A ribbon of pure green delicately holds back long golden and red strands of hair from the fair face of this young woman. Weather worn and faded but shiny as a new mark, her well cared for locks come in shades of pale golden to darker shades of auburn and hang, when released, just to her shoulders. Two always pesky creamy strands refuse to remain held back, falling instead into her face or more commonly being pushed behind one of her ears. A round face, peppered in vibrant freckles, holds two bright blue eyes and a petite nose. Two slightly buck front teeth peek out when her lips curl into the natural smile lines already formed on her youthful face. Her fair skin often suffers from burns across either cheek. Her age could be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-five.

Womanly curves and earth tones mark her form. Tan breeches cover up long legs and distinctly curved hips. A pale green shirt has been carefully stitched with a flower design in linen shades of cream. It wraps around her chest with its modest neckline and a green ribbon, with a bow at one hip, running through the hem to pull it tight to her figure. She wears no jewelery but a knot of Xanadu Weyr colors and single green thread marks her shoulder. For final touch, she's put a shine on her old brown boots but mud has already splattered on one.


Eiriana is the eighth daughter of nine coming from Cold's Bean CotHold. Her parents, a farmer and a vinter, were kindly enough people who had a fondness for growing things. Eiriana has always struggled when amongst her family. She's the outcast. Where each of her sisters dreamed of running away and never coming back, Eiriana was always the one asking 'Why? It's nice here.'. That didn't sit well with her independent strong sisters. Why be contented when they had the world to explore? But Eiriana never quite understood their habits of trying to run away. For most of her childhood she would simply sit back and watch her sisters with amusement.

By the time Eiriana was 6, her oldest sister was 16 and ready to leave. And so the girl took off. No letter for her worried parents, no note for her younger sisters, just up and disappeared. And reappeared four months later with a young man in tow. She had the grace to look rather sheepish as he attempted to attack her father for 'crimes against his eldest daughter, the likes of which are of unspeakable cruelity'! After her father picked the young man off the floor (Rule #1: Never come at a smiling little old man holding a hoe), he sent his eldest away back to the Hold she found shelter in and went back to his crops.

Two turns later Eiriana watched in interest as her next sister ran away. The second eldest took off for Harper Hall. Two sevendays later she returned, or rather was dragged back, by Jr. Journeyman Harpers who explained to her father, rather loudly, that they were full up on Holder brats mistreated by their families and would he kindly keep the stupidity from ranging outside the hold, please? Her father sighed, accepted his second oldest back and agreed to keep her under control until she had matured enough to join the Hall properly.

Another two turns and it was really getting to be a habit. Or rather it seemed that each of Eiriana's sisters were waiting their turn to do something to get out of the hold. Her next sister choose to attempt sleeping with the oldest son of a trading caravan. Sadly, he was married at the time. And thus her father got another lecture and the younger sisters just watched in amusement.

Four turns and two of her sisters leaving later, Eiriana was old enough for her remaining sisters to finally explain the master plan. Eiriana had never been so amused in her life. They explained it in serious tones using phrases such as 'our horrible unloving father' who 'does not inflict us with any kind of torture at all' and 'who doesn't care that his daughters are going to grow up to be boring normal women'. When Eiriana suggested that his inviting of uncle Jinic to the gather to sing could be considered at least some torture, well she got more than her shares of glares from her sisters. Really she had never gotten the whole idea of living an exciting and dangerous life. Avoiding being trampled by running herdbeasts, convincing the crops they needed to grow and feeding hungry people were more than enough excitment for her. And so she grew further as the turns past and she watched, with even more amusement, as various scenes with her sisters played out.

And then Eiriana turned sixteen and it was only her sisters who had not been successful at leaving and her younger sister left. She didn't really know why they watched her so closely or why her father sighed so much whenever someone mentioned her age. But 16 went steadily by and her father breathed a sigh of relief. And then her younger sister turned 15 and took off, beating the other girls by a turn. She up and disappeared leaving a not very worried family behind. She'd come back. Just like all the rest. Her father just had to have the hoe ready to defend himself. With his remaining girls, three of which weren't speaking to him, he and his wife settled in to no longer raising children but attempting to get their daughters married. The first three were hard to arrange, stubborn as they were, but a little plotting and some help from Eiriana (it always pays to have an insider) got the girls married.

Eiriana's marriage was easy. She was a likeable enough and didn't mind marrying whoever her father picked. So at 18, Eiriana was engaged to Reidan. He was a nice enough young man from a family of herders. He shared Eiriana's amusement at her sisters' antics and so they got on well. They might have married quickly but Reidan stalled the wedding as much as he dared. In truth he didn't.. well he didn't like girls. It wasn't that uncommon but he felt bad for having already commited to Eiriana and then having decided this. So he drew out their engagement. Not that Eiriana seemed to mind much. By twenty-two, most people had odds on her never marrying. Just staying engaged until she was eighty. And then the dragons showed up. A searchdragon picked out four young people for Telgar's most recent clutch and among them, much to her own shock, was Eiriana. At Reidan's urging, she accepted the offer to Stand and moved to Telgar Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Leiana Mother Cold's Bean Hold Jman Farmcrafter
Eirence Father Cold's Bean Hold Jman Farmcrafter
Brie Sister Cold's Bean Hold Jman Farmcrafter
Irene Sister Cold's Bean Hold Jman Harper
Lien Sister Cold's Bean Hold Jman Farmcrafter
Enia Sister Cold's Bean Hold Jman Farmcrafter
Ninra Sister Cold's Bean Hold Jman Healer
Jene Sister Cold's Bean Hold Wherhandler
Jinna Sister Cold's Bean Hold Cook
Airena Sister Cold's Bean Hold Housewife
Ziria Daughter (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
Zira Daughter (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
Zerina Daughter (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
Zerrick Son (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
Jinic Uncle Whereever Jman Glasscrafter
Asher Niece Ierne Weyrhold Rider with Gold Quirinth
Countless Nieces Nieces Cold's Bean Hold Varies
Eirnie Nephew Cold's Bean Hold Only boy
Countless Cousins Cousins All over Varies


Dainty Golden Lei Gold Jin
She unfolds like a delicate blossom greeting the sun. The dainty petal wings float upon the lightest breeze in shimmering golden tones, dark yellow and richly lustrous where wing joints meet only to lighten to a pale almost white at sail ends. The slender curved stamen neck arches forward, culminating at a soft pale gold wedge, infinitely feminine in shape. Though small in size, her torso is a rich, vibrant gold and physically as light and fragile seeming as the rest. Like her head and wings, her tail lightens in color farther back from her center, ending in that same near white color which reappears on the talons of her nails. She shines with a bright waxy glow of health.

Unwilling to Surrender their Beliefs Brown Hezekiah
Slightly roughened around the edges, this brown carries himself with a well masked sense of pride and honor. He knows who he is and he'll let no other tell him otherwise. Darker brown in hue overall, he sports a more lean but athletic look, one that boasts of his strengths and would give him an appealing look were it not for the muddier shades of brown that mar him along his face, neck, limbs, wingtips and tail. Forever will he look like he's been roughing it out in the elements and never quite fully clean, but occasionally the light will flicker across an untouched patch of brown that gleams with copper or reddish hues. But that doesn't stop him from standing tall and proud and from the cries he can bellow, it's clear that he is not of the timid sort.

Blue Moon Blue Crescent
This is a distinctly long and narrow firelizard, with a design almost well suited for an eastern-style dragon, with short limbs and a long, limber body who's spine is often held upright in a somewhat curved manner. His neck and face, too, are long and narrow, with delicate and wizened features set in a soft, cornflower shade. The rest of his body is a blending gradation of periwinkle, mist, rainwater, and baby blues, both lights and darks to give him the appearance of a summer sky darkening into twilight, a color deep on his wings in muted ebony and navy. Along the panes, stars begin to shine in speckles of silvery white, and upon his chest in similar fashion, a crescent moon has crept its way into the skyline hues of his hide.


Maitresse des Danseurs Green Balmaith
Rich, dark jades brocade over this green's lithe form, flowing elegantly over each limb and appendage much like a gown would, blending seamlessly into each curve. Hints of gold dust delicately about her headknobs, dominated about her neck by folds of deep emerald. Although her coloration appears to be overall uniform, a line of paleness drifts down her chest toward her belly, retreating into darker pine-greens that gather to fall about her haunches and feet. Wings, when folded, blend almost perfectly with the rest of her hide, and when opened, each membraneous wingsail reflects a kaleidoscope of bright, shimmering greens of different hues, varying from the very dark to the very light. Talons are, if possible, darker than the rest of her, as is the very tip of her tail, where the hues seem to pool, as though ending a long, swishy train.
About Balmaith's form are delicately leather worked straps. Swirls and twirls, twists and turns mark the leather of her thin straps. Amber polish has been worked into many of the designs, causing them to stand out against her emerald hide.


Title OOC Date Cast
Balmaith Rises March 25, 2009 Eiriana, Leona, L'ton, D'had
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