Rider Name: E'tan Craft Star Craft
Former Name Eltanin Craft Rank Apprentice
Hair Brown Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Eyes Icy Blue Weyr Position Weyrleader
Age 20s Dragon Bronze Saburath
Height 6'2" Birth Place Ierne

A quiet tall smiling man of about 20 Turns, that's how someone would usually describe E'tan in a few words. Standing 6'2, his skin is a warm honey-brown in hue, due to the many turns spent under the hot Southern sun. His body is strong and healthy, though he's thinner than most his height are. The overall effect makes him look even taller. His hair is cut short but always seems to be untamed and especially above his forehead. Even its color is difficult to appreciate. Sometimes dark, sometimes with lighter shades, it's mostly depending on the sun. Eyes of clear, icy blue shine out of his tanned face, and his well drawn lips are often curved into that quiet smile of his.

Today he's wearing his new shirt of dark green. Made of light material, this long-sleeved shirt is a bit large but suits him quite well anyway, contrasting with his black pants. It is obvious that those clothes are totally new, as the well oiled boots on his feet, even his apprentice knot is. Not attracting look though, it has a small telescope made of lighter green near his heart.

A Xanadu rider knot rides on his shoulder proudly.


Second child of a Seacrafter's family, Eltanin, if not on the sea with his father, spent most of his early youth floating in the emerald waters of Ierne's coasts. Due to the closeness of the sea and maybe (certainly) his father's temper, he has always been considered as an impetuous and adventurous young boy.

His early teenage years deeply stretched his mother's patience and nerves and it's only his brother who could cool off some of the fire in Eltanin's blood. That fire which continuously pushed him to explore the world, whispering to ignore danger.

But then, it wasn't mean to last and Eltanin experienced some of life's cruelty. The change was drastic and fast and it's a discret if not melancholic young man who asked to enter Telgar Hold's Starcraft. Only the study of stars seemed to ease his wounded heart. With his eyes lost in that scintillating myriads of diamonds he never spared his effort and kept working hard in hope to become a Sr journeyman and finally get a chance to go to Xanadu Weyr and study the latest technology.

And it seemed that his perseverance paid off as he's now a little closer to his dream. Posted at Xanadu as an apprentice, he's trying to find his path in life and especially the way to the observatory…


Name Relation Location Position
Tanar Father Ierne Seacrafter
Elionne Mother Ierne Seacrafter
Reykyavin Brother Ierne Deceased




Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Saburath

Bronze has molten by an explosion of luminous plasma and polished by cosmic winds with coppery dust, all to leave this dragon's hide gleaming a rich reddish hue from the tip of his muzzle all the way to his forked tail. Sweeping headknobs of pale brass hold a symmetry of field, balanced by the aquiline shape of his muzzle and chin. His eye-ridges glimmer with a faint sparkle of cosmic dust, as do his pronounced cheeks and jawline. His arched neck leads to the broad, barrel-like chest and square, strong shoulders of a powerful frame. Rich cinnabar pebbles across his back like a field of scattered asteroids or the bright hues of an unknown constellation against the copper that is his background radiation. His burly chest is crossed by mottled ribbons of rust and orange smoke, swirling and twirling like a massive storm forever raging. Amidst the chaos of their pattern is a red spot, sometimes clearly visible and at other times appearing to contract to near nothing, depending on… the lighting, perhaps, or this dragon's stance. Sturdy, well-muscled limbs lead down to paws dimmed to ochre beneath the shadow of his bulk but well-capable of carrying him around - as are his wings, whose powerful sweep is streaked with amber comets. Near his body, there's only a few, but soon there are swarms of them, entire showers of meteors until the entire sky is alight at his pale and lustrous wingtips. The pattern of those golden lights may be confusing with his wings folded, but when those mighty sails are fully extended, it's clear an entire galaxy of falling stars has aligned to light his way.



Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Obstacle Games January 14, 2015 E'tan, C'rus, Kera, Reya, Kiena Innes, Mur'dah, T'revs, NPC'S: Daved by Kera, Ellie by Kiena, Ezzie by Mur'dah, Praela and Xha'il by Innes, Benraam by Reya
(No) Orders March 03, 2015 Marel, E'tan
What Others Don't Have March 04, 2015 Marel, E'tan
Shy in the Caverns April 11, 2015 E'tan, Abrael, Kera, C'rus
Distractions April 25, 2015 E'tan, Kiena
Icebreaker April 26, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
Misunderstanding May 9, 2015 E'tan, Esiae
Star Clusters May 26, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
Playing Hooky June 8, 2015 Esiae, E'tan
Weyrleader to Weyrleader June 17, 2015 E'tan, Th'ero
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutching, June 28, 2015 June 28, 2015 Azchel, Darsce, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Kiena, Ligeia
You Shall Not Pass! (Maelle is searched) July 2, 2015 E'tan Maelle Saburath
A Fortian Invasion July 12, 2015 E'tan, Inri, Maelle, Thys, Quillan, Zak
Footsteps July 17, 2015 E'tan Maorin Janaya Zak
Awkward Wisdom July 19, 2015 D'had E'tan
A Guilty Conscience July 22, 2015 Marel, E'tan
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
Surviving and Healing July 27, 2015 Marel, E'tan
Compos Mentis August, 03 2015 Esiae, E'tan
A Question Of Timing August 20, 2015 Is'ac E'tan
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