He is a conventional looking young man, no older than his early-to-mid twenties. Broad shoulders, strong arms and strong legs (along with a deep tan) indicate a life of activity. His black hair is tightly curled atop his head, and stubble constantly marks his jaws and chin. He has a somewhat high, somewhat rounded forehead. Sitting above molasses brown eyes are thick black eyebrows, that miraculously do not meet in the middle. His nose is nearly aquiline in shape, and it leads down to a pair of thin but well shaped lips. His chin and jaw are squared.

He wears work clothes: a cotton tunic and cotton trousers. Both are dyed brown, the shirt tucked into the pants, and the pants held at his waist by a wherhide belt. The hems of his trousers are tucked into sturdy wherhide workboots.



Ekarem is a half-blooded son of Lord Eyvindr of Hannista Hold. He was raised alongside Eyvindr's full-blooded children. Although not more than ten when Eyvindr was forcefully taken to task for allowing his holders to expand into Rubicon territory, the event weighed heavily on his formative years. Rather than diminish dragonriders in his eyes, it diminished his esteem for his father. Ekarem was taught the basics of Hold management in the hopes that he would one day take up the position of Steward in Hannista Hold. Ekarem eventually took this education to Xanadu Weyr, although he worked as a woodsman before taking on the position of Assistant Steward.


Name Relation Location Position
Lord Eyvindr Father Hannista Hold Holder
Kerili Mother Hannista Hold Midwife

Notes: There is a network of Hannista blooded relatives.
Ekarem's parentage is not yet known at Xanadu Weyr




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