectacularly dispersing the ash and embers. It burns near white-hot down the center of her wide forehead, down the short sweep of her sharply-notched little muzzle, fades gradually back to the brilliant gold by the time you get to her sharp cheeks and sweeping headknobs. Intelligent eyes sit beneath strong eyeridges, not quite overshadowed by the crest-like flare of neckridges that spring up between them. The long, angular profile of the upper aspect of this little gold's wings gradually shifts in shade: starts shining gilt at the leading edge, warms to tangerine, then coral, by the time the pointed 'spars trail off. She may not be big, this firelizard, but she more than makes up for it in sheer vivacity, both in color and visceral energy, never quite seeming to be contained by physical constraints.



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