A deep tan accents the otherwise plain features of this young man. Standing about 6 hands tall, his height seems out of character with his overall physique. The young man is extremely skinny, so much so, bones are readily apparent beneath his skin.

Green eyes, deep set into his face, peer out at the world. His red hair is longer, maybe middle of his back, if it wasn't all knotted and nested at the nape of his neck.

He is wearing little more than rags, knees ripped out of his brown breeches. His feet are adorned with dusty sandles that are worn partially through on the sole.


Erdric is the youngest son of simple fishers beholden to Black Rock Hold. He has always been sort of an outcast amongst the other kids since all he ever wants to do is read, especially history books. His weak, fragile frame is do to poor diet and lack of exercise do to the fact he spends the vast majority of his time reading and no time playing with the other kids. His parent pretty much leave him to his own devices, having little time for anything other than catching fish and feeding the family as best they can. With 12 older bothers and sisters he gets what is left which usually is not much.

Having grown tired of the area kids teasing and pushing him around, and knowing his parents would not miss but another mouth to feed, Erdric has ventured off towards the Weyr, hoping to find work there, maybe as a records keeper.


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
Pebbles for Ysa November, 2008 Erdric, Ysa
Erdric Reports to R'sul November, 2008 Erdic, R'sul
Random Log: Stuck Kitten 2008 Erdric, Keziah, Theodore, Y'ki
A Series of Disasters 2008 Erdric, Niva, Y'ki, Ysa
Girly Sleepover July 27, 2008 Erdric, Keziah, Laera, M'iken, Neferennu, S'ya, Xylaihl, Ysa
Random Log: Post Clutching Beach Party July 31, 2008 Erdric, Ethne, Keziah, Neferennu, Niva, R'miel, Ysa
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