Eirwyn is a slender young woman of above average height for her age. She wears her dark hair usually in a runner's tail or braided and out of the way. Her eyes are the colour of a stormy grey sky with thick dark brows above them. She is oft seen wearing a dress, trying to keep up the image of an up and coming lady, though usually dirty boots or fingernails threaten to ruin that image sometimes.


Eirwyn is third child of Lady Holder of Rubicon hold, Ryeira ap Bitra and the first daughter with her second husband Gaerwyn. She has two older Siblings, Ryna and Lyerdes (Who is the heir) and one younger brother, Rygel. Rubicon Hold is situated on the cliffs above Dolphincraft and bordering a forest that would see Renegade incursions to interupt trade at the mouth of the Rubicon River. For the most part Eirwyn was protected from these harsh realities of Hold life being the daughter to the Lady Holder, but even still she did not live life unawares of what happened around her. From a young age she was taught to ride and archery. She would also sneak into her brother's sword fighting lessons or would be found rough housing with the other hold children. Behaviors the staff took great pains to hide from her proper Bitran mother. She very much fights that terrible malady: To act like a lady.


Name Relation Location Position
Gaerwyn Father Rubicon Hold Warden
Ryeira Mother Rubicon Hold Lady Holder
Lyerdes Bother Unknown Heir
Rygel Brother Rubicon Hold




Title OOC Date Cast
A Lady Holder... Sorta. August 16, 2012 Datsun, Eirwyn, Wakua
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