First Impressions-

Full Name:

Approx. 30 Turns
Dirty Blonde
Golden Brown

Birth Place:

Senior Weyrwoman
Composition/Theatrics/Instrument Making
Ista Hold



Well, shoot. Someone's gone and tamed the Pirate Princess. Twigs and brambles might have once snarled a six-turn-old-Esiae's hair and clothing beyond recognition, but those days are far gone. Nowadays, her long, dirty-blonde hair falls in a cascade of slight curls, occasionally bound back in a casual braid. Though she has developed a curve or two about her as she hits her third decade, the rest of her is wiry and thin, the all-sinew build of someone that lives an overly active life. This perhaps explains the half-wild flicker behind bright brown eyes, and the occasional sharp twist of otherwise full lips.

Dresses and tunics have been carefully coordinated to give her hard angles a softer aura, belted high around the ribs instead of accentuating a skinny waist. If worn, her pants are form-fitting, frequently tucked into laced rider boots. Dark colors are sparingly used to accent warm, happy ambers, blues, and greens, the brilliant colors somehow managing to make up for whatever they lack in the fancy department. Esi will always be too rough-and-tumble to really deserve 'nice things.'


Esiae's childhood may have been unremarkable to some, her being the fourth child of a rather strange family to begin with, but she made it out to be much more. The Pirate Princess of Ista Hold, that's what she was, scrambling across the deck of her father's ship from the moment she developed sea legs. No journey was too far, no treasure too mundane! A box at her bedside was filled with feathers, shiny rocks, and collected flora from all of Pern (which she, of course, ruled). She was often caught below-decks, 'interrogating' bovine prisoners as to their crimes, or swashbuckling across the poop deck with a stick she had picked up from the last harbor. Anything with a bit of shine to it was hers, and the crew of the 'Quinto' knew it - to withhold something she wanted was to face the prankful revenge of the Dread Pirate Princess Esi.

It's not to say her family didn't /try/ to reason with her - indeed, her mother is a very docile soul, and her older sister couldn't be more serious and bor-ing if she tried - but the masculine members of her family were only /too/ willing to buy into her schemes and stories, encouraging her via participation. Her early teen years saw her formulating more daring adventures, bribing the hold's visiting riders into taking her flying. The young, recently-graduated boys were especially prone to giving in to batting eyes and a pouty mouth, so she usually targeted them, to much success. Thus she became the Dread Pirate Princess Esi, Conqueror of Land, Sky, and Sea.

Some very smart person along the way noticed Esiae's gift for tale-spinning and put it to good use, conning— er, conVINCING her to join the Harper craft. There, she blossomed, flying through studies like a bat out of… well, something. Composition quickly became her favorite subcraft, with theatrics and instrument making coming in as close seconds. While being tethered to the crafthall rather limited the breadth of her adventures, it was another jack to add to her trades, and Esiae soon pronounced herself Dread Pirate Princess, Feared of Hold and Hall, Conqueror of Land, Sky, and Sea.

Unfortunately, her next great adventure was to be something more of an ordeal than initially conceived. Alzanbri, who had fostered with her family for several years previously, appeared out of nowhere describing a magical place yearning to be discovered out in the wilds. A week's trip, he promised, only enough time to get in trouble (something they were both assuredly familiar with), but not disowned. It was too good for Esi to pass up, and after stashing her belongings and pilfering some food from the kitchens, they were off! … For two and a half months. Lost good and proper, the children somehow stumbled upon an old ruin, perhaps an abandoned weyr of the ancients, and took up shelter there. Food was decidedly inabundant, but they made do, living off the dry earth and a nearby winding river. It was a fantastic lesson in growing up, though; by the time a patrolling wing finally spied the gaunt pair of teens in the middle of nowhere, Esiae was simply that: Esiae.

The next several weeks were filled with the rejoicing of worried families, concern over their general states of being, and eventually for Esiae, a move south to Xanadu. It's impossible to tell whether this was her idea, or her family's, but it was decided that it would be best if she was allowed to stay with Alzanbri and his family at the beachside weyr until she returned to herself and felt like moving back to Ista Hold or her crafthall… But at that point, she needed time, a complete change of scenery, and the boy that kept her sane while they were lost.

Esiae's life at Xanadu was far from unpleasant. Once she started on the path to recovery, the rest began to fall into place. With Zan at her side, she began to make friends with the weyr's inhabitants, and resumed her Harper studies. Though she would have been content with just this, after a youth filled with ample excitement, fate had other ideas.

One delicate spring afternoon, Esiae found herself searched by bronzerider R'owan and his dragon, Nyunath. Though no stranger to hard work, candidacy was difficult to juggle between persistent Harper lessons, chores, and physical training. It was with some relief and a whole lot of nerves when, one sweltering summer afternoon, Esiae found herself standing upon Xanadu's sands before Seryth's clutch. As a powerful storm raged outside, once even briefly shorting out the power, impressions were made — including her own.

To say that Sonyxaeth was the missing piece to Esiae's puzzle would be the understatement of the century. The gold made up for whatever the young Harper had come to lack, pulling the Pirate Princess kicking and screaming back into the limelight. Though there were weyrling lessons to be had, and brand new duties to assume, Sonyxaeth was adamant that there always be time for fun and adventure, come hell or high water.

This 'follow the trail that we blaze' attitude carried Esiae into the present time, for eventually the dragon and her rider ran out of places to explore around Xanadu, and that just wouldn't do. Thus, taking leave of her duties, she left the weyr for an indefinite period of time, exploring everything Pern had to offer. Wine was sipped at Benden. Flutes were carved in Igen. Snowmen were made in High Reaches. Nothing was beyond the reach of Sonyxaeth and Dread Pirate Princess Esiae, Feared of Weyr, Hold and Hall, Conqueror of Land, Sky, and Sea.

Now, though, it is time to settle down again. It isn't terribly clear, yet, how the weyr will receive their long-absent goldrider, but as Sonyxaeth would say, « Well, that's what makes it interesting! »


Name Relation Location Position
Emhall Father Ista Hold Ret. Journeyman Seacrafter
Isica Mother Ista Hold Seamstress
S'gam Half-Brother Ista Weyr G.5 Dragonhealer
Hallac Brother Ista Hold Journeyman Seacrafter
Cai Sister Ista Weyr Journeyman Bakercrafter
Emalia Niece (S'gam) Half Moon Bay Weyr Sr. Apprentice Starcrafter
Sygni Niece (S'gam) Ista Weyr Professional Weyr Terrorizer
Ainemn Nephew (Cai) Ista Weyr Deceased
Leimna Niece (Cai) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Halston Nephew (Hallac) Ista Hold Holdbrat
Sinihal Niece (Hallac) Ista Hold Baby
Aila Niece (Cai) Ista Weyr Baby


"Small minds discuss people, hasn't anyone heard that phrase before?" — This Ends Badly
"Can I like… borrow him? … Cause I know a few people that could use a lethal biting." — The Great Egg Caper!
"Okiedokies, Matrin! You win!" She sets off at a literal run, a nigh-on wicked cackle floating back through the caverns. "And by win I mean looooooose!" — Tricked!
"I am very talented, though, yes. Especially when it comes to setting things on fire." — Ladies' Night
"Are you going to try to catch a girl with a fishing lure? E'tan, honey, that's not how these things work…" — Misunderstanding
"Monaco! How in Faranth's name am I supposed to rhyme something with Monaco. No. He was born in Nerat." Poor Maorin. He just can't catch a break. "There once was a boy from Nerat. He was everyone's favorite 'brat. He got himself searched, to Xanadu he lurched, Sony sat on him and now he's flat." She's entirely too pleased with herself about that. — Rhymes with Ronaco



Truth Behind False Divinity Gold Sonyxaeth
Dusky shades of tarnished gold sweep across this queen's svelte hide like glittering coins left to the elements. Deep shadows show in the craggy places giving the impression of grime that isn't actually there. Muddy goldenrod stains each angular talon, stretching up along her long limbs and laying in haphazardly speckled patterns over the length of her neck. The mire washes over her back, curving in splotches along her sides before stretching out to dip even the fork of her long tail in its hue. The wide stretch of her wings are held by strong, stable spars, the ends of each murky as if they have been dipped into the same dark chocolate that clings to her neckridges. The soft stretch of sails bare hints of other colors where the light reflects, the speckled pattern showing like some distant nebula of space contained within the folds of her wings. There is some light to this queen, though. Bright touches of maize cling to her underbelly, lightening the places along her limbs and drawing her out of darkness. The most striking thing, though, is the way the color marks her muzzle and eyeridges, the pale shade masking her nose and lightening around whirling faceted eyes.


Knight of Swords Blue Balian
Larger than most blues, his size does not hinder him and he remains the epitome of sleek power and grace, as agile in the air as he is on land. As if meticulously crafted and refined from the purest of steel blues, his hide remains dominated by this shade, unbroken save for a few places and at most the subtle markings only accentuate his features. His broad, wedged shaped head is capped in shades of paled sapphire that sweep up over his heavy eye ridges and blunted head knobs, only to drop along the curve of his squared jaw and the arch of his neck, not unlike a helm. The same hue returns to cover his broad and muscular chest, following the contours of his muscles over his lean sides and down over his powerful haunches. Even his limbs and long tail are covered, broken here and there by gaps where the steel blue peaks through or a darker blue takes hold, creating the ghostly illusion that the markings are, in fact, armor. Only his wings bare no touch of this unusual pattern, their long and proportionally tapered length left pure and whole.

Shimmering Silks Green Sarima
Lurid, peacock greens drape themselves in silken splendor over this green firelizard. Her hide is a shimmering wash of mingled green hues, though all of them seem to be perfectly matched. A closer look will reveal interesting patterns on her hide, ghostly images of flowers and petals and other things that scatter themselves over the curves of her sleek physique. Her wings are boldly patterned with great blotches that resemble large, emerald green flowers, while her tail appears to be a twisted length of silk, with darker streaks suggesting folds.

Brown Tabby Feline Bran
This cat is an absolute monster - not in behavior, no, for he is happy to lie in laps and purr cutely up at folks in the hope of scraps and treats - but he is positively ginormous. There's maine coon in his heritage somewhere, for his ears come to the average person's knees, and stretched out, he takes up almost an entire hearth. His fur is gorgeous, a mottled brown tabby that accents wild orange-yellow eyes. Despite the length of his fur, he is well-groomed and cared for.
A slim black leather collar around his neck is labeled with a small golden placard naming him as Bran and indicating he belongs to Esiae.



Title OOC Date Cast
Icebreaker April 26, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
Don't Encourage Him April 26, 2015 Ashwin, Esiae, Idrissa, Zan'ri
Small World April 28, 2015 Esiae, Gir
Misunderstanding May 9, 2015 E'tan, Esiae
Klah Spills May 10, 2015 Esiae, G'ir
From Toys to Training May 15, 2015 Abrael, Esiae, Kera
Ladies' Night May 22, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Kera, C'rus, Idrissa, Darsce
Star Clusters May 26, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
The Little Harper That Couldn't Cook May 28, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Zalulia
Bad Influence May 31, 2015 Azchel, Esiae
Instant Regret, Just Add Snow June 4, 2015 Azchel, Esiae, Kiena
Playing Hooky June 8, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
Mischief Managed June 11, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Kiena
Little Gotchas June 14, 2015 Esiae, Janaya
Pawsitively Purrsuasive June 18, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Nikita (NPC), Janaya, Ezsrisa (NPC), Eliana (NPC), Darsce, Kera, N'talya
Defective June 22, 2015 Azchel, Esiae
Of Tunnelsnakes and Flute-carving June 27, 2015 Azchel, Esiae, Zalulia
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutching, June 28, 2015 June 28, 2015 Azchel, Darsce, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Kiena, Ligeia
Distractions (Maorin is Searched!) June 29, 2015 Esiae, K'asin (NPC), Maorin
Pirate Queen July 4, 2015 D'had, Esiae
Nicknames, Kittens and Candidates, Oh My July 4, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Quillan, Zak
Rhymes with Ronaco July 5, 2015 Esiae, Maorin, Zak
Something Fishy About These Chores July 07, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Joelle, Zak, Zalulia
Something Like That June 8, 2015 D'had, Esiae
The Sound Bones Make July 9, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Quillan, Zak, Zalulia
A Daring Rescue! July 11, 2015 D'had, Esiae, Maorin, Quillan
Demonstration July 11, 2015 D'had, Esiae
Interesting, if not Ominous July 12, 2015 Maelle, Esiae
To Err is Human July 14, 2015 D'had, Esiae
The Motherload! July 15, 2015 Esiae, Zak
Always Will July 16, 2015 D'had, Esiae
Nobody Puts Q in a Corner July 18, 2015 Esiae, Quillan
Wanted: One Winston July 23, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Quillan
Here Comes the Cavalry (The Lonely Beach Rescue) July 25, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zan'ri, Zhianna
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
Their Time July 28, 2015 D'had, Esiae
Compos Mentis August, 03 2015 Esiae, E'tan
All Bark August 15, 2015 Esiae, Zan'ri
THE Knot August 21, 2015 Esiae, Zan'ri
Bonfire Bash August 23, 2015 Esiae, Kera, Flitter Aegnor, Zan'ri, Gerazal, Solya, B'yrl, S'dny, Idrissa


- Playby - Dianna Agron

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