Emmaline is just the barest slip of a girl. Short enough to easily be overlooked in a crowd, thin enough that she looks as though a stiff breeze could blow her away - despite this, there's wiry strength concealed beneath. Her hair is a cloud of dark brown around her head, thick, wavy, long enough to graze her lower back and largely left to its own devices, with the straight-cut bangs threatening to overhang her yellow-hazel eyes. The combination of unruly hair, large eyes, and a healthy helping of freckles across her nose and cheeks gives a distinct impression of youth, far more so than might be accurate. Her mouth is full, the upper lip nearly as rounded as the bottom, set above a dimpled chin.
She's dressed simply enough, wearing a long sleeved black shirt that hugs her form, revealing how very little there is to it. The neckline is rounded, the sleeves pushed up to her forearms, and around her left wrist she wears a bracelet of twisted leather. Her pants are slightly too large for her, just barely, and thus are belted at the waist and rolled at the cuff, over a pair of plain brown boots.


Emain was a sea trader visiting family in Xanadu, Lina was a laundress. Love at first sight, and the rest is predictable - shortly thereafter, Emmiline arrived on the scene. At first all was well, until Lina fell in love with someone else, someone who did not appreciate having a constant reminder of the woman's 'first' love. It was arranged, not without some dispute, for the now three-year-old girl to join her reluctant father on his ship. In the end he grew to appreciate her presence.
Millie, as she came to be called, grew up primarily on the ship. As a very little girl she was not much use, but as she got older she was able to help out in many areas - the braiding of rope, the swabbing of decks - when sheets got tangled or sails got hung up, she was the smallest and lightest by far to be hoisted up the mast to analyze the problem. She was one of the boys, accepted by them without a thought for her gender, and fortunately for her, not a thought for her size. She took after her mother, to be sure, and was petite as could be, which may have earned her some good humored ribbing but never true disdain.
Her life likely would have continued in much that same vein if not for two events coinciding - her father's retirement from his nomadic life, and her mother's failing health. Millie, despite her misgivings, felt the desire to be with her mother and to become better acquainted with her younger half-siblings (for her mother had proven very prolific) and so took what she intended to be a temporary leave from the ships, and went to Xanadu Weyr. She's taken up a position as a bartender (though she may scarcely look old enough for the role), having had ample experience after years among sailors and has found she likes it, both the work and the area - the fascination of ready technology after having only the occasional contact with it for most of her life. For the moment, she is content to stay.


Name Relation Location Position
Emain Father
Lina Mother




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