Elina has shoulder-length blonde hair that seems impeccably maintained. It's usually pulled into a tight, braided bun that rarely has a hair poking out of it. Her large brown eyes always seem to be a tad watery, looking like day-old klah. Her nose is small and pert, contrasting with her full, light pink lips. The rest of her frame seems delicate, bordering on frail; clearly this young woman hasn't done much manual labour in her life and intends to keep it that way. Her skin is pale, again hinting that Elina mostly works indoors.

Her outfit is not brightly coloured, but it manages to stay unique thanks to its decorations. A white blouse is lined with frilly lace and is complimented by a long, ankle-length skirt that's white as well. Both pieces of clothing are trying very hard to be feminine, but border on almost comical due to the excessive amount of ruffles and frills that adorn them. Her footwear usually consists of just-above ankle high boots made of soft, light brown leather.


Elina comes from a family of eight bothers and she's smack in the middle of them in terms of age. Her parents are both residents of Xanadu Weyr, with her father being a fisher of the convenient Caspian Lake and her mother a seamstress usually found in the lower caverns. All of her brothers-those that are old enough, anyway-are following in their father's footsteps, while Elina, somewhat predictably, takes after her mother and is also a seamstress. Growing up with so many males in her family has made Elina obsessed with being as feminine as possible. She'll wrinkle her nose if asked to do something particularly laborious or dirty, though if it's someone important asking her, she'll try her best to suck it up and do it without complaint. Getting her pristine white clothes dirty is a particular pet peeve of the girl's. She has a tendency to cling to her mother, frequently bringing her up in conversation and running to her whenever she has any problems. Elina also has a bad habit of easily bursting into tears, but now that she's getting older, she's trying to get that under control. To be fair to the girl, she does do her best to be polite and works hard at her chores, as long as they're feminine.


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