This young woman stands around 56, having taken her height from her fathers side rather than her mothers. She would probably greatly benefit from some gained weight, and shes slowly putting some on her willow-stick frame - but both her eating habits and her metabolism make this sort of difficult to get past her present 125 pounds. She's barely got a chest to speak of, and her hips are practically nonexistent, making belts a must. Overall, it's enough to figure out she's feminine, but aside from that, shes extremely boyish in build, nearly flat as a board.
Her features are on the plain side, and somewhat long and slim like the rest of her. Ejava's eyes are probably her best feature; they're a clear dark brown, and wide-set beneath neatly arched eyebrows. Her nose is a tad too big for her thin face, and the left side of her full lips are almost always quirked up in the beginnings of a smile. Her hair is a sooty brown-black with a hint of a wave, the locks fading to near auburn-red at the ends from exposure to the bright sun and wind. She keeps it cut short to barely brush her shoulders.
Dressed for comfort rather than style, Ejava is currently clad in a longsleeved gray tunic, the edges of the long sleeves marked with ink and dust from her scholarly vocation. It's accompanied by a wherhide vest, well-worn trous, and serviceable leather boots. On her right shoulder in pride of place are her loops identifying her as a journeyman harper assigned to Xanadu Weyr.


In some ways, Ejava is just like her father Sejonar, who was a hard-gambling, fast-talking Harper out of the Bitran region that was assigned to Xanadu some twenty-odd Turns ago. She herself was born to his Weyrbred love, who had a reputation for being more forgiving of his moods and moments than he deserved. Vendana had not been enthralled with his attitude, but she assumed that time, his assignment, and a family would settle him down. However, when Yaneven then spent the evening Vendana was in labor playing dragonpoker and dallying with other women the woman had had quite enough and ended the relationship. Yaneven was lucky that he even got a say in naming their child before she was sent off to the Weyr Creche.
Even though she was raised by the Weyr as a whole, and her father was reassigned elsewhere before her second Turnday, Ejava grew up with him as something of an influence in her life. It turned out she'd inherited his rambunctious spirit as well as his looks. The man had been something of a legend for his escapades, and Sev heard For the love of Faranth, stop acting like your father more than she would care to admit over the Turns. Weyrfolk got used very quickly to Ejava being on double chore detail; she could probably have mapped the entire latrine system if she'd had ink and paper handy, she was cleaning them so often. If the Weyr nannies had stopped nagging, Ejava might not have been such a rebellious child. It did made her want to be more like him, because all they were saying just couldn't be true, right?
To no one's surprise, she chose to leave the Weyr and follow her father right into the Harper Hall at 12 turns. Her very distant mother was somewhat upset by the news but also relieved; one, her daughter's behavior was now someone else's problem, and two, perhaps being entirely out of the Weyr would actually do her good.
While her skill at musical performance didn't get much beyond average, she definitely was an intelligent child with an exellent memory and great handwriting - and that was enough for the Crafthall to work with. Over her Turns of apprenticeship, she was gently steered away from intense lessons in music, and towards the record rooms of the Hall.
Testing and examination when she entered the Hall pretty much proved that she'd probably been acting out because she was *bored*. However, her Weyrbrat attitude and behavior was certainly *not* tolerated in Harper Hall from the get-go; they had a reputation to maintain inside and out of the Hall. Her first few Turns there were something of a trial that she never expected, as the journeymen and masters had…interesting…ways of disciplining errant students in its friendly confines and teaching them to walk the straight and narrow. There were some times that she nearly said 'Shard this' and wanted to go home…but she endured. Despite her minders, Ejava still had her moments of mischief, though, quite a few of them memorable. Some of her fellow apprentices (that walked the tables some Turns before her) used to joke that if Ejava had taken any longer to mend her ways, she might very well have been the first Journeyman to specialize in Detention. Needless to say she *did* shape up, walked the tables at 20, and she's on her way to being a respectable young journeyman archivist.
It was no surprise to anyone that she requested Xanadu as her assignment. After nearly a decade away, the Weyrbrat was coming home.


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