Of average height, nothing really strikes you about this young woman at first. Her face is oval shaped and is slightly tan, but the bridge of her nose and cheeks are covered in freckles, making her look a little childish. Said nose is a little long for her face and curves upward at the end slightly. Her eyes are hazel, more brown than green unless she's in the right light. Her hair is dark brown, the kind that never bleaches out in the sun, no matter how long she's in it. She keeps her hair long, and normally swept up in a ragged bun or braid. Her mouth is firm, often in a smile. Her body is lean and well-muscled, the look of someone who has worked hard most of her life, and her forearms are also covered in freckles from too much time in the sun.

Elia is currently wearing a soft green tunic and a pair of hide pants, both looking well broken in in case she needs to do any messy work. A well worn riding jacket is normally worn when the weather is nasty, with a badge of High Reaches Weyr sewn onto the front. A stiff new knot is worn on her shoulder, the colors those of Xanadu Weyr and the style of a Junior Weyrwoman, with a strand of pale gold throughout.


Born at Xanadu Weyr, Elia is the middle daughter of bluerider J'son and seamstress Elheni. Being the middle, she tended to stay in the shadow of her older brother, Jalien and her younger, cuter sister, Saimaria. Her childhood passed quickly in a flurry of time spent out of the limelight, helping her siblings be terrors around the weyr. All in all, a normal child.
When Elia was only 12, her brother was Searched and stood for a clutch at Xanadu. As expected, he Impressed, to a bronze no less, carrying on his father's dragonriding tradition. Only a year later, Elia's younger sister was sent to apprentice at the Healer Hall, where she quickly became a daub hand at animal healing. Elia was encouraged by her parents to do something she loved, but Elia was much too unsure of herself, and she settled into a life of a handy woman, never leaving her beloved home Weyr.
Indeed, life passed quietly enough, Elia enjoying her life of a handy woman. It seemed like nothing was different than usual. The Senior Queen, Kilaueth flew and was caught by the Weyrleader's dragon, Alhenaeth. A clutch was laid. And then, surprisingly, Elia found herself being Searched by the golden queen. Perhaps she should have taken it for a sign, for when the hatching rolled around, Elia found herself face to face with the most beautiful Moonlit Raven Gold hatchling, who announced herself as Branwynth.
Life has never been the same.
Eleven turns passed in a flash. Branwynth rose, clutched and watched her young scurry off the sands, newly Impressed, with Elia by her side all the while. Nearing their twelfth turn together, they recieved some surprising news. High Reaches Weyr had become short on golds, and their Senior Wyerwoman seemed poised to go crazy from the stress. So Elia and Branwynth were sent to High Reaches to help out until the Weyr could recover some of it's gold strength. And so, with a new weyr, the pair must adjust again. But life goes on.


Name Relation Location Position
Elheni Mother Xanadu Weyr Seamstress
J'son Mother Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
J'lien Brother Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Saimaria Sister Healer Hall Healer Journeyman


Bronze Ein
Bubbling bronze, the color of ginger ale, pours down the muzzle of this dainty little 'lizard. Whirling jewel eyes are etched in his curious color, the ale trickling down his throat to pool in his shoulders, slightly darker in color. Dark lager dances over his translucent wingsails and haunches, staining them much darker than the rest of his body. His burnished sides have golden ale poured over them, the beautiful color trailing down into his legs before collecting in each dainty toe tipped with sparkling black talons. His whippy tail is held proudly aloft, a rich brown touched with metallic highlights glinting at the very tip.

Blue Zavijava
A soft sky blue covers the entire hide of this small 'lizard, tiny puffs of white speckling his hide with delicate clouds. With a build as delicate as his coloring, he seems to be built more for his excessive energy, unlike the stringed, puffy-looking white clouds along his sides, back, underbelly and tail, and even a few fatter clouds marking the left side of his muzzle. Wing sails stand as impressive and well built - a constant flaunting point for his slightly arrogant man-lizard - as their membrane sails are nearly clear, with the faint hint of the dark night sky creeping in, in small tendrils like smoke.

Green Girl
Dark, British racing green is splashed over a thin little muzzle, made to appear thinner by a pair of gigantic whirling eyes that are this little darling's most obvious feature. Her cheeks and headknobs appear fragile in comparison, splashed with the same dark shade that travels down into her neck and wide chest. Her fat little belly is smeared with the exact shade of a mint julep, which trails down into her tail and spindly little legs. Wide wings appear to be carved from bottle green glass, their translucent sails flecked with a smart shade of cobalt blue.


Gold Branwynth
Pale gold-blonde sweeps instantly over a long, lean frame, wrapping completely around the sleek, serpentine neck and the limber torso, feathery fingers engulfing her chest, a slightly darker hue visible beneath. Almost too short limbs are more fiercely dappled, a deeper gold down showing through, which gains in frequency towards ebony talons. Wings follow the form of her body, the long, pale sails set amongst only marginally darker 'spars, adding a jagged, angular aspect to her body. The sharp ridges running along her back from between head knobs to the tip of her long, balancing tail contrast her hide more so then the rest, the line of inconsistent color swooping downwards. An elongated, almost pointed snout is offset by strongly defined eye ridges and prominent head knobs, the same feathery hues invading the underside of her neck.


Title OOC Date Cast
Breaking T'eo 2005 B'relle, Elia, J'roy, L'alie, M'iri, Niva, R'soe, S'sev, T'eo and Vivian
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