A young woman of cool fair white skin, even her face, forearms, and lower legs that receive a fair amount of sun seem to have only gained a rosy pink tone. In size, she's unremarkable, not tall but not short enough to be considered short at 5'4. She's thin in body, female shaped but plain beyond her hips, which are distinctly full and feminine. Long ashen blonde hair that at times is nearly light brown is kept back by two tight braids that trail down the back of her head and combine into one forming a heart shape that is finished with a brightly colored hair trinket, a bow, a flower or even small metallic clips. Round brown-green eyes peek out from an oval face under thin eyebrows that sit above a distinctly dented nose. With a dip just below the bridge followed by a beak-like slope, her nose is the focal point of her face. Always chapped and bitten pink lips are just above her dimpled chin. Overall she's nothing to write home about, understated on the verge of being mousey.


Born in a small cothold outside of Half Moon Bay hold, her young mother Evance fell for a runner breeder and trainer from Ista named Zalyu. She was the first child for both Zalyu and Evance. Unfortunately, this love story would not continue because Zalyu was engaged to be married to an affluent and successful runner racing family. Zalyu's future bride Kima forgave her husband for his misadventure and grew to love her husband's bastard daughter. Evance would marry Arali, a smith Journeyman with three young boys of his own. The pair would then add two girls to the family. Those additions plus the six children that Kima and Zalyu bore assured young Evangeline was always surrounded by family no matter where she was and nearly never alone.

As a young girl in a cothold with numerous siblings and responsibilities, she swiftly learned how to be helpful, and developed a kind and admirable worker's spirit. From an early age, she was a gentle girl, with love for small animals, bright colors, sewing, knitting, cooking, and drawing. Talent for design made her a promising apprentice to the Weavercraft as soon as her family could spare her. She is mainly known for designing pet clothing that could modify into fashionable clothes for people.

When not minding her chores Evangeline got to travel. Whether it was from her cothold to Ista hold to see her father and half-siblings, or to visit her Grandmother and Aunt in Xanadu Weyr. Being a shared child, she got to see large parts of the world. Assisting her father with his runners, she developed an appreciation for hard work, often helping mend harnesses, oil tack and muck out stalls. Still, the young woman considered her real home to be with Evance, Arali and her siblings near Half Moon Hold.

During her 14th turn, things changed; her home began to fall apart. Literally. Early one morning, the entire family awoke to the sound of pictures rattling on the walls, dishes falling out of the cabinets. Throughout the day, the ground 50 feet from home cracked open like an egg. Over the next three days, the giant fissure widened and moved ever closer to the hold proper, endangering the structure and security of the main dwelling. Evangeline's mother Evance hastily sent a firelizard to the Weyr, asking for assistance in moving her family to safety. The Weyr was caught up in their disaster, and one rider made several trips. Managing to rescue all but Evangeline and her oldest brother Acarod( -2).

The last night spent in the home was one of terror, the walls began to crack and the entire residence was slanting dangerously to one side. The house she had known her whole life became the place of nightmares. Weeks after the disaster, the teen barely spoke of it, changing the subject or becoming eerily silent.

In the aftermath, the decision was made to send Evangeline to live with her father. Zalyu agreed to bring the girl to Ista Hold. Unfortunately, after a traumatic event, the thought of living on the Northern continent, so far from her mother's family and beyond one weekend a month upset her to sickness. A compromise was to send her to live with a distant aunt inside Monaco Weyr. The whole family views this as a temporary placement until they find a new home. While the family laments the loss of their household helper, the resilient adolescent finds herself with minimal supervision inside Monaco Weyr of all places.

Life in Monaco Weyr was confusing for Evangeline, the presence of dragons, riders, and constant movement of people left her feeling lost and detached. With no one to guide her, she threw herself into her work, sewing in all of her free time and refining her cat outfits. In the process, she befriended N'on, a Xanadu Weyr greenrider who helped her bury her beloved childhood cat Doorknob after the feline escaped and met a somewhat grizzly end. After near nine months in Monaco Weyr, her life seemed to be in a holding pattern. Correspondence with her family diminished to nearly nothing, and she began to suspect she might have been abandoned differently. On a bright summer day, an average day, N'on handed her a white Knot after helping her get through a crowd in the caverns. With less than three words on a piece of paper, he requested she stand at Xanadu Weyr for Ilyscaeth's and Xermiltoth's Clutch. She said, Yes.

Candidacy would prove to be fraught with new experiences for young Evangeline.


Name Relation Location Position
Evance (+20) Mother Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Zalyu (+31) Father Ista Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter
Arali (+24) StepFather Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Kima (+22) StepMother Ista Hold Lady of the House
Acarod (-2) Step-brother Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Ardwin (-3) Step-brother Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Arandi (-4) Step-brother Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Areece (-9) Halfsister Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Avonce (-10) Halfsister Cothold outside of Half moon Refugee
Kalyu (-3) Halfbrother Ista Hold Holdbrat
Enimus (-5) Halfbrother Ista Hold Holdbrat
Elinda (-9) Halfsister Ista Hold Holdbrat
Zima (-13) Halfsister Ista Hold Holdbrat
Zivon (-14) Halfbrother Ista Hold Holdbrat
L'ton Paternal Grandfather Retired Bronzerider
Senkyou Paternal Grandmother Xanadu Retired Brownrider
Evan Maternal Grandfather Deceased Farmholder
Valine Maternal Grandmother Deceased Journeyman Harper
Z'tan (+15) Paternal Uncle Monaco Weyr Bronzerider
Zoniya (+28) Paternal Aunt Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Dragonhealer
Onyxia (+5) Cousin via Zoniya Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Zoddina (+3) Cousin via Zoniya Tillek Hold Journeyman Seacraft
Oddisa (-1) Cousin via Zoniya Fort Weyr Apprentice Beastcraft
Oddis (-5) Cousin via Zoniya Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Feline Family

Evangeline has several hairless cats that follow her around and assist in her generalized mischief. All three have unique personalities and styles; they are perns best-dressed cats.


Curtains is the brains of the operation, Evangeline's most social feline and the one most likely to be found with her on adventures. While the other two cattes stay home Curtains enjoys meeting her subjects and stealing VTOL's whenever she can. Curtains can perform several tricks and is happy to socialize with whoever offers a warm lap or a piece of food.Curtains color is red, the bright and bold color matches the tricky minx. Trouble with a paws. Bright blue eyes, chocolate siamese points and paws that are always in the treat jar she is the world's friendliest gremlin.



Lightbulb is the only male of the three cat crew. He occasionally will follow Evangeline around during her daily work, he especially enjoys the quiet warmth of the weaver craft hall. Lightbulb is the lazy one in the bunch and is at his best when sunbathing or being a lap potato. He knows when dinner is, but otherwise, he resists Evi's attempts at trick training. Lightbulbs color is yellow, which goes well with his black velvet body. Wrinkly dark and handsome, this catte is a dream in black-grey skin. A triangular head with ears that are too large for his skull, he might get radio signals but they are all the better to hear your secrets or the dinner bell. The most striking part of him is his inquisitive bright green eyes. His eyes shine brightly in any room, like a lightbulb.


Coatrack is the grumpy one of the family, every family needs a spoilsport and Coatrack is it. The calico beauty is very rare outside of the dwelling and when she is she tolerates it. Not big on cuddles, not a fan of her evening oilings or her weekly baths. Coatrack enjoys a warm spot and petting. Anything else brings growling and burbling is how she expresses her discontent with anything other than her two favorite things, warmth, and petting. Princess Coatracks' color is pink. Coatrack is a calico beauty queen, bright orange and black spots on a white background. Unlike her siblings, she is perfectly proportioned.


Bombastic Cut-throat Fantastic Green Neifeth
A brilliant study in contrast, this dangerous little green is in turns subtle and danger-loud: dark and bright and not much in-between. Her every line screams DANGER, from powerful shoulders and haunces to the low set of her tapering wings. Inky cyan comprises the bulk of her tiny figure, fades only slightly around her belly into sooty teal just a shade brighter in the shadow of her lanky limbs. Soft impressions a shade or two darker than the tenebrous cyan form loose rosettes mostly visible on powerful shoulders and abdomen, fading down haunches and tail. The indistinct mottles might not make much of a difference in this green's hide, were it not for the ghostly celadon that settles in their centers. The eerie smudges of brighter green are even more indistinct than the rosettes, an unsettling haze hinting at brighter things to come. Similarly, pitchy, uneven stripes slash jaggedly down long neck and whiplike tail, only made obvious by the electric haze that loosely clings to their leewards edges. The inky stripes shadow an already-dark head even further, trail down long muzzle in increasingly intricate patterns of light and dark. The shadows can't quite hide the strange notch in her upper jaw near her electric-limned nares, or the way that her teeth protrude just a little here and there. With those long wings held against her sides, this green is a shadow with only the slightest pinpricks of light — but when those wings open up? That's the real show, the warning flashing radioactive-bright: neon green, etched through with jagged stripes of the same celadon that ghosts around her sharp-pointy little body. Here, it's anything but ghostly, bold slashes of color that add a positively alarming signal: DANGER, just in case you missed it, before.



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