Dylon's dirty blonde hair is scruffy and unkept. He is wearing a loose fitting tunic and baggy shorts. The young boy stands about 4'2" tall and you'd guess him to be about 12 turns old. His blue eyes reflect a level of curiosity about everything around him. His smile tells you that he is a happy pre-teen eager to please.


Dylon grew up around moving from hall to hall. His parents, Alyssandra and Raskin were traders and he moved around with them as they collected goods from one location and delivered them to others. The upside is that Dylon has a good sense of the size of the world and interacting with strangers. The downside is that he tends to get his nose in places it shouldn't be. He recently turned 12 turns and is now beginning his search for his desired craft. He is interested in join the seacraft hall or the healer hall.


Name Relation Location Position
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Be A Pepper Blue Zirith
This little hatchling is a bright sky blue in colour from tip to tail, with paler swirls that tend to look almost white over the shoulders and haunches. Upon his chest is a darker patch of bright blue that really stands out on his breastbone. His limbs are delicate seeming like a green, with those palest of blues puddling over its little talons. His wingsails seem overly long for this body but perhaps that will change with time, the bright sky blue on top, with that pale ice blue beneath.



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A Coca-Cola Clastic July 1, 2009 Aoriya, Dylon, Enka, F'yr, Hyrlon, Jessamin, Kerys, Kire, M'nol, M'tri, Orventa, Phylicia, Sigam, Zafirah
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