Eledri is a young man of perhaps twenty turns. He is fairly average in height, with a slim build and almost 'geeky' appearance. He has warm brown eyes that peer out from behind a set of spectacles, which he wears high on his slightly upturned nose. His face is gentle, with round cheeks and faintly angular features. His dark brown hair is somewhat wavy and in need of a trim, the strands nearly reaching his shoulders. Occasionally, a stray lock falls in front of his face, disrupting the air of apparent neatness that generally hangs about him. The man's tanned skin bears no permanent marks or scars, though healing bruises or cuts are often visible, indicating that he may encounter more trouble than his usually meek appearance might at first suggest. His hands are rather small, and have long, slim fingers.

He is wearing a long-sleeved, button-down white shirt and a pair of loose beige pants. A matching suede vest is worn over the shirt, the clothing plain, but neat. The young man's sturdy boots are simple and sensible, rather than stylish, and the brown leather appears to be of good quality. Attached to his belt are various loops and pockets, holding a few mechanical gadgets - what might be a very strange pocketwatch and a cellphone. On his shoulder, perhaps the fanciest thing he wears, is the knot of a Journeyman Computercrafter.


Eledri is Cenlia's brother. Born in Southern Boll Hold, he was one of the more mature orchard brats, though an incident involving a girl from another farm caused him to flee Sunny Orchard. He left nearly two turns ago, and ended up in Landing, studying computercraft and becoming more bookish by the sevenday. Another incident, which Eledri refuses to talk about, forced the computercraftmaster to send the man on an enforced leave. Eledri had planned to go home, but a letter from his uncle had him journeying to Xanadu instead, to collect his little sister. Apparently, the girl had caused so much trouble, she was being sent home.

However, the dragon flu and following travel ban stranded Eledri in Xanadu for some time, and subsequent ovine encounters and extended stays in the infirmary meant he was at the weyr for quite a while. Having grown truly tired of his disaster-prone sister, it was with more than a little dismay that Eledri received yet another letter from his uncle, this one instructing him to remain at Xanadu to keep Cenlia out of trouble. What's worse, Eledri's last completed assignment at Landing meant he was up for a Journeyman's knot, which was sent to him as soon as the travel ban was lifted, along with a formal note from the Computercraft Master assigning Eledri to Xanadu. It remained to be seen how long he survived Cenlia (and X'hil, seeing as how the weyrsecond had decked the computercrafter once already). However, once his sister was searched - and after yet another confrontation with the weyrsecond - Eledri put in for immediate transfer. For somewhere else. Anywhere else.

And eventually, he received another posting, this time, perhaps ironically, to the weyr Xanadu seemed to have the greatest friction with: Ista. How he fared in the less technological weyr remained to be seen, but it's too late for him to change his mind now. Or at least it was…

The Xanadu hatching, where his sister was standing as a candidate, provided an excuse for him to leave Ista… and apparently he just never returned. Posted back at Xanadu, Eledri did eventually get recalled to Landing for a time. Now, he spends his days accompanying Nebula wingriders as they go between the weyr and Landing, working on computers and generally keeping his head down.


Name Age Relation Location Position Dragon
Dobren (Dobby) ? grandfather (p) Southern Boll Hold old uncle -
Strierina ? grandmother (p) Southern Boll Hold old auntie -
Alema ? grandmother (m) Southern Boll Hold cook -
Ceneldir ? grandfather (m) Southern Boll Hold ? -
* * * * * *
Alemlia ? mother Southern Boll Hold cook -
Dobrerin (Dob) ? father Southern Boll Hold beastcrafter -
Cenir (Ceni) -8T brother Southern Boll Hold orchard brat -
Cenlia (Cen) -4T sister Ista Weyr weyrling Nziekilth
Striel -2T sister Fort Hold sr. apprentice weaver -
* * * * * *
Cernien ? uncle (m) Southern Boll Hold orchardmaster -
Kaliela ? aunt Southern Boll Hold - -
Cerina -9T cousin Southern Boll Hold (deceased) -
Cevel -2T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker -
* * * * * *
Celina ? aunt (m) Southern Boll Hold (deceased) -
Verren ? uncle Southern Boll Hold brewer -
? -5T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer -
? -2T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer -
Celdin +1T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer -
Celana +4T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer -
* * * * * *
? ? uncle (p) southern Boll Hold orchard farmer -
? ? aunt southern Boll Hold cook -
Striana -11T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard brat -
Dobias (Dob) -9T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker -
Evrid (Evi) -1T cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker -
* * * * * *
?? - uncle Fort Hold vinter -
* * * * * *
Malcolm - uncle ? ? -
Allora - aunt (m?) ? ? -
M'al +7T cousin Ierne WeyrHold greenie! Kaelynith
Maelor - cousin ? -
Alca - cousin ? -
* * * * * *
Deam ? uncle ? ? -
Y'dnarb ? cousin rider Fort Weyr Aliqueth
Yekishw ? cousin rider ? Roquilth
Eniw ? cousin ? ? -
Nobruob ? cousin ? -
Reeb ? cousin ? ? -
Ela ? cousin ? ? -
Mur ? cousin ? ? -
Akdov ? cousin ? ? -


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