A tall, slender, lightly tanned young man, he is stocky enough to not be considered a 'beanpole,' but even the rough farmwork hasn't fleshed him out of his teenaged growth yet. It has, however, given him a strong back, roughened his large hands, and made him appreciate a good, hard day's work. His myriad genetic roots give him a bit of a blended caucasian appearance, not really standing out as being a member of any one of Old Earth's ethnicities. A rounded, slim chin and slightly large, narrow nose are the most prominent features, but he manages to be handsome enough besides. Atop his head sits short, brown hair in a style reminiscent of the beyond-ancient Ceasar. Sharp green eyes straddle the bridge of his nose, seeming to change from gray-green to blue in the light.

Devarn is currently garbed in a second-hand tunic and pants, obviously home-stitched, but at least made well. The farm grime is barely visible due to the rigorous washing he's put them through. A faded, sleeveless, deep green overshirt covers a simple, tan, long-sleeved pull-over that's a couple of sizes too big. Both shirts are held in place by a sturdy looking, remarkably clean leather belt around his waist. The pants they also help to hold up are an orange-ish hue, with a few patches here and there, carefully tucked inside his heavy leather work boots.


Devarn grew up in one of the smaller cotholds of Black Rock. Born to a farming family and the oldest child of four, his leadership and referee skills developed early. Being the oldest, got his rather large father's old clothes, and because of this, he's rather adept at making leather belts and re-fitting garments. Once he came of age, he undertook an apprenticeship in the Tannercraft for his abilities, but he lacked the interest to pursue it to Journeyman or beyond. He returned home at 17 to continue the simple life of his family's farm; using his skills to keep the runner's harnesses secure, among other leatherworking tasks.

Recently he took the fruits of his spare time, a number of average quality belts and harness straps, to a Gather to buy buckles, then sell the completed belts. Given the Gather's location, he decided to take advantage of his rare chance to see Xanadu Weyr. He decided to stay, his brother being well old enough to take his place, and lives at the Weyr, doing leatherwork and repairs mostly for free.


Devarn is a bit of a shy person, and can be notoriously indecisive. Despite this, he has a strong compulsion to do the right thing, and never hesitates to help others. He can meet new people fairly easily, but for some reason requires some time before he's comfortable with calling them by their names, resulting in a lot of "Hey," and "Um."


Name Relation Location Position
Krinst Mother Black Rock Hold
Danil Father Black Rock Hold
Dell Brother Black Rock Hold
Duris Brother Black Rock Hold
Tylir Sister Black Rock Hold


Champion or Tyrant? Brown Rust
The majority of this brown firelizard's body is almost completely a uniform shade of russet. In fact, the color is almost more red than brown. However, there is a patch of yellow between his eyes that runs back, between his headknobs and stops at the base of his skull. It seems to be an arrow, almost seeming to point down on his face at his muzzle. Another such swatch is located on his russet-red chest; it seems to form a "T" on his chest and travels down to his midriff, where it joins another line of yellow that encircles it. More yellow lines ring all four of his legs. Not at the ankles, though. At the knee-joints of the legs — one thin yellow line atop another thick yellow line. Oddly, however, the russet of his body fades at the base of his neck, to…blue? Sure enough, the firelizard's back seems to show a slight blue cast over the russet. The color is not greatly dominant though, and it's hard to confuse this firelizard with a blue. Though his spars maintain the russet color from his body, his sails display that bluish cast quite well, cobalt on top and blue-black on the bottom. The bluish sails are edged with more of that same yellow color that accentuates the red-brown of his body.



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