Emalyn was born at Xanadu Weyr to a bluerider father named U'siv and a journeywoman baker named Hallia. She has two younger brothers, both having different fathers than she has. Emalyn has lived all her life at Xanadu Weyr and she always enjoyed working in the kitchens as a baker's apprentice under her mother. She enjoys making the sweet treats that everyone enjoys and seeing smiles on people's faces as they enjoy an essential part of life. Outside of the kitchens she tries to be as active as she can be, swimming and hiking and enjoying the natural surroundings of the Weyr. Emalyn is outgoing and although she is friendly with everyone she only has a couple of people that she'd consider to be friends.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Tastes Like Igen February 25, 2015 Ashwin, Emalyn, Kera, Kiena
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