Everything about this woman is soft: golden ringlets that surround a square face; creamy complexion with rosy undertones; soothing voice and nurturing hands. Big blue eyes peer keenly from her youthful face, fringed by fair lashes that match delicately winged eyebrows. Her teeth are mostly straight, her lips full, if pale, and her jawline slants into a softly rounded chin; from there curving into a slim, graceful neck and thin shoulders.

Naturally thin and five feet, eight inches in height, she carries herself with confidence and no small amount of awareness to her surroundings. Highly tailored garments clothe her body, in mostly uniform style, with the occasional aptitude for girlish silhouettes.


Eliska was her parents' fourth child and second daughter, and from the beginning lived an inauspicious life. She was an obedient child; not one to rock the boat, she followed where her siblings led. And from the time she could toddle, she differentiated herself from her siblings in her insatiable curiosity. It was a trait that her aunt - on her mother's side - was pleased to see and often nurtured.

Aunt Mairse was a Harper, an esteemed woman not only within her craft, but idolized by her little neices and nephews; none looked up to her more than Eliska. Over time, Mairse took Eliska, whose budding skills showed promise, under her wing, and steered her in the direction of a career in the harpercraft.

No one was surprise when Eliska made the choice to take the entrance exams into the craft; great recommendations, excellent scores, and perhaps lineage, all aided in her actual acceptance to the Hall at age twelve.

Since, Eliska has dedicated herself to her craft in all aspects. She's shown particular aptitude towards the arts, as well as teaching. It's towards the end of her apprenticeship, now, that she's been posted to Xanadu Weyr for outside experience.

Excitement and anxiousness are both on her mind as she begins a new chapter in her life, but she's confident this is a step in the right direction. After all, great success does not come without great change.


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