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Here is a young woman moulded of sun and earth, a creature of warmly hued skin, sleek brown hair and large eyes the deep shade of freshly turned earth. She is slight of build with a softness of body that speaks of lack of physical pursuits, but she carries herself with a composure suited to someone of greater age. Her features are even and pleasing to the eye, their only faults perhaps found in the snubbed length of her nose and the hint of an overbite. Otherwise, she possesses a face of fine, clear lines, with marks of intelligence shown in the height of her brow and a frequently introspective gaze.



Desri was born and raised at Ista Weyr, daughter of S'don and Badri, who worked as a nanny and foster mother to many of the Weyr's children. Her childhood unfolded as countless others did; she played and wrestled and sparred with her peers, and lent a hand to her elders when it was required when not taking lessons with the Harpers. She was not a child inclined to trouble, though she was involved in her fair share courtesy of her siblings, both older and younger.

As she grew older and underwent the sea change of personality from extreme youth to developing adult, it became clear that Desri was not destined to be a temperamental person. On the contrary, she tended towards caution, overthinking every little thing due to an innate sense of anxiety and a need for security. She preferred what was known to what wasn't and routine over a day that was less structured. Since she also possessed a strong maternal streak and a knack for soothing even the most violent of tantrums, Badri decided that her daughter would work with her in the nursery among the children. Desri didn't argue; she welcomed the familiar setting and the opportunity to help tend the little ones.

It would have been easy to let the rest of the world spin away while she immersed herself in this work. The nurseries were sheltered and safe, an environment of controlled chaos that Desri would have been content to enjoy for the rest of her life. She did maintain links to the outside world, much of them in the form of her half-brother D'son.

When she was younger, they hadn't been close; the difference in their ages and his less than settled life of departures and returns only to leave again didn't encourage a tight-knit bond. But as she grew older, and D'son began to make a habit of visiting regularly, her brother eventually became her conduit to the greater world. He brought news, gossip, stories of people and places and events elsewhere. Not long after her eighteenth Turnday, Badri suggested that Desri tear herself away from Ista's nurseries and go visit her brother. It would be her first extended visit away from the Weyr, a fact which caused no little anxiety for Desri. On the other hand, it would also be an opportunity to see some of these people and places D'son had described for her.


Name Relation Location Position
S'don (Seladon) Father Ista Weyr Greenrider
Badri Mother Ista Weyr Fosterer/Nanny
D'son Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Selbadrin Brother Ista Weyr Resort Worker
Levend Paternal Grandfather Dolphincraft Journeyman
Avara Paternal Grandmother Dolphincraft Resident
Barris Maternal Grandfather Ista Weyr Gardener
Drianne Maternal Grandmother Ista Weyr Bluerider




Title OOC Date Cast
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Pressing Buttons August 17, 2010 Desri, Nicca
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