Short, pale blonde hair with shoots of gold and brown through it falls in a feathery mass around his gentle features. It seems as if only his eyes are sharp, angled and thickly lashed, colored a dark, stormcloud grey. His nose is proportionate if not a bit boyish for his face, while his mouth is soft, lush, and sensitive, often giving away his mood before anything else. Even his eyebrows are expressive, arching delicately. Physically speaking, he's leanly muscled with a primarily slender build, built for flexibility more than brute strength. He's relatively average in height, neither overly tall nor short, coming in around six feet in all. His skin is tanned, though not overly so, a soft golden brown color that offsets his hair and eyes.

Over his torso, he wears a close fitting short-sleeve shirt made of tooled and decorated black leather that offsets the pallor of his hair and matches his eyes, embroidery of pale, curling mint thread creating thin designs that shimmer faintly in the light; the sleeves of the shirt are short, and it clasps to the right side of his chest with unseen buttons, the collar high and slit down the center to reveal the shell choker he wears. His pants obviously go with his top, form-fitting obsidian leather trousers that accentuate the muscular length of his legs and the firm curve of his backside, the legs flared enough to accomadate his boots; they show from beneath the soft leather of his pantslegs, a pair of dark green boots made for wear and tear. Covering his fine-boned hands is a pair of fingerless black gloves that strap around his wrists that look to have been decoratively tooled. He wears two studs in his right earlobe, one metallic and the other a single red stone. On his shoulder is a Xanadu Weyr rider knot with a thread of green in it.


Born originally Fyenai in Fort Weyr to Irili and Agyun, little more than drudges, he was raised as a somewhat servitude-bound child. Watching the other children run around in a manner different to his own upbringing, however, struck a chord in Fyenai that he hadn't realized was even there. As a child, he was not overly happy, but he spent all of his personal time, and the time he could escape his parents, reading through scrolls and learning mathematics. When he was six turns old, on one of these escapes into the scroll of the Weyr, he overheard a discussion between two men - two Renegades. Frightened beyond all belief at first, his second thought was more curious, and certainly fit with the adventurous yearning of a normal little boy. What he did went against his growing intelligence, however, as he proceeded to pad out into the open and beg to leave the Weyr with whichever man was leading. After threats and a few steady hits to his silly head, the boy was, indeed, abducted and taken aboard a small caravan of Renegades, where other Renegade children were being steadily trained for what laid ahead.

For Fyenai's part, when asked his name by the man, Arjol, who had been kind enough to all but adopt him, he had given him the name of an imaginary friend he had - this friend went by the name 'Sist'. Now known as Sist, he was put into training sessions with the other small children, trained both to fight and to steal, and how to keep the books by his new mother-type, a loud talking woman named Megari. Megari took an odd amount of shine to this little blonde intruder on their lives, and taught him as harshly as anyone could. He was not treated particularly well by the other children, but he did his best to never complain, and for this, Megari often told him she was proud of him, when the star had set and he was being laid to bed. Through this, and travelling, and learning, Sist became happy, happier than he had ever been. Morality was never a question for him; he did what he wanted without a second thought, save for when it involved his 'family'. As he grew older, he got better, and soon, he was above the other children in skill, though still mostly smaller than they were. By the age of fifteen, he was well skilled with a staff and knife, and could easily knock down anyone who came too close for comfort. Surprisingly, however, he really didn't enjoy fighting. He would help Megari keep the books of their trades and business dealings, what they stole and what they sold, and spend much of the adventurous fighting time inside, adding things up in his head. When leadership of the clan changed from Arjol to one of the other boys, however, Sist lost his position fast. The boy's name was Aspex, and he was probably Sist's worst enemy - he was also a very good Renegade. Megari and Arjol were taken out of the picture, and Sist would have been next, had he not elected to, well, run for his life.

Wandering the world by yourself is never pleasant, and can often be hard, so it was lucky for Sist that he was in the Ierne region when he had run. The caravan soon returned to the mainland, via a small parade of boats, and he was left to the Renegade clan on the island, something that went by Blood Bone. His first meeting with the head of Blood Bone, Bo, was also his first meeting with a man who would one day become his best friend, a youth by the name of Sholtz. Due to his well-trained skill with numbers, it wasn't hard for Sist to be accepted into the group, and he soon became a rather integral part, acting as Bo's assistant and spending much of his free time with Sholtz, a man who was a good deal more of a fighter than he would ever be.

Unfortunately for Sist, Sholtz was killed during a dispute inside the Renegade camp after a few turns of the two being together, originally as best friends and as fledgeling lovers. Devastated by what happened, Sist withdrew into himself and became a quiet man whose sole interest was with his work, to the extent of excluding Bo and his new second in command, nearly getting himself in trouble a few times. Time passes quickly in the Renegade camp, however, and Sist soon opened up enough to be friends with his leader and the second in command, creating a loyal trio. In another passing of unfortunate events, however, Sist remained with the gang until it ultimately broke up, fading into the background as Bo took his second, and his lover, and left the camp, leaving Sist behind - at least until he left of his own accord. He escaped the camp and made his way to the nearby High Reaches Weyr, where he was later Searched and taken to Xanadu Weyr.

In one of the more scandalous times of his life, this is where Sist, now going by his first name of Fyenai, met the greatest love of his life, Dashiell. Of course, at the time, Fyenai had a boyfriend and Dashiell had a girlfriend, so the beginning of their dalliance wasn't entirely legitimate, but those problems soon faded away as the pair became more and more devoted to one another. They had a happy life together after Weyrlinghood as well, weyrmating immediately after graduation and becoming closer as the turns wore on. As if the universe was conspired to rob F'ai of his loves, however, D'hiel, acting in a Search and Rescue venue, was struck by a tree just as he was moving into Between, and never returned. F'ai became a recluse and it didn't change for turns, the blonde rarely seen outside his Weyr, even to eat.

In the past few turns, he's managed to come out more often, and is even rumoured to be seeing someone new, but there is no question that F'ai's loss of D'hiel crippled what had become a cheerful, friendly man, and it'll be an endless effort to regain that.


Name Relation Location Position
Irili Mother Fort Weyr Server
Agyun Father Fort Weyr Janitor



Predicting the Past Bronze Omoto
Dark bronze falls over this slightly pudgy firelizard, though his hue is nearly brown. Even deeper bronze brushes his headknobs, and falls down the ridges along his back, even as seconds passing in time. While his wings are large, they seem almost awkwardly shaped, creating the potential for questions about whether their power will even exist. His wedge-shaped face is wide and flat, muzzle seeming smooshed, faceted eyes set wide as a result.
Walking the Nights Brown Hellebore
Deep mahagony hide appears almost ebony as it sweeps over his body, a dark clock enveloping his form. A streak of paler, ochre-hued tan drips down his stomach, from beneath his chin to the end of his tail. Faceted eyes are set wide, giving him a look of fitting in in the dark, his over-large wings ushering in the night.
Living Dead Girl Green Nightshade
Petite, even tiny, this fireliard is almost fragile in her proportions. Wrapping around her delicate girth like a curtain of rich velvet, her wing sails are a luxurious pine green, the spars darkening to a shade that is nearly impossible to tell from true black. Though, that seems to be the only healthy coloring on her small body. Her ridges are almost silver, slipping down to a deathly gray-green as the color slips down her sides, coating her belly and dappling her limbs. Canvas to the sickly green, her limbs are a dusty, cracked brown, even her talons appearing as weathered soil. Her angular little head is so pale a green, it is white in comparison to the haunting unnatural green of toxic waste that creates large circles around her faceted eyes. But the color runs. Like tears dribbling down her chin and neck, iridescent trails. Sweeping out behind her much like a shroud caught in the breeze, her tail whips sharply behind her, gray-green fading to nearly black at her tail tip.


Blue Numbweed
Forgot to keep his info…


A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Faelynath
This little lady is as brilliant as the stars. A deep grass green spreads up her limbs, tail, and along her short snout. This reaches up into a dazzling lime which seems to fade with a hidden glow along her back till it is near white from headknobs to haunches. Over these paler hues layer dapples and freckles of varying other greens - just about every shade of green you can imagine. As she moves they shift in ways that shimmer, making her, as a pudgy baby-girl, a roly poly ball of sparkles. But despite her round cherubic appearance, she's generally well proportioned. The only flaws, if you can call them that, lie in her short neck which appears to compensate for her long tail which acts as her main source of balance. Her wings are rather small, but by the general size you can tell she'll grow into them. The color in her wings resembles that of her body. The wing limbs and joints are that same pale greens, freckled in the various shades. The darker greens seem to concentrate at her finger-joints and then spray out like a starburst over limey sails, dispersing in such a way as stars might on the edge of a galaxy.
Faelynath is 12 Turns, 0 months, and 14 days, with a length of 22.12 meters, and a wingspan of 36.87 meters.

-Art by F'ai


Title OOC Date Cast
Beach Party 2008 A'deo, Arkoss, Delynni, Ethne, F'ai, Keziah, Lorena, Myesha, Nalkor, Panya, Ryski, Zevida, Z'kiel
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