A tall and broad-shouldered teenager with lightly bronzed skin and shaggy sandy-blond hair. He stands just under six feet in height with perhaps a few more inches left to grow; wide chest and narrow hips make his body look slightly top-heavy. He looks fit and sturdy, but "handsome" escapes him: though his square jaw and brilliant blue eyes might be pleasant to look at, they contrast with his prominent teeth, overlarge ears, and the crooked bridge of his nose. He is quick with friendly smiles that seem to nearly split his face, adding to his goofy but endearing exterior.
His arms and legs are thick and strong, and he wears the drab simple clothing and sturdy workboots of a menial, manual laborer.


Dev was described by his father thusly: "two left feet, two brown thumbs, a bottomless pit for a stomach, and half a brain screwed on top." While not the most sympathetic portrait, it's not a terribly inaccurate one. He's a simple boy, he's clumsy, and so far as anyone can tell, he lacks talent for any skill aside from sweeping floors and carrying heavy objects. Without any apparent affinity for the farming trade of his parents, Devim has since fostered out to several holds, crafts, and weyrs to look for a trade of his own—with little success. He's rapidly approaching adulthood without any obvious prospects for an apprenticeship. He is fostering now at Xanadu Weyr, though nobody imagines he'll be any better at techcraft than he has proved to be at anything else.


Name Relation Location Position
Matjis Father South Bend Hold Farmer
Calunia Mother South Bend hold Farmer
Miria Sister South Bend Hold Farmer
Menisis Sister South Bend Hold Farmer
Cailyn Sister South Bend Hold Farmer




Title OOC Date Cast
Good for Nothin'? June 20, 2012 Devim, Idrissa, Kale
Flower Power July 04, 2012 Devim, Idrissa, Soriana, Tsenik
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