Ethne stands about 5'7" tall with a strawberry-tinged blond hair, often found tied into a runner's tail to keep from falling in her line of sight. She has bright and round green eyes are flecked lightly with gold sprinkles which often give her a mysterious air. Soft freckles are barely noticeable unless one gets a very close look at her face and then they'd see them on the bridge of her nose and a few on her cheeks. She has a build that is athletic as in being muscular mostly from being a dragonrider but it is also apparent she has born children during her years as she hasn't fully lost all her pregnancy weight either. She hasn't lost her all of her curves, they are still noticeable enough. But there is no mistaking despite her weight and stature having been changed to a more womanly and motherly figure, she is still quite beautiful as she ages.

On her shoulder, Ethne wears one single knot. The first knot done up in a double cord and double loop in the medium blue and orange with a single thread of gold to denote the color of her lifemate and that she is a Junior Weyrwoman at Xanadu Weyr. She also wears a badge of the Nova Wing (the Queen's wing) as well as smaller ones for the Bakercraft as she was formerly a Sr. Journeyman in the Craft and a badge to indicate she's a Certified Dragonhealer as well.

The finest quality of wherhide has been selected to make this full set of riding leathers - jacket and pants. The jacket is dyed as close as possible to the golden coloring of the rider's lifemate with long sleeves and extra padding for warmth in between. The pants are the darkest, purest black imaginable, a nice contrast to the jacket. A single stripe of the same gold as the jacket runs down either pant leg. Riding gloves and a helmet matching the jacket are part of the ensemble as well.


Ethne was born at Big Lagoon Sea Hold on a dark and stormy night. Her mother, Aruli, Headwoman of Big Lagoon had been widowed by her husband; Diejan whom she had married at 16 turns of age and was pregnant immediately with their first child and the second came 3 turns after. Diejan, was a loving father to Aruli and her two children, an older half-sister Jeriew and half-brother Nydyc, both having been born before Aruli had reached 20 turns of age. Diejan and Aruli had met through Aruli's best friend, Liliset and her husband Bien when Diejan, a fisherman had moved from Paradise River Hold with his ship in search of a new crew. Aruli was 22 and her children, Jeriew and Nydyc were respectively, 6 and 3 turns old, Diejen disappeared out of their lives lost at sea and never found after the tragic shipwreck after their 6 turns of marriage.

Ethne's father, Ch'can, a brownrider to Thaeokath from Ierne Weyrhold came into the picture about 6 turns after Diejan's passing when Aruli was 28. Ch'can was 32 turns of age when they had met while he was doing some errands from Ierne Weyr. Aruli and Ch'can began a friendship based on similar circumstances. Ch'can's weyrmate had fallen ill and her green had betweened. The pair never had any children. It was about 4 turns into their relationship when things had gotten serious between Aruli (32 turns) and Ch'can (36 turns) that Aruli had gotten pregnant with Ethne. Jeriew had turned 13 turns of age and had started on training to become a nanny and Nydyc at 10 turns was turning out to be a handful of a weyrbrat. On many an occasion Ch'can tried to convince Aruli to come to Ierne Weyrhold and apply for a job as Headwoman there but Aruli felt that she couldn't leave her home and he knew that even though she loved him, she was staying to keep Diejan's memories with her.
Ethne's mom's best friend Liliset, whom she has known from childhood had a son, Drayn, less than a sevenday and a half after Ethne was born, so it was natural that her son, Drayn and Ethne would become friends at first and later childhood sweethearts. They have been lifelong friends and have managed to get into trouble together more than once. Ethne grew up with a desire to pursue a future in the Baker Craft. She was a very compassionate, not really outgoing young woman spending more time in the kitchens learning about baking from the cooks and all than out with a group of friends getting into mischief, not that she never had done that, but it was often only with Drayn.

Drayn moved to Ierne Weyrhold at 16 turns of age (just days before their 17th turnday) but not before asking her to join him at the weyr. Ethne's half brother and sister were both married; Jeriew now 33 turns with her own family and Nydyc at 30 turns with his both still remaining at Big Lagoon Sea Hold. Ethne declined Drayn's offer feeling that she needed to do what she could to continue further in the Baker Craft and while she loved him, she felt she needed to be able to take care of herself first even though she wanted to see more of life outside the hold. It was by her 20th birthday she finally made Journeyman Baker specializing in breads. She chose to remain for a few more turns at the Hold unless another posting came up that interested her.

Ethne's found her self once more in uncertainty on what her future would hold. Would she ever meet back up with Drayn? Has he moved on without her? Who knows what will happen next in Ethne's life? Only time will tell… well it didn't take long for time to tell much. One day Ethne was visiting Telgar Weyr helping out with some apprentices and all when a clutch was laid by a visiting gold. Add in a young man that completely baffled her by out of the blue asking her to marry him and all. She had to tell him she would need to know him better first before she could even consider anything like that. Roroc confused her a lot in many ways during her time at Telgar Weyr. A few days later, a bronzerider and his dragon approached her and she agreed to stand for the clutch. It was an interesting time that past till the hatching. Ending up in a snowball fight, egg touchings, making friends with the other candidates and easing a little out of her shyness as well.

Then the hatching day at Telgar Weyr came and as she watched her friends around her Impress the young woman had her doubts till the biggest shock of her life occured… a gold stood in front of her… Mellonath had chosen her as a lifemate. Weyrlinghood was full of her and Mellonath helping their fellow weyrlings out with lessons and all and Ethne becoming more comfortable with Mellonath and those around her, the once painfully shy Ethne grew a bit more away from being shy after weyrlinghood had finished and now finds herself, a goldrider and a journeyman baker being transferred to Ierne Weyrhold as she continues to work towards her senior journeyman ranking in the BakerCraft till she ends up at another weyr perhaps dealing more with Weyr duties than Craft duties. Life has its many options and they've only begun to be explored by the pair.


Name Relation Location Position
Aruli Mother Big Lagoon Hold Headwoman
Ch'can Father Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Jeriew Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Nydyc Brother Big Lagoon Hold Resident
Kethalt Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Arana Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
A'ra Cousin Ista Weyr Rider to Blue Himmelorienth
R'in Cousin Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Mayikooth


Royal Bit of Bronze Royalty
Lighter, somewhat golden bronze fits close to this firelizard's hide, like a neatly cut suit that gathers at the collar, darkening like shadows around his wing joints and limbs, and darkening further along his lanky tail. Ridges are the same pale bronze for their entire length from the top of his head to the tip of said tail. Yet, the darkest point on his body is a deeper bronze splotch in the center of his chest, like a burnished medallion hanging from his serpentine neck.

Woe is Me Blue Woeful
A long face is covered with dark tones which sweep over and overwhelm the hints of amber and teal tints which might have otherwise peppered his chest. No sign remains of the copper specks over his drooping wings, nor the drops of molten gold which marked his legs and feet. Nothing but the barest traces that is, more of a whispering to the imagination then revelations to the eye. His tail alone, far from the gloom of his large eyes and glistening muzzle, hold a mark of bright teal, but that is only at the tip. That bright color is also consumed by the gloom as it is reflected in two tiny puddle beneath his eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment.

Green Brie
A fair lady of firelizard kin, she might indeed pass as a very miniature dragon were it not for subtle variations in features, greatly reduced size, and a lack of that draconic intelligence and dignified air to her. Her movements are graceful, vaguely similar to that draconic grace, but with an animalistic element to them, as though her movements are more instinct than anything. Dappled over her hide of moss are subtle smudges of brighter viridian and darker forest greens, blended well into the green-brown coloration of her hide. The effect is that gentle mottling that results from light trickling through forest canopies onto the understory. For her size, the firelizard's wings are a bit too long and broad, creating the illusion that her body is in some way dwarfed. Stretched tightly between wingspars is thin leathery skin of a pale green, turned green-yellow by permeating light. Compact, smooth, and small, this green firelizard is designed for quick flights and acrobatics.

Green Ducky (ghosted)


Sunshine Sugary Sweet Gold Mellonath
Graceful flows of creamy honey gold, as though dripped straight from the comb, shape a petite figure for this regal queen. Near so to actually be called delicate, with slim legs and a slender torso that almost seem to make such a lofty dragon float, for her body is so lean it doesnt seem to carry the weight of her more substantial, imposing sisters in gold. Going so far as to be called pretty, the gentle curve of her neck is like the graceful sweep of a flowers stem, topped in a bloom of a smooth face lacking in any harsh angles, providing a gentle face to this queen with her jeweled, faceted eyes. Rarely do they show an angry hue, and more often than not are a springtime shade of green, sometimes punctuated by the brilliant splash of cerulean blue like a cloudless sky or tropical ocean. The tail of the queen is narrow and lengthy, tapering to a tiny tip where the forked end sits neatly curved upright, and it is this same care to small features and details that form the gentle rising and falling of each crest upon her neck and the subtle sweep of delicate headknobs. Her wings are perfectly formed and held as lightly as a feather, with even a suggestive brushing of white veins along the transparent, tender membranes to make it look like a faint, ghostly pelage.


Title OOC Date Cast
Kilaueth and Ellamariseth's Clutching, July 31, 2008 July 31, 2008 Ellamariseth, Ethne, Hesketh, Kilaueth, Meluth, M'iken, Niva, R'miel, Ysa
Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008 March 22, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Deianeira, Ethne, Hesketh, Heeva, J'rezi, Kilaueth, Kitty, Laureate, Lorena, Lyn, Myesha, Niva, Ryski, Senkyou, T'eo, Zevida
Beach Party 2008 A'deo, Arkoss, Delynni, Ethne, F'ai, Keziah, Lorena, Myesha, Nalkor, Panya, Ryski, Zevida, Z'kiel
Random Log: Trouble Abounds 2008 Ethne, Keziah, Niva, Senkyou
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