Standing at 5'6" with dark skin is Etani. This woman has a strong bone structure and her frame gives the appearance of hard work with labor as muscles are defined in her arms and legs. Her hair appears much like the rest of her, cut down short to where there is just barely an inch of hair that curls tightly around her skull with no bangs that fall down before her face and everything about her is kept clean cut. Her facial features are the only feminine thing about her with full lips, wide eyes brown and long lashes. Her nose does lack perfection by being a bit larger than average. And despite the clean cut look, there is no mistaking that this woman is indeed a woman for the most obvious reasons.
Her clothing is kept simple, loose but fitting pants and simple tunics that tuck in neatly to the pants and held with a simple worn belt. On her feet are well worn boots that have been passed down to her.


Originally from Igen Weyr, the family of two (soon to be three) moved to Igen Hold for a temporary stay with family despite some of their family already being in the Weyr itself. This temporary stay ended up being more permanent than planned and thus, Etanivey was born in the Hold. Etanivey (or Etani) grew up as many holder's daughter's do. She was learning to be the prime and proper woman from a young age, despite her mother's hesitation on this. Her grandmother saw it fit to have her grandchild be a proper woman and not some Weyrbred loose woman unlike her daughter, Zelinada, who still resided in the Weyr.

After the time that Etani had became eight Turns, it was obviously that it was farm more difficult to raise this headstrong girl as a woman alone and so Etani was sent to live with another family for a few Turns. In this period of her being away from her parents, they returned to the Weyr to help Zevida despite the young woman's attempts at distancing herself from all of her family.

And so, training went on for young Etani, but alas, the lessons never seemed to stick and she was always finding a way to make trouble wherever she went or with whatever she did and always claimed innocence when there was evidence pointing only to her. This continued on for Turns until finally she was sent back home to her grandmother. Disappointed with the girl's lack of progress in being raised properly, she blamed her son and his wife for this unruly child and sent her to her parents in the Weyr.

The Weyr was better on the girl, not so suffocated by demands of those who wanted a proper child. Instead, she came to relax in these ways and was quite happy until she grew bored with her every day life. Again, trouble making ensued but on different levels until finally: it was enough. By now she was sixteen, almost seventeen, and acting like she was ten. So, with a heavy heart… Etani was once again sent away, this time by her mother and father. To Xanadu she went to live with her cousin, Zevida.


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