This young man appears to be in his late teens in turns. He stands a few inches short of six feet tall. With boots, he does appear closer to the six feet in height at least. And his unruly loose mop of chocolate brown hair does help to give the appearance of more height then he actually has. His eyes stand out among the brown errant strands of hair that sometimes fall down into them. They are the blue-gray of the sky just before a summer tropical storm is brewing. His face is in that transition between boy and man that makes it hard to pin down just how many turns old he is exactly. The angular features of his face working well to his advantage. High cheekbones have a few freckles splattered across them and his thin nose has a few of them as well. His lips are a rosy pink, his full lower lip accented by the thin cupid's bow arch of his upper lip. No facial hair grows on his baby smooth cheeks. His face may be considered rather attractive, the young man is not perfect. His long loose curls falling down to cover up his still slightly large ears.

His body is about average, with no excess weight upon him. But the makings of real muscles are starting break through. His shoulders and pecks are starting to develop nicely. The thing that stands out about this young man is that his clothes are almost always in perfect condition. The colors are vibrant, with no signs of wear. His wherhide pants are clean and neat. They are taylored perfectly to fit his body and show off his assets. He often has a large belt buckle with a firelizard curled up on it, the belt buckle kept like new despite the fact he is known for having it for turns. His boots which add that extra height are kept pristine, well shined up with rarely any scuff marks on them.


Vintners Craft
Senior Apprentice
Mixologist and Flair
20 Turns (Approx.)
Xanadu Weyr

Birth Place:

Do, Don
5' 10"

Full Name:


Donakan was born in Xanadu weyr as the only child of the aging D'oran, a blue rider, and his mate Danaka, one of the nannies in the lower caverns. From the time he was born, Donakan was always given special treatment. He wasn't fostered like many other children, but raised with a careful eye and great expectations. Although it certainly wasn't his parents' intention, Donakan began to believe there was something special about him that set him appart from the other children raised in the lower caverns. This developed during his childhood years into a misguided belief that the children of riders are far superior to those of crafters and common weyrfolk. Due to this, he doesn't tend to acknowledge the blood relationship between he and his half-brother Rogawani, who was born from a crafter father.

Growing up, Donakan has tended to keep his social groups limited to children of dragonriders. However, while he maintains a close-knit group of companions, he has also made quite a few enemies. His constant bragging about being raised by his birth parents combined with his insistence that he is destined to impress a dragon has started to annoy some of the other weyrbrats and weyrfolk. He tends to be hardest on those candidates who have stood and failed to impress, making it quite known that there must have been something wrong with them not to be chosen by a hatchling. Those unfortunate enough to have been part of his little group are still welcomed, but are often seen as a rank below those still waiting a turn to impress. As soon as he turned twelve, his attitude only grew worse as the boy expectantly waited to be brought before of a clutch and impress the dragon he has always known was waiting for him.

So, when a double clutch ended up on the sands from Thea's Seryth and Tylia's Solarith, Donakan tried everything to get himself noticed by the search dragons. More than once the dragons ignored him, often choosing others to stand. As time dwindled down to the hatching, Donakan grew more and more depressed. Seeing this, his mother begged of her weyrmate to have his blue dragon search out their son. This lead to more than a few arguments, muffled by weyr walls. Eventually, a brow-beaten D'oran left his weyr to seek out his only son. In a less than impressive act, the blue gave one sniff, wrinkled his nose, and D'oran asked the boy to become a candidate. Rumors are already starting among a few riders, claiming the boy was only searched due to his relationship with D'oran and not because of any compatibility for dragons.

However, Donakan couldn't turn down such an offer, and accepted immediately. His mood lifted, and soon enough he was parading around, subjecting the other candidates to his endless prattle about the bronze dragon waiting for him. When it came down to hatching time, though, there was only one bronze and it had chosen another. For a brief, flickering second in his life, the boy allowed the possibility of perhaps another color dragon choosing him. When the last dragon had impressed, he was left with the small group who remained, and that moment of acceptance dwindled into anger and frustration. It took a few days for Donakan to calm down again after more than one evening throwing tantrums at his blue-riding father for 'picking him for the wrong clutch'. Luckily, his group of weyrbrat friends were forgiving, and the group softened a little towards those who hadn't impressed at a hatching.

His mood didn't improve any when his half-brother managed to impress bronze at the next clutch to grace the sands. It irritated Donakan to no end that his brother had impressed -his- dragon. Rather than throwing a tantrum, though, Donakan stewed with the frustration and irritation that his craft-blooded brother managed to impress bronze while he was once again left standing. The anger carried him through the next few clutches at Xanadu, and more than once the negative emotions were enough to turn away the newborn hatchlings. But the anger began to fade, replaced by a doubt that has started to sneak through his proud exterior.

The turns went on and search after search Donakan stood at many Xanadu hatchings. The young man was starting to come to the realization that maybe his bronze dragon was never going to be hatched. The harsh reality hitting him rather hard as Donakan convinced himself that he would not only be a bronze rider but be one of the best. Donakan was forced to decide on another path. During his mid to late teens his weyrbrat life was not tolerated any longer. The young man was forced into the crafts much to his dismay. Forced into the same life that his half-brother who impressed 'his' bronze, came from. He actually had a difficult time staying in one specific craft. The young man went through almost all of them.

Donakan was not giving serious effort into any of the crafts that he was put in. He still had it in his head that one day he would meet his bronze and leave behind the inferior crafter lifestyle. He picked up a few of the basics of a lot of the crafts but did not hit his stride in any of the major crafts. While the weaver craft did peak his interest. The young man gave that up after a turn and a half. It was after one last hatching where he was left standing that he went into a bit of a depression and gave up the weavercraft. He found himself spending a few sevendays down in the dumps and at the bottom of a barrel of ale. It was a pep talk from his bronzer brother R'owan that kind of turned things around for him. The last craft that he found himself attempting was the Vintner Craft. Interestingly enough, the cocky young man who liked to show off. Turned out to work very well in the Taverns. He picked up the science of mixing alcoholic drinks rather quickly. He learned all about distilling alcohols and then how to mix them into wonderful drinks. He found his flair behind the tavern bars quite literally. His showmanship started to be reknowned and it was something that he soon became known for. Being able to do impressive tricks for crowds while mixing

Currently he is working on honing his craft at Xanadu while he waits for his bronze dragon to hatch.


Donakan is a very proud young man. Unlike many who temper that pride with some common sense, Donakan hasn't quite figured out that he is not the center of the universe. He has a bias towards dragonriders and tends to only willingly interact with riders and their children. Somewhere along the line, he got the idea that dragonrider bloodlines were somehow better for the weyr and for Pern. He scoffs at holders and crafters who stand as candidates, only begrudgingly accepting those who impress. He tends to be one of the least liked of the weyrbrats for his comments, and stern punishments have yet to make any change in his attitude. With a firm belief that he will impress, and no self-control to hold his mouth, Donakan tends to be a bit of a braggart.

So far, while his sheltered little world has lead him to believe that he has a great destiny, time has started to wear away at his resolve. Although he still will boast about a glorious future riding a great bronze even bigger than his half-brother's, he's starting to wonder if there is something wrong with him that he hasn't impressed yet. Inwardly, he's no longer as sure of himself as he outwardly shows himself to be.


Name Relation Location Position
Danaka Mother Xanadu Weyr Nanny
D'oran Father Xanadu Weyr Blue Rider (Near Retirement)


Title OOC Date Cast
Smoldering Whaaaat? March 31, 2011 Donakan, Kyldar, Thea
Flirting Sailors and Fire Breathing Humans at Fort April 04, 2011 Aamanz Donakan Landers Mika Polsie
A Drink in Rememberance April 23, 2011 Donakan, Kiley, Laera, Landers
A Bond is Forged May 09, 2011 Donakan, Karona

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